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Twilight fic- Jane tortures Bella


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Okay, everyone. If any of you have read my other fic (Cat Got Your Tongue?) I AM still planning on adding the second part, I just haven't gotten around to actually writing it yet *sheepish look* But I was inspired after seeing the last installment of Twilight and even if you're not a fan of the series you might like this story. Basically Bella has put her trust in Jane which is, as you can assume, a bad idea. Now I know this would never happen and it's a really stupid scenario (kind of like a bad porno :/) But I think you'll enjoy the sneezing part of it ;)

(Now, be warned. There are slight F/F undertones and a bit of breast-squeezing but nothing TOO risque.)

Though I wasn't sure whether or not trusting Jane was a good idea, she was the only one I'd spoken to who said they would help me find Edward. And since I was running out of time and options, I had decided my choice was already made.

Now, hiding in this little cupboard pressed against her tiny frame, I only hope it was the right choice.

I can hear Aro's voice outside but he is whispering, so softly that even my vampire ears can't discern it. I grit my teeth and pray he'll speak up louder.

Suddenly, Jane turns to me, a vicious smile on her child's face. Her teeth glint and I am automatically on alert. I prepare myself for anything, to fight or flee.

Then she does something I am not expecting.

She reaches into my dress and, very gentle, traces the side of my breast.

The feather-light touch is so sudden, so irresistable, so sensuous, and I am so hypersensitive, that a delicious moan rips between my teeth. I arch my back and a shiver races through me. Jane giggles wickedly under her breath.

Outside, Aro stops, listening. I clamp my mouth shut and glare at Jane, but she smiles at me and another shiver flutters through me. I feel like blushing but of course that's not possible, so I settle for averting my gaze after a moment.

Eventually, Aro returns to his whispered conversation with whoever his visitor is and I breathe a silent sigh of relief. But not long after, Jane gives me another devious smile. I snarl at her, expecting her to reach into my dress again. My hands automatically cover that sensitive area, so I can't defend myself when Jane pulls out a white feather and sticks it up my nose.

I blink, surprised, but then my eyelids start to flutter. She watches me, grinning, as she ever so gently twists and turns the feather in my nostril. She hasn't gone very deep yet, but already I feel a sneeze building, and I close my eyes and moan with the desire to cave in.

In the back of my mind I am surprised. Do vampires really sneeze? I wish this was something that hadn't bled over into my new life but, like everything else, it hasn't just bled over- it has intensified.

Jane moves the feather in deeper- only slightly, but the effect is monstrous. Tiny feathery bristles twist in every corner, brushing back and forth, dancing across the hypersensitive skin. Tears fill my eyes, blurring Jane's smug expression.

Then she starts to twirl it in graceful strokes, like a ballerina doing spins in my nostril. My breathing hitches unsteadily, caught off guard as the tickle intensifies. She traces every contour, careful not to miss a spot. The faint butterfly strokes in my ticklish nostril begin to elicit soft hiccuping sounds from my lips.


I am growing fearful, my desperate pants stronger, when Jane unexpectedly pulls the feather from my nose. It takes me a moment to come down from my ticklish, sneezy high but when I do, I blink back my tears and glower at her. I dare not make a move, however, because I can hear that Aro is still outside.

I sniffle, closing my eyes and rubbing my nose, but when I pull my hand away Jane inserts the feather into my nose again, this time in the other nostril. My eyes fly open wide and a soft gasp escapes my lips. She has gone much deeper much quicker this time, nearly to the back of my nose, and the effect is instantaneous.


I clench my mouth shut, hoping to resist the torturous feather, but she moves it so sensuously, almost sexily, in my nostril, that I can't fight for long. The sneeze builds up in the back of my nostril, flooding my body with heat and sensation, like a storm about to break. I can feel my face contorting, screwing up into a tremulous pre-sneeze expression. My nostrils arch and quiver, my mouth gaping and gasping. My chest heaves and dimly, through my torture, I feel Jane once more touch my breasts.

"Ha-ehh...eh-ha! Ha! HAaahhh..."

She holds me in thrall for a few terrible minutes and I fight her the whole time. I am trembling right on the edge of sneezing and not sneezing when she, again, pulls out her feather. It takes me longer this time to settle down, to get my breathing under control, but when I finally do I realize that I feel exhausted. Is that even possible? How can a sneeze exhaust an inexhaustible vampire? I don't even have the energy to glare at her anymore.

It comes as no surprise to me when, about a minute later, Jane reinserts the feather into my right nostril. This time she alternates between a slow, ticklish rotation and a few fast upward jabs. My breathing mirrors each motion- my gasps are slower, softer when she is, but with each unexpected jab I gasp in a surprised, high-pitched voice.

My expression I'm sure is horribly disfigured, a comical look caught between a snarl and an orgasmic moan. My nostrils twitch and flutter, trying in vain to despell the irritant in my nose.

Jane kept this up for a good five minutes, teasing and tickling my nostril with soft twists and jabs. But finally, my body, nearly convulsing with hitches and gasps, seizes up in dismay. Jane has found my nose's ultra ticklish spot.

She is not unaware of this, and if my eyes rolling back into my head in a mixture of pleasure and pain weren't enough of a clue, my sudden jolt was. She grins wickedly and, sensing weakness, pounces. She assaults the sneezy area with vigor and violence, an onslaught of twists and tickles and feathery wiggles that I can't fight.


Jane watches me, her smiling mouth open, and for the first time she speaks.

"C'mon," she urges me. "That's it. There you go. Just give in now, dear one." She squeezes my breast in encouragement.

The sneeze builds, my head bobbing up with each intake of breath. Jane moves her head with me, excitement and encouragement mixing with the triumph on her face. She watches each of my next breaths with an "ah, here it comes" expression.


"C'mon, dear one."


"That's it."


"That's a good girl."

And at last there is no help for it. With one last twist, my lip curls of its own accord. I can't even think of fighting anymore. I give in to the sneeze.


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Oh, and sorry for the small font. For some reason it wouldn't let me change it (or maybe I'm just too much of a dinosaur and I don't know how to work my own computer sweatdrop.gif )

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...I REALLY like this scenario :P That last bit especially, with the little encouragements to sneeze...beautifully written! Thanks for sharing :) Also, a little late - welcome to the forum ;P

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Wow! So new to the forum, and already filling it with wonderful material~! Wonderful job with this, Happy :D.

I, too, love the encouragements, and also the many torturous buildups, ehehehe~ <3

Looking forward to more from you~!

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You're the greatest!! I love the way you continued to build the anticipation right up until the end. My favorite kind of story. Ooh, it just makes me feel so...

Looking forward to anything else you feel like writing. THANK YOU!

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I love the sensual torture aspect. Every thought of writing a 50-shades fanfiction?

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That was awesome!! Are you writing more I hope??

I actually wasn't planning on writing any more at first, but it's gotten such a great response that I think I probably should! Thanks so much for reading! :)

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I love the sensual torture aspect. Every thought of writing a 50-shades fanfiction?

I'm ashamed to say I haven't actually read 50 Shades yet :/ It's on my bookshelf, however, so whenever I do read it i'll probably write something for it! :)

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You're the greatest!! I love the way you continued to build the anticipation right up until the end. My favorite kind of story. Ooh, it just makes me feel so...

Looking forward to anything else you feel like writing. THANK YOU!

Thank you so much! :)

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omg that was excellent! outstanding! omg that was such a well written desciption of her build up and I loved Jane's teasing.

No need to apologize for small font, it made it more sexy and secretive. :)

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omg that was excellent! outstanding! omg that was such a well written desciption of her build up and I loved Jane's teasing.

No need to apologize for small font, it made it more sexy and secretive. smile.png

Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it! :D

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Alright, everybody! I never really planned to continue with this story but you all have been so sweet and awesome with your feedback that I decided to continue! So, on with part 2!

"Ah, well, what have we here?" Aro says, opening the cupboard door with a sly, delightful grin. Jane grins back at him and hauls me out, still sniffling and twitching my nose after her ticklish assault.

"Bella!" he exclaims. "So good of you to join us!" Then he touches my chin and smiles sweetly. "And, please, dear one. If you must sneeze, don't hold it back on our account."

There is a soft, contemptuous snort behind him. I glance up to see Caius sneering at me and Alec grinning in anticipation. A ripple of unease passes through me but I don't let it show on my face. Instead I turn to glare at Aro.

"Where's Edward?" I growl. Jane tightens her grip on me.

Aro holds up one finger. "Ah, now, now, my dear. You mustn't forget- you're in our house now. We make the rules," he says. And though his tone is still pleasant, there is an edge to it that instantly makes me sweat (metaphorically, at least).

"I'm not sure your rules apply when you kidnap my husband," I reply.

"That was a mistake. It was supposed to be your lovely and talented daughter, who, by my calculations, has been fully-grown for about sixteen years now, yes?"

The moment he mentions my daughter, I snarl and lunge for his throat. But Jane holds me back and Felix jumps out of nowhere to slam his hand into my chest.

"You leave her out of this!" I shout, fuming, while deep down I'm glad that Jacob and Renesmee are off on their honeymoon, something that had properly irked me before.

Aro looks hurt. "Why, my dear Bella, we did. We took Edward instead, since we couldn't find sweet Renesmee," he says.

"You son-of-a-"

"Now, now, Bella, calm down," Aro says, and his voice has dropped a few octaves into a deadly warning tone. "You have broken the law. You are in no position to throw around expletives."

"What law did I break, Aro?" I demand through clenched teeth.

"Espionage, dear one! You were sneaking around through our castle and listening to conversations best kept out of the public ear," Aro replies.

My mouth falls open. "She helped me!" I screech, outraged, and point to Jane. She grins at me slyly.

Aro smiles and shakes his head. "I don't believe that," he says silkily.

"You must be punished," Caius throws in, as if he can't help himself.

Aro nods somberly. "Yes, I am afraid dear Bella must be punished. That is, unless, we can work out a deal?" He smiles at me then, a greasy leer that makes the back of my neck prickle.

I narrow my eyes. "What deal?"

"Ah! So glad you asked!" he cheers, clapping his hands together. "You see, we have arranged a formal execution tonight for your beloved. It is to be held at midnight. But I am willing to halt the execution in exchange for...a punishment, of sorts."

"And what's that?" I am nearly quivering with suppressed rage.

"Well, we'll be killing two birds with one stone, as it were. If you can withstand your punishment for one hour, then we can let both you and your Edward go," Aro explains.

"I'll do it," I reply immediately. I don't even stop to think what the punishment will be. I just know that I can deal with whatever pain they might inflict if it means saving Edward.

Aro grins, showing all his teeth. "Tie her up."

Jane and Felix drag me through a long corridor and into a small chamber, where they strap my hands and feet in shackles. They hang my wrist shackles from the ceiling and attach my ankle shackles to the floor, so that I'm suspended, helpless, in mid-air.

Aro, Caius and Alec stand back until I am fully incapacitated and then Aro steps forward.

"Your punishment is to fit the crime, in a roundabout way," he begins. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small glass vial, filled with black pepper. My stomach curls into a knot. "Since you cannot seem to keep your nose under control, the torture shall be inflicted upon it. If you can keep from sneezing for one hour, Edward will live."

Without another word, he empties the pepper into the palm of his hand and smiles sweetly at me before blowing.

A black cloud assaults my face. I try not to breathe but I can already feel the tickly particles climbing into my passageways. Still, I hold my breath and glare at the Volturi, who watch with smug anticipation. Their expressions make me both nervous and angry- it's like I've already lost.

After a while, Aro lets out a delighted giggle. "Oh, dear Bella. So stubborn. Unfortunately when it comes to sneezing, noses seem to have a mind of their own, don't they?" He sighs wistfully. "It's been so long since I've experienced the glorious ecstasy of an unbridled sneeze. Hmm..."

He looks down curiously at the thin coating of black pepper dust that remains on his palm. His eyebrows furrow thoughtfully. I watch as he dips his head to his hand and sniffs deeply. My sharp eyesight catches the tiny particles as they zoom mercilessly into his nostrils.

The effect is immediate. Aro's eyes squint closed and a brief look of displeasure crosses his face before he sneezes explosively. He sneezes twice more and then blinks at me. An excited smile spreads across his face.

"Oh, that was fun! Do try it, Bella, you'll feel so much better!" he insists. Without waiting for my response- which wouldn't have come anyway since I'm so absorbed in ignoring the peppery tickles- he turns to Jane and pulls another vial from his coat. "Dear one, you must try it also!" he encourages, emptying its contents into his hand.

She blinks at him, startled. "Master, I'm not sure-"

"Oh, please, Jane! All in good fun!" he interrupts.

Jane looks disgruntled but she will not disobey her master. Pursing her lips, she takes a pinch from his palm, tips back her head, and sprinkles a bit into each nostril. She lowers her head, her breath already hitching, blinking and fluttering her eyes. Her red eyes become glassy, her little nose twitching as the sneeze builds. She flutters her hands helplessly in front of her face as though that will help.

I feel myself start to fidget. Just the look of burning, painful pleasure on her face makes my nose itch more.

"Haahh..." she sighs, eyelids fluttering spasmodically. "Ha-HA...hehehh...he..."

I can see the climax building and I can't help feeling a touch of petulant satisfaction. Jane, for all her power, is still just as helpless as me when it comes to sneezing.

But the satisfaction quickly disappears when Jane fixes her red, glazed eyes on me and smiles through her hiccuping build-ups. She steps forward until she is nose-to-nose with me, her head bobbing quickly with each intake, and then sneezes: "Haahh...haaahh..HA-tchoo!"

A small cloud of black dust puffs out from her nostrils and little grains of pepper bullet into my nostrils. The tickling is intense and I feel myself draw in a quick, uneven breath just as Jane prepares to sneeze again.


The little space between us is filled with pepper, swirling and buzzing around. Jane smiles, sniffing, and rubs at her nose before stepping back.

Aro laughs delightedly, clapping his hands together. "Oh, wonderful Jane! Simply wonderful!" he exclaims. Then he fixes me with a sly look. "C'mon, Bella. Don't you want to sneeze?"

I glare at him even through my torture, although the pepper has started to make me shake.

"Ah, the tell-tale signs," he continues dramatically. "Your nostrils are flaring, your chin is quivering. Your mouth is just slightly parted to receive a gentle intake of breath. Oh, it's beautiful, really. Almost like an orgasm."

I clench my teeth together to stop my helpless build-ups. It takes me a while to stop my twitching nose but when I finally do, Aro chuckles.

"You don't really think that's going to help, do you?" he asks. "You've still got pepper up your nose, clouds of it billowing like smoke stacks up there, swirling and whirling ticklishly...Doesn't feel too good, does it? It will if you sneeze."

By now my nose is burning. I want to tell him to shut up but if I break my concentration I will surely sneeze.

"You know you want to sneeze, Bella. Even a vampire isn't strong enough to resist such tickling. And it does tickle, doesn't it?" Aro teases, stalking back and forth in front of me. "Just think of all those tiny particles dancing in your beautiful, sensitive nostrils, driving you nuts with desire. Tickling...teasing...Torturous, isn't it?"

My eyes have rolled back into my head with a soft snort. My chin is quivering again, my lips parting just a sliver to draw in a quick breath.

"Goodness, I just can't watch such torture!" Aro exclaims mockingly. "I'm just going to have to make you sneeze because I can't stand for you to be in such turmoil!"

With that he snaps his fingers and Alec scurries up to him with a large pink flower. It looks Hawaiin, bright and bursting with color, and rising from the center are two antenae, the tops dusted with thick clumps of yellow pollen.

"Here we go," Aro says, delicately plucking the flower from Alec's hand. He positions it so that an antena is located at each nostril. I brace myself, thinking he's going to ram them in. Instead, he places them on the rims of my nostrils, slowly dusting the outer edges in delicate, ticklish circles. I try not to breathe in any pollen, but his deliberate, relentless movements tickle terribly. They send stinging waves up my nerve endings, little electric shocks that bring me to within an inch of sneezing.


For a brief, heart-wrenching moment, I swear I'm going to sneeze. My lungs expand, taking in an overabundance of air. I lean my head back and prepare for the explosion of my life. But at the last second it disappears and I relax, breathing unsteadily.

Aro frowns. "Hmm. It seems I will have to take more drastic measures," he muses and inserts the antenae into my nostrils.

My nose instantly tries to expel them- I snort, frowning in displeasure and furrowing my brows. This only makes Aro smile. Little poofs of yellow dust explode from my nostrils when I do this, which gives me an idea. Biting my lip in determination, I continue forcefully breathing out my nose in the hopes that maybe I can expel the pollen and some of the pepper.

Aro shakes his finger with a knowing smile. "No, no, no," he teases and slowly begins to rotate the antenae in my nostrils.

My eyes roll back into my head, lids fluttering, as I draw in a shaky breath.


The Volturi's eyes light up, raising their heads in anticipation. Eyes tightly closed, fists clenched, I breathe out with a shudder and regain control of my burning nose.

"My, my, you are a tricky customer, aren't you?" Aro says. "Well, I'm afraid I don't give up so easily, either. Fortunately, I have a whole array of items that will surely bring about your pesky little sneeze."

I gulp, feeling suddenly cold.

He's not lying. He has Alec and Jane lay out an assortment of odds and ends on a table before me, all of which seem dreadfully ominous to my already weakened state.

There is a large white feather and a pile of smaller, down feathers, a jar of dust, a shaker full of cayenne powder, an elegant blade of grass, a white, fresh-picked dandelion, and a flashlight, which confuses me until Jane flashes it briefly in my face. The sudden light brings on the sneeze like a reflex, and I very nearly give in to it.

They use everything on me and they are merciless.

Alec tips my head back and sprinkles dust down both nostrils. I expect it to sting like the pepper but it just feels incredibly ticklish, an irritating allergic tickle that makes my nose run.

Jane rubs the top of the shaker under my nose, dusting my moistened nostrils with the red powder. And this stings much worse than the pepper. It feels like my nose catches on fire, but I resist the terrible urge to sneeze it out.

Aro twirls the blade of grass back and forth in each nostril. It feels like an unbelievably ticklish little jig in my nose, and my hiccuping gasps become quick and alarming.

Caius even joins the fun, shoving the dandelion mercilessly up my nose. Little fluffy seeds dance and twirl deeper and deeper into my nostrils, tickling the tender inner linings of my nose.

I watch the clock the whole time and the seconds tick by painfully slowly. But finally, finally, my hour is up and I look at Aro through slitted lids.

"Ah-Aro...myahh...ti-hme is...ahh...uhp..." I barely manage to get the words out without sneezing.

He furrows his brows and glances at the clock on the wall. "Hmm..."

Then he turns back to me and starts rubbing the fluffy side of the white feather up and down under my nose.

My eyes widen with shock and rage. My time is up! I open my mouth to tell him to stop...and at that moment, I am overcome by the sneeze.

My eyes roll back behind my fluttering lids, my entire body quivering as it caves in to the unstoppable finale.


Then, with one last brush of the feather, I explode.


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You've done it again! :D So much fun torture <3 Your characters are amazingly in character as well - you could easily be a ghostwriter and no one would ever know the difference! I especially like Aro's way of speaking :P Beautiful story <3

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Oh, WOW~! This is lovely~~~

I love torturous things =w= xDDDD

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You've done it again! biggrin.png So much fun torture <3 Your characters are amazingly in character as well - you could easily be a ghostwriter and no one would ever know the difference! I especially like Aro's way of speaking tonguesmiley.gif Beautiful story <3

Oh my gosh, I'm so glad you say that! I'm actually an aspiring author and I'm always looking for feedback, outlets, etc. So THANK YOU!! :D

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