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I was in the store today when I heard one one of the wettest sneezes I had heard in my life a few isles over. I tried to ignore the sound but it kept replaying in my head, and there was no doubt that sneeze was from a cold which I am a sucker for. So I made my way down the different isles looking for the culprit when I found him. Standing in the middle of the isle was a boy around 17 with light brown hair and he was making numerous wet sniffles. Of course being the person I am, I had no idea what to do once I actually found this sick boy so I busied myself with looking at what was on the shelf. I could tell the boy was getting uncomfortable as he was not sniffling as loud and trying to avoid my sneaky glances.

Then all of a sudden his breath quickened and I knew I couldn't miss what was going to happen next. He let out three hugely wet and congested sneezes. HUSSSHO HUCHOO HESCHOO!! All three were uncovered and aimed at his hands. I do have to say he was definitely in need of a tissue after those sneezes and it didn't look like he was gonna find one. Mustering up all the courage I had, I walked to him and gave him some of the tissues that I had thankfully remebered to put in my purse this morning. He said 'dank you' in the most adorable congested voice I had ever heard. I'm telling you guys I think I'm in love ;) He then blew his extremely snotty ( you should've heard it, I can't even describe...perfection) into 5 tissues. After that he apologized for being so gross, which I had absolutely no problem with, and thanked me again for the tissues and went on with his hunt for cold medicine.

I was left in the isle in awe.

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