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iCarly - spencer [m]


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i don´t know if this post exists somewhere but i need to post it anyway...again.

since i´m a huge fangurl of iCarly i was able to find a link to this episode,

where spencer, carlys brother, suffers from his "bad" allergies. so today i saw this

episode again in TV. spencer is a cute guy and his fake sneezes are okay wink.png

so enjoy (sneezing starts at 1:25 - 2:40)


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I remember this as well. I always found him attractive, and even though these were obviously fake, I still enjoyed the episode. :laugh:

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So I literally just found this by accident...it looks like one of those other videos nickelodeon had for characters where they sneeze out something weird or whatever. Anyway, I couldn't actually watch the video because I'm on my iPod, but Im almost positive it's a sneeze, and it's from Jerry (spencer), so I thought it would be worth sharing.

Someone wanna check it out for me and lemme know? :P

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