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Seriously ANY Homestuck would be awesome, but:

I saw a throwaway line in someone's fic about how Jade couldn't be around Davesprite when he was molting because she was allergic to his feathers, and...


Um. I have this thing for stories where someone is allergic to someone else and hangs around them anyway. And even more I have this thing for stories where Person A is allergic to Person B, and Person B is a sneeze fetishist and Person A totally doesn't mind.

So if anyone could write this with Davesprite/Jade - or any other pairing, really, I'm not picky (I'm fine with adult or not, as well) I would love it so much. I would hug it and squeeze it and call it George.

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You posted this several weeks ago, but I have not been on for a loooong time, so I hope you don't mind me bumping and inquiring about this now. I love your idea, but I have to admit that I am a huge Davesprite/John shipper, so I was wondering if you would accept that instead? I know you said you would go for any pairing, but I like to check these things anyway.

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I would TOTALLY accept Davesprite/John!

I'm also thrilled with the stories I've seen where it follows up on Tavros being potentially allergic to Nepeta!

I am NOT AT ALL PICKY when it comes to stories where people are allergic to each other, heh.

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