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Snagged Natto and Dove's prompt list. Here we go- let's see what I get.


(BBC "Sherlock)

Author's note: I've *Never* done this fandom- hope it is ok.

Playing the violin was one of the things that Sherlock did when he was reflecting and/ or feeling melancholy. Tonight it was a bit of both. He savagely dug the bow into the strings as he played “The Devil’s Trill”. He figured that the difficulty level of the piece would keep his mind occupied. However, he failed to factor in the effects of rosining one’s bow a little too zealously. His aristocratic nose twitched slightly as the dust from the rosin tickled his nostrils. He managed to stall it though through the concentration with which the piece demanded. The final chords however raised up more little puffs, and as he brought down his violin he succumbed, “Heh…. EiiitChuh… hehKtChuh….HehChuh”. His body bending forward with the force, he harshly sneezed into a hastily raised elbow. “Bravo?” questioned John wryly.



He always went for traditional in terms of romance- “old school” if you will. Valentines Day was meant to be flowers and chocolates. He had ordered the bouquet online that looked stunning and picked up both it and the chocolates on the way over to her house. Evidently there were lilies, and rather pungent ones at that. His eyes were starting to water and his nose was tickling like mad as he rang the doorbell. “For ya… you.” He said pulling out the flowers. She parted her lips to thank him but he held up a hand as his other fumbled for a handkerchief, “Sor…Eh… Chuh… IiiShuh” he sighed slightly. “Sorry.” “Bless you! They are gorgeous. Almost as much as their sender,” she said was a teasing smile- coming up and kissing him. The flowers sent off a flurry of sneezes, in the midst of which he managed to say “Lilies”. “Oh… sorry. I take it that Valentine’s dinner should be take-out delivered to your place?” He gave an abashed grin and nodded.

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I love the Sherlock one. ^^ Especially John's response. :lol: Brilliant. :wub:

Is the second by any chance based on a character whose name starts with an E? ;)

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This is really rather more than a "drabble" but definitely less than a story.

It is original, but... ummm... :blushing: inspired by


(hope it works) I didn't want to make it specifically based on the actor... just more the whole look of :drool:


We sat diagonally across from each other at a table in the library. He in a grey cardigan, dark grey trousers, light blue shirt and navy tie looking the “slightly relaxed” scholar. His dark brown hair parted to one side with slightly tousled waves that made me instantly have to squash the impulse to run my fingers through his hair. The only sounds in the library were the soft strokes of graphite on paper and the occasional soft, subtle sniff. I took covert peeks from the book that I was trying to read as he sniffed again slightly and made a quick flurry of notes along the borders of the manuscript that he was reading. Now I noticed his mouth forming words without sound. He was obviously intent on his work. Which I really should be as well. I got back to it, but managed to peer up at just the right moment. He was poised, pencil aimed to write, but frozen with a slightly vacant look in his blue eyes. “EiiiTshuh” eyes still shut, he breathed in two shaky breathes with his head turned to the side and an elbow held up. “Chmpt… hehChuh” The first of this set was half stifled followed quickly by a second which had caught him off guard. The pencil flew through the air and landed beside my chair. He blushed adorably. “Pardon” he offered in a rich, but somewhat roughened baritone. “Bless.” I responded. “I believe that you may need this back.” I said with a smile, offering him the pencil. He chuckled and cleared his throat into a fist. “I had actually been intending on introducing myself,” he offered with a self-deprecating grin, a hand rubbing at his neck. “Just had it planned a bit smoother than… huhChmpt.” Another harsh sneezed muffled into his cardigan. “Than throwing a pencil at me?” I offered with a wink. He nodded with a little sniff. “Coffee?” he offered. I nodded, “Though I think that tea might be a better idea for one of us.”

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