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sneezy, cold mess at work today! (sneezing into scarf) (self f)


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Hey all,

So I'm in bed with some tea, and soup. Yay. I can't believe i even had the energy to make that for myself, I feel like shit. Anyway, onto the good stuff!

(caretaking and set up)

So, many of my co workers have been sick. But, yesterday I took a full airborne, 2 multi vitamins (and these usually kick ass!) and I was like okay, I'm good! I won't get sick. Then I went for a bike ride in the cold, and when I woke up this morning, I had a really bad sore throat. I groaned and my boyfriend asked what was up and I said "sore throat!" and he cuddled me and said "can't you call in sick?" It was 5:00am and man did I want to call in sick, but no, I couldn't because it's an odd shift to cover last minute.

I got ready, drove to work, and it was freezing. I put my seat warmers on, and the heat. We couldn't get into work yet, and I was standing outside freezing, waiting. I had a scarf, and winter coat on, but was still cold. Once we were let in, I was getting ready and was a sniffling mess. My boss was really nice, and sort of concerned. (Side note: I've been working a lot for the past few weeks non-stop no weekends, crazy hours...so I am gonna go ahead and say that since I am so run down and tired, caretaking is really what I want right now. I just want to be cuddled and waited on. Spoil me pwease!)

(** sneezing starts here)

Only about an hour in I start to feel a little feverish. Hot one second, cold the next. I always get fevers when I am sick...even for little colds. It's ridiculous. So, I kept my scarf on the whole time, and my sweater for most of the day. We do a lot of talking, so I was in a place where my nose would tickle, but I would be in the middle of talking with someone. I was so aware as a fetishist of how hott this would be if I was watching it happen to someone else, but alas...

So, I finished talking, tried to press on my nose so as to stop the sneeze, but couldn't. I turned away, looked at the mountain view, and buried my face in my scarf and stifled Heh NNNGGHTTTttt. It was pretty forceful and loud. My co worker didn't bless me :(

Another half hour passed, and I felt the urge to sneeze on and off. It was a like a deep burning in my sinuses, and my sore throat was getting worse. Again I felt myself building up, breath hitching heh, heh, *finger under nose to stop sneezing* hheehh IINXXXXXtccchh, into my scarf again. Another forceful, loud stifle. No blessing again.

Then we were in the car on the way back, and my co worker was talking and talking, and I felt my nose burning. Since I'm sick I didn't want to let my sneezes out, and really, my throat hurts so much it was nicer to have my nose take the force. (sorry to all you stifle haters out there ;) ) So, I grabbed my scarf, and buried my nose in it. HehINNXXCch. That was a little less forceful. I was talking with my boss, and I felt a tingle in my nose. I was almost hoping that it would build into a sneeze, cause really, I want them to know that if I can't come to work tomorrow, I am legit sick. But, I need the money...so anyways maybe you all will get a sexy office obs. The sneeze went away.

On the way home in the car I felt like I was going to sneeze again, but it went away! Tease! While I was waiting for the elevator last night with my boyfriend I felt like I was going to sneeze but it wasn't coming. I looked up, sniffed, rubbed my nose, then all of a sudden eehtiichhh. It was a really small, unusual sneeze for me.

That's all for now. Off to drink my soup and tea. Hope you enjoyed!

Elements xx

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Does the 'finger under the nose' thing ever work for you? I think some people swear by it, but for others it has absolutely no effect. However - always hot to see someone try but fail to hold off an impending sneeze in this way... ;)

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Hey all! So sorry for the late response! Thank you all for your kind words and well wishes. and ickydog, I did get bf cuddles :) yay! NoV, the finger under the nose often works for me, but there are definitely times when it does not...and I sneeze anyway :) Thanks for the soup, SexyHankySneeze and that is so sweet a-tissue! :) Blank225 and deepinhale...thanks a bunch for wishing me well! I am much better now, and back to my usual 3-5 sneezes a day it seems :)

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