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The Giantess Princess's Messy Sneeze


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I just recently saw The Hobbit movie. This fic was inspired by the scene where the troll sneezes on Bilbo. I hope you enjoy.

Title: The Giantess Princess's Messy Sneeze

Author: Chronosynclastic

Fandom: Original Characters

Summary: Giantess, F, very messy

Ysirma, Princess of the Giants, had come down with a terrible cold.

Ysirma looked just like a human in her late teens, except that she was several times larger. She had blue eyes and shoulder-length blonde hair, and wore a loose-fitting chemise. Currently, her rounded nose was red with irritation. Her breathing was uneven, and each inhalation was accompanied by a twitch of her nose and a wet sniffle.

"Uh.... haaaah... I feel... a sneeze coming..." Ysirma said. "I need... ahhh... a tissue..."

All members of the Giant royal family had human attendants. Today, Ysirma was being assisted by a woman named Julia. Attending to the princess was a prestigious assignment, and Julia wore a fancy white dress befitting her high status.

"Right away, princess!" Julia said.

As Ysirma tried to stifle the building sneeze tormenting her nose, Julia ran across the room to the tissue box. Being sized for Giants, each tissue was about the same size as Julia's entire body. It was therefore somewhat difficult for Julia to pull a tissue free. From a purely practical standpoint, it would be much easier for Ysirma to grab the tissue herself. However, from the perspective of the royalty, a princess should not be required to perform menial tasks for herself; that was what she had servants for. If the princess did something for herself instead of having her servants do it for her, it would be the same as if she had no servants at all; it would lower her to the level of a commoner. Thus, despite the physical difficulty of the task, it was important that Julia be the one to do it.

"Hu-hurry..." Ysirma said. "Hu... huh... uhhhh...."

Her eyelids had become to droop. Her nostrils flared repeatedly, the sensitive mucous membranes within trembling in anticipation of the upcoming blast. A thin trickle of snot dripped from her left nostril, overflowing down her upper lip. It was clear that the tickle in Ysirma's nose had grown to critical levels and she wouldn't be able to hold it in for much longer.

"Just a moment, my lady!" Julia called.

She had finally managed to pull the tissue free of the box and was now carrying back across the room to where Ysirma was sitting. Tending to the princess's every need was not always the most glamorous job; but even when the tasks she had to perform were mundane, Julia always took pride in her work. While others in her family had been assistants to Giants, Julia was the first to have been retained by royalty. Competition to work for Giants was fierce, and to work for the royal family especially so. The Giants were a wealthy and powerful race, and it was said that one could live better as a servant in a Giant's palace than as a king in a human castle. But while her life was certainly a lot more comfortable in the royal family's palace than it had been in the poor farming village she'd been born it, what Julia loved most about the job was the sense of purpose it gave her. It filled her with pride that she, a simple human woman, could be useful enough to the mighty Giants that they would hold her in such regard as to trust her with serving the needs of their royalty.

"I have it here, my lady!" Julia said.

Ysirma reached down for the tissue being offered by Julia. However, her eyelids had now squeezed completely shut, and she wasn't able to see. After groping blindly for a second, her hand touched Julia's dress. Mistaking the fabric for the tissue, Ysirma immediately grasped Julia and lifted her up to her face. Before Julia was able to utter even a squeak of protest, her body had been pressed firmly against the underside of Ysirma's irritated nose. The way her head was position, she was looking directly up Ysirma's right nostril. She saw the thick sea of greenish snot filling the depths of Ysirma's deep nasal cavity; and she saw the undulations of the wet walls build to a climax.

As soon as Ysirma felt Julia pressed against her upper lip, she became aware of her mistake. But it was far too late for her to do anything about it. The sneeze, which she'd tried so hard to suppress, could not be contained any longer. Her mouth fell open and her chest swelled as she involuntarily sucked in a deeper breath; then her face contorted as the sneeze erupted out of her.

"Huh-huh-huh.... Hatchooooooooo!"

It was a large, wet, explosive sneeze. The force of the wind that blew from her nostrils dislodged a vast quantity of mucous that had accumulated in her stuffed-up sinuses. A tide of snot sprayed out of her nasal passages, completely coating poor Julia in sticky mucous. As the princess hurriedly placed Julia back down, they remained connected by a long strand of snot that dangled from one of Ysirma's nostrils.

"Sorry!" Ysirma said, her large face flushed with embarrassment. "I didn't mean to! I'm very sorry!"

"No, my lady!" Julia said. "Please don't worry yourself; it was entirely my fault for not being fast enough!"

Julie used the tissue as a towel to clean herself, then handed it to Ysirma. The princess lifted it to her face and wiped her dripping nose.

"...You're not upset?" Ysirma asked.

"Of course not!" Julia said. "It is my pleasure to be used by my lady in whatever manner she deems fit. I am even happy to be a tissue for my lady, if that is what she desires!"

"I didn't mean to!" Ysirma said. "But... thank you very much for thinking of me first even in such a situation. You're a wonderful assistant, Julia. If it's not too much to ask... would you consider taking the job permanently?"

"I would be honored, my lady!" Julia said.

"Excellent!" Ysirma said. "I'll let the staff manager know, and... uh... ahhh..."

The princess's voice wavered, and her nostrils quivered noticeably.

"I think... ahhh... I feel another... ahhhhhh..."

"Leave it to me, my lady." Julia said.

She gave the princess a quick curtsy, then quickly began heading back to the tissue box. The princess was sick, and it was her duty as a servant to care for her — even when it included the risk of a bit of snot being involved.

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Aww, that was sweet. I especially liked the bit about Julia getting a view up Ysirma's nostril. It was a nice touch.

Again, I'm loving this world you've created here, but whether you choose to continue it in the future or not, I look forward to whatever you have coming up next. :P

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I probably won't be continuing this one; it was just a one-shot idea I had. But I'm very glad you liked it!

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On 11/11/2020 at 10:54 PM, NickG1998 said:

Please continue this amazing story and keep up the great work 

Someone that knows more about this can correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure we try to avoid commenting on threads that have been inactive for a really long time. Nevertheless I am glad I saw this story because it is incredible.

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