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Criminal Minds Secret Santa fic for Matilda


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** Special note for Matilda: I am honored to be your secret santa. At first I was a little nervous cause I usually don't write female fics, and then I couldn't decide on a character, so while my brain was arguing with itself I decided to write all three, and then I couldn't resist throwing some stuff in for me and I figured after 13 pages you wouldn't mind sharing a little. I hope you enjoy it.

Posting in parts, plan on daily updates and finished by the 1st.

And sorry about the formating, technology and I do not usually mix.

Criminal Minds

Worst Week Off

Pt. 1

"Baby girl, we know you guys are planning something." Morgan smirked as he knocked on the door, phone held to his ear with Hotch on the other end. One sick girl, likely; two sick girls, doubtful; but when Garcia, JJ, and Prentiss called in sick, something was planned. So when Garcia answered the door in an old fashioned nighty and a tissue pressed against her pink button nose, Senior Special Agent Morgan was surprised.


"Hotch... maybe you should go check on JJ." Morgan snapped the phone shut, "Bless you baby girl."


"Are they there?" Rossi questioned, scribbling on a piece of paper, but still intrigued by the girls absenteeism.

"No." Hotch just stood still, confused.


"I think she is... sick."


"Enter at your own risk."

Morgan followed behind, noting the mess of scattered tissues.

"Is something wrong with JJ?"


"You told Hotch to check on JJ."

"Oh, we just thought you all would be together?"


"Yeah, you, JJ and Prentiss."

Penelope stopped suddenly and Morgan thought maybe he had said something wrong.

"H'mPHSHH! hE'TSHHH! et'SHHOoo!"

"Bless you Mama"

Derek cringed as Garcia gurgled into the tissue and threw it on the floor before collapsing on her couch, forgetting about the conversation at hand.

"You really arn't feeling so good." Derek sympathized, brushing her bangs back and making a mental note to get some tylenol in her asap.



After no answer the dark haired man tested the doorknob.

"I'm coming in."

The rustling he heard upstairs indicated he had been heard, but the coughing signaled she wouldn't be moving anywhere fast.

Aaron moved with ease through the kitchen filling a cup with water before making his way to his friend.

JJ sat with her legs hanging over the bed, burying coughs into the back of her wrist. As her fellow agent entered she tried to smile, obviously it wasn't very successful. However, she was able to nod her thanks as the cup was placed in her hand, spasms easing as gentle circles were rubbed along her back.

Satisfied she was able to at least breathe somewhat, Aaron got up and retrieved a tissue box. Gently he wiped JJ's tear stained cheeks.

"You okay?"

"I'll live." Her voice was hoarse and barely above a whisper. Aaron wondered how long she had been sick.


"Do I really need to have Morgan come and break this door down?"

"Go away Rossi!"

"I'm not leaving."

"Well, I'm.. heTSEW hih hah hATSHUUuuu, dot cobing oud."

"Cara Mia," he couldn't help grumble to himself.


"Will you please move to the bed?"

"No." Garcia pouted.

At least he had gotten some tylenol and juice in her.

"hUH'TSHHH!" A blush colored her cheeks as she sneezed messily into her hands.

"Are you sure you don't want some cold meds too?" Derek handed over a tissue.

"I'b already fuzzy."

Morgan held out his arm and allowed his girl to curl comfortably against his chest, "I know sweetie, I know."


Prentiss looked out the window. Dave's car was there, but he was no where in site. Tentatively she opened the door.

"I thought you might make me sleep out here."

Prentiss followed the voice down to her doorstep before sneezing off to the side.


"Gratzi." Prentiss turned and walked inside, leaving the door open; Rossi stretching briefly before closing the door behind him.


Hotch checked his phone.

"Garcia and Prentiss are sick too."

"I am so sorry." JJ mouthed more than spoke.

"It's not your fault. Besides, we all needed a break anyways."

JJ's body stiffened and Aaron couldn't help but watch as she pinched her nostrils shut.

"h'ngxt 'tshh n'tsh hen'GSHT! ugh." Moving her fingers up, she massaged her forehead.

"Bless you." Hotch pushed a small piece of hair back behind her ear.


"You know you really shouldn't do that. It just hurts worse that way."

"Not on my throat."

"Want some tea?"

JJ nodded and started to get up.

"Oh no you don't. You are staying in bed." The taller man leaned down and gave her a peck on her forehead. "Rest, I'll be back up soon."

JJ smiled at the show of affection and obediently complied, knowing that he would stay gone no longer than necessary.

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And have some more snezy girls

Pt. 2


"H'PTSHH!" Garcia's head jolted up after realizing she had sprayed all over Morgan's shirt.

"Calm down, Baby Girl"

"I..." This time Morgan was prepared, and he pressed a tissue around her nose.


"I'b so sorry." As Penelope took over the tissues, Derek pressed her back against himself. He knew the fever was taking it's toll on her, as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Shhhh," he cooed, "everything s going to be okay."

As Morgan continued to whisper into her hair, he felt her body relax, quiet snores filling the room.


"Passerotto mio."

"Don't you 'little bird' me."

Prentiss resumed gathering some papers as Rossi pressed in behind her.

"What are you doing?"

"Getting ready for work."

Dave tried to put a hand on her back, but it startled her and made her spin around.

Now if only the room would quit spinning. She reached out instinctively and grabbed ahold of her mentor's arm.

Gently he guided her to a chair, and considered his options. It was always a little tricky when trying to coax the stubborn woman into submission.

"There's no use going in today. No one is there."


"Reid's at a conference, and with all of the women sick, how are the rest of us supposed to function."

"JJ and Garcia caught this too?"

"I'm afraid so. How did you all manage that by the way?"

Noticing her nostrils begin to twitch, Rossi pulled out a freshly pressed handkerchief and handed it over.

"Th-thanks, aHTSHUuuu!" The force of the sneeze bent her at the waist and it took a minute for her to regain her composure.


"Ugh. We had a girls night a couple of days ago. I think our server should have stayed h-home. ha'TSHMPH!"


"You are going to get tired of saying that."



Agent Hotch returned to JJ's bedside, steaming mug in hand.

"Thags." Her hands shook as she held the warm cup so Aaron helped guide it to her lips, having already checked to make sure it wouldn't be too hot.

After she had drank about half of it she signaled for the tea to be put aside.

"You're shaking." His concern was evident.


"Have you been eating?"

"Haven't been hungry." Eyes looked away in shame.

"JJ." Hotch sighed. She was always so great about taking care of everyone else, but when it came to herself, that was another story.


Garcia stirred and tried to remember where she was. Morgan was nowhere in site and she began to wonder if everything had just been some fever induced dream.

"Hey sleeping beauty."

"You are here."

"Of course I am." Derek came closer and Garcia recoiled as she saw the dreaded cup of orange goo.

"Now it's not that bad. And blow your nose, you are beautiful, but that stuff leaking out, not so much."

"Oh god." Rushing a tissue to her nose, she could feel the wetness soaking through.

She blew quietly, not seeking further embarrassment.

"Now, drink up."


"What do you want to watch?" Rossi flipped through pay-per-view.

"ahKCHUuu!" Emily sneezed into the newly acquired handkerchief.

"I don't think they have that?"

"Ha, ha" To some one else her glare may have looked intimidating, but Rossi laughed it off.

"How's this look?"

A nod signaled her approval and Rossi joined her on the loveseat.


"I really want to get your temperature."

"Bathroom medicine cabinet."

Agent Hotchner found the thermometer easily, alongside all the other cold meds. Grabbing a bottle of everything, he resumed his journey back to the bedroom, but stopped in the doorway.

JJ sat, head tilted barely back, hands holding a tissue about a foot in front of her nose. Her eyelids fluttered as she looked at the light. An irritated tear slid down her right cheek. Lips slightly parted, you could barely detect the movement as air went in and out. Strangely enough, Hotch felt his pants get uncomfortably tight, and all he could think of was how beautiful JJ looked in this moment.

"H'TSHHH, ih'H'Tshhh, iG'TSHHH!"


"it'SHH, h'MFSHH, n'gTSHUuu!"

"Bless you."

Her swollen sinuses let very little air through as she tried to clear them.

Flopping back down, she cared very little that her hair was a mess, and when she looked over she noticed apparently Hotch didn't care either. Unaware of her observation, he continued towards her.

"It's an oldschool one, think you can keep it in."

She nodded and let him stick it gently under her tongue.


Ever so slowly, Prentiss would drift off and lean closer and closer to her companions shoulder, only to jerk herself awake. After about five rounds of this Rossi finally spoke up.

"You know, you can go to sleep on me."

"No, I can't."

"And why is that?"

"Because you are by boss and I ab dot goig do led a liddle cold kick be off by feed." She said matter-of-factly, but Rossi couldn't help laughing at how childlike her congested syllables made her sound.

"Id's dot fuddy."

"Oh, it is." Rossi got up and brought a tissue box. Prentiss looked away indignantly, but accepted the offering due to necessity.



When she was done blowing, Rossi took his hand and pressed her head against his shoulder.

Emily grumbled though a smile pursed her lips.

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Pt. 3


"Wake up, come on girl, wake up."

Garcia's body jerked as she tried to find her bearings.

"It was just a dream. You're okay."

Derek tilted her head back, her forehead was covered in beads of sweat and her eyes glazed over.

"That's it, we're taking you to the doctor."

"No!" She was coherent enough to say that and although he had the strength to force her, Morgan didn't want to risk her trust.

"Fine, we are taking you to the shower though."

Her head flopped kind of sideways, like it was too heavy. Morgan concluded that it was all the approval he needed.


Jennifer took the thermometer out of her mouth as she let loose a flurry of sneezes against her arm.

"I suppose that is close enough," Hotch took the thermometer and read out loud, "One-oh-one point five."


Hotch smiled and nodded.



Rossi looked down at his cell.


"Stubborn but sleeping. JJ?"

"New I sent the right man for the job. Not yet. Fever?"

"Ha ha. Mild. JJ?"


"Ouch. Need anything?"

"I got it. You?"

"Good here. Garcia?"

"Tried Derek, no response, sure he'll reply soon."



Satisfied her brain was not going to fry, Morgan carefully left Garcia in bed as he attended to his blinking phone.

"What's up?"

"Checking in. JJ has fever of 101."

"Pretty sure Garcia was around 104."

"Are you at the hospital?"

"No, got it lowered with water and meds."

"Don't be afraid to take her in. If you want I can order you."

"Thx, will do if it gets that high again."

"Let Rossi or I know if you need anything."

"How's Prentiss?"




"Laugh out loud, nvm... nevermind. Gotta get back to the girl."

Morgan set the phone down when he heard a series of sneezes muffled into what he guessed was a pillow.

"How's my baby girl?"

"Sick," moaned the huddle of blankets.

"Awe, let me see." Garcia lowered the covers revealing puffy watery eyes and a sniffling raw nose. Lifting the covers, her body folded with two forceful sneezes.

"Bless you darling."

"Cad you had be dissues?"

"Sure. Anything else?"

"Doh, you cad go."

"I'm not going anywhere sweetheart."


Although she didn't normally like being looked after, she had to admit, it was kind of nice having her boss here with her. Propping the pillows so he could recline on the bed, she enjoyed resting against him, soaking in the warmth. Feeling fingers glide through her hair. Now if only this itch that was plaguing her sinuses would leave. She sat up and tried to scrub it away. No such luck. Too tired to be embarrassed, she allowed herself a look at the light.


Breath still hitching, she was surprised when she felt Aaron's hand guiding her head back down to his chest, grateful she still had use of her left hand to half cover her irritated nostrils.

"k'tshh ih'ntshoo hih'p'TSHH!"

Lips pressed against her hair, even as her head bobbed forward.

Aaron loved the way her body tensed up in preparation for every sneeze.


With the final explosion, the agent watched her nose twitch, with a sniffle that could only be described as cute.

"Bless you."

"Thanks." Just hearing his smile helped ease her tension and she snuggled back into him.

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Oh good grief, woman!! This is just so, so sooooo good. The last section with JJ and Hotch was especially incredible. Him guiding her head back down to his chest while she sneezed?? Nearly killed me...what a way to go ;)

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Yay, so glad you approve. Also, this is where the story kind of took on a mind of it's own and geared a little more towards my taste... sorry... still yummy goodness from the girls, but we all know they can't suffer alone...right. This is the final installment, hope you likey.


Morgan turned away from his companion.


The huddle of blankets moved and eyes poked out from beneath the mass.


"Just a sneeze Hot Stuff. Sorry I woke you."

Garcia was already drifting off again and as soon as snoring filled the room Morgan escaped into the restroom. Coughing into his arm, he wondered how much longer he could keep this from Penelope before she caught on.


Rossi checked his phone.

"Think I'm gettin it."

As tough as Morgan was, Rossi wondered when this virus would begin to spread.

Prentiss saw the concern written on Rossi's face.

"What's ih'," quickly bringing a tissue to her nose she was able to stave off the incoming sneeze, "wrong? h'KTSHHHuh!"

"Salute." Rossi smiled, "I just need to run some errands. Are you going to be okay here?"

"I'b fide."

"Yeah, you are 'fide' all right."

Emily stuck out her tongue in mock childishness.

And after a quick blow, "Seriously, I'm fine here."

"You promise to let me in when I get back." He smiled again, she was definitely doing much better.

"Ha ha. Now get out of here, before I turn you into my slave forever."


"You are getting this arn't you?"

"I'm okay." Hotch smiled reassuringly, but the other agent wasn't buying it.

"For now."

"Just relax," The agent paused to put the back of his hand against JJ's forehead.

"You're feeling much cooler."

"I don't feel too bad now. Throat doesn't even hurt as long as I wh-whisper," she pinched her nose shut through a flurry of sneezes and looked up almost guiltily, "and there's still that."

Aaron laughed, "Bless you." He looked away. "I just worry about you."

"I know, and I promise I'll try not to overdue it like last time and end up out for a month."

"You know that's not what I mean, although that would be good too."

Aaron's phone buzzed on the side table.

"Hey Dave." His voice caught in the middle of 'Dave' and he cleared his throat.

"You too?"

"Not quite yet. How are you and Prentiss?"

"She's on the mend, I'm still pretty good. My muscles are a little sore, but that might just be my age showing. Have you talked to Derek?"

"No, how's Garcia."

"I'm guessing not that great since he was willing to tell me that he thinks he's coming down with it. Do you remember what time Reid's supposed to be back in town?"

"Umm," Hotch coughed into his wrist and JJ rubbed his back and gave a sympathetic smile. "Three, I think. I'm sure Strauss will take care of it."

"Good, that's what I thought."

"Dave... are you planning something?"

"You'll see." Click.


Where was Rossi?

Four hours later, Prentiss was starting to worry. It wasn't like him to disappear for hours on end, not on an errand, and he had looked worried when he answered the phone. Maybe something was wrong.

Just as her mind began to swirl, she heard the door open and instinctively reached for her gun. Thankfully, she came to her senses before doing anything drastic.

"Sorry, I should have knocked."

"No, it's fine, really. Is everything okay?"

"It's great, now get ready."


"Yep, field trip to my house."


One thing great about a group of agents. They understand the concept of timing. SO when he said nine, all of them were at the door, each with a blanket draped around their necks and a slightly altered go-bag.

"Welcome to Rossi's Rehab Restaurant and Resort."

JJ laughed which started a coughing fit that her Aaron supported her through.

Garcia tried to smile as she shuffled in, in bright pink slippers.

"She's still not feeling very good." He said it almost as an apology for her entrance behavior although both new it was unnecessary.

"Place cards are on the seats." Dave called in.

As Morgan entered he noticed why Dave had mentioned place cards. Spread circling the fire place (and tv) were a pull out couch, already laid out with sheets, a reclined love seat and a futon set up reclined.

The first thing JJ noticed were the candles set around. They created a beautiful ambience, but the subtle scents tickled at her sensitive nostrils. For the second time that night, she found herself being braced by Hotch.

"IIIISHHhh! hh'IISSSHH, iISH'MPFFF, r'shMPFF! iK'TSHHHH! Snfff, sorry."

"Salute." Rossi smiled at her as she moved forward under the protective arm of her companion.

"Thanks Dave." Agent Rossi could see and hear the appreciation from the other man and it made him feel really good.

"I see everyone has found their place okay."

Originally he had set up for Hotch and JJ to have the fold out, but then realized that Garcia and Morgan were probably feeling worse. In the end he opted to give JJ and Hotch the futon, not that he was trying to set them up or anything. Prentiss and he could share the couch.

"Anyone up for food?" Rossi asked. Uninterested eyes caught his and he guessed the answer. "Well, there are bowls in the kitchen and fresh chicken noodle soup on the stove. Feel free to grab some whenever."

"You really should try some." Hotch prodded JJ, and she nodded consent. Rossi was glad at least someone would take him up on the offer.

"How 'bout it baby girl?" Garcia just pushed further under the covers and Morgan rubbed the mound in a gesture of comfort.

"To your sides you will find peppermint tea, and for your viewing pleasure Les Miserables will be playing in a couple minutes."


"Rossi... Agent Rossi?"

That voice sounded familiar. Fighting through a sleepy haze, Dave finally opened his eyes to see Penelope motioning towards Morgan.

Derek, having pushed off the covers, was moving around restlessly, dripping in sweat, and moaning fearfully.

Rossi got up and tapped Hotch on the shoulder, just in case he needed extra backup. Waking any agent could be a dangerous affair, and Morgan was no exception, especially since one good swing could knock you for a loop.

Hotch, coughed and swayed with fever himself, but he was able to gain his bearings and stood behind him, ready to protect Garcia if necessary, who had moved to the far side.

"Morgan... it's Rossi, come on guy, I need you." Rossi tried to gently coax the other man from his nightmare but was accomplishing little.


Rossi was ready for the punch that came flying at him and caught Derek's arm with the blanket.

"Hey hey, it's just me, Rossi."

"Penelope?" Morgan looked around the room fleetingly.

"Shhh, I'm ride here my chocolate lovins."

"I... I need to.." Morgan continued to look around, clearly distraught.

"It's just the fever." Hotch spoke softly as Dave gathered pills and a cool wash cloth.

"Take these." Dave held out two blue gel caps and Derek took them, still seemingly unaware of his surroundings.

"Shhh, it's okay." Garcia cooed as best she could through her congested nose while smoothing the cool cloth along his face and neck.

Rossi nudged Hotch, still leaning against the couch for support, two more pills in hand, and pushed the other man back towards his resting place.

"How are you, Penelope?"

"Ogay." She continued to dutifully rub the cloth against the man now huddled against her.

"Here, let me cool that cloth, is there anything else you need?"


"On your left?"



The next time he woke was to the sound of Aaron hacking up a lung. A sharp pain stung behind his eyes and he winced as he opened them.

Thankfully, it looked like JJ was taking care of it.

Eyes closed again.



Rossi cracked an eye open.

"Sorry," Prentiss sniffled into a tissue.

Light shone through the window and he turned as he heard footsteps behind him.

JJ carefully balanced a steaming bowl of soup as her breath hitched.

"h'TSHH, h'NGTSH, x'TSHH... excuse be, think I used a little too much pe-pepper hep'TSH!"

Rossi, tried to bless her but all that came out was a crackling noise.

"What, your body gave up on you?" Prentiss raised an eyebrow and handed over a handkerchief she had set aside for this occasion.

"Guess so." After a honking blow, he leaned back, gauging how badly he wanted food. Apparently not bad enough, since it was mere seconds before his eyes closed again.


"hu'RSHhoo H'R'SHHH!"

"Bless you muffin."

Derek looked up, dark circles underlining his eyes, wetness coating his upper lip.

"Awe sweetie, I'm so sorry I gave this to you."

"T'so okay." He pawed at his irritated nose and Garcia brought a tissue to it. If his head had been clear enough, embarrassment might have dictated his actions. Instead, he allowed himself to clear his nose into his friend's covered hand.

"Can I get you anything?"

Morgan just sunk his head back down against her.

Prentiss looked on from the couch.

"Want me to get him some tylenol?"

Garcia nodded and mouthed a 'thank you'.


"H'NXT, h'TSHH, h'NGXT!" JJ smiled as she felt her boss' body jerk against her, nose hidden in his shirt.

Leaning over, she couldn't help but whisper in his ear, "And what was it you tried to tell me about stifling."

Fever spots highlighted his cheeks, almost disguising the blush creeping up.

He knew it was inevitable, but how he hated the weakness involved in sneezing. To make matters worse his nose was beginning to drip, still cautiously concealed.

"Umb, cad you hand be a dissue?"

"Of course, sorry."


JJ got up, allowing him to clear his nose, moreso than he'd allow himself to in her presence.

He was pleasantly surprised when she returned with a mug of tea in hand and some orange gel caps.

"You look like you're feeling better." He commented before swallowing the meds.

"I feel a lot better, my throats still a little tender and my nose keeps teasing me."

As if to illustrate the point, her breath hitched and her nostrils flared before she pressed an index finger beneath them.

Hotch brought up a hand and gently ran his finger down her nose.

"No'TSHH, hep'TSEW, ih'TSHEW, heh hih," JJ's head tilted back into the light and Aaron lifted a tissue to meet her nose as it came down, "Heh'TSHHooo!"

"Do you have any idea how beautiful you are right now?"

JJ giggled, "Do you have any idea how high your fever must be?"

"Don't remind me." Aaron allowed his head to flop back against his pillow, but even how miserable he felt couldn't erase the smile plastered on his face.



'Bless you's echoed across the room as Morgan hunched forward with a fourth sneeze.


Derek swayed slightly as he tried to get up. His fog enveloped brain overpowering his sense of balance.

"Whoa there my handsome hunk. What do you need?" Penelope questioned, giving

Prentiss time to be at his other side as he toppled for a second time.


The two girls guided him to the restroom and occupied themselves getting pills and washcloths for their two charges.

For the most part Dave was relatively quiet, but Prentiss almost wished he would tell her what she could do for him. Reclined back, he opened his eyes at the tap on his shoulder.

No words were necessary as she held out the dose of meds.

Rossi obeyed her silent command and mouthed a thank you as she pressed the cool cloth against his forehead.


"Will you just sit still."

"I hade dis sduff." Along with a fever from hell, Morgan's sinuses were already painfully swollen, and Penelope knew it wouldn't take long for infection to set in.

"Mmmm." Garcia vocalized as she spread the blue goo over the man's perfectly toned chest.

"Ogay, babey dot so hu'ROOSHHH, snfff, sorry... so bad."

She knew he'd cave.


JJ knocked on the outside of the bathroom door as she heard sneeze after desperate sneeze escape her boss.

"Just let me in."

If only he could refuse her. Agent Hotchner unlatched the door and turned away as JJ slid though before sliding the lock back into place.

"h'PTSHH.. hih... id wod't eck'TSH... sdop.... h'PSHHH." After tossing a sopping mess of toilet paper in the trash, JJ stopped him from grabbing another.

Hotch gasped a little as soft moist lips touched his. Instinctively he brought his hands up and pulled her closer, almost just as quickly pushing her away as he sneezed again wetly into his arm.

"I.. I'm so sorry... I don't know what..."

Aaron pressed his lips back against the blonde's, stopping her speech... and thoughts. She backed into the door as he pushed up against her.

"You're sick." She broke away.

"Don't care."

She blocked his lips with a finger.

"Not here, not now." He struggled to maintain composure and barely succeeded in containing a whimper of desire.

A quick peck ended their little love making session and they ignored the others' curious gazes as they returned to the living area, cuddling back up on their mattress.

* A Week Later *

"Glad to see you all back." Strauss smiled, before noting something strange. "Where's Dr. Reid?"


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