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I tried, okay?


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Okay so uh, I didn't plan on writing this but I did so um enjoy, I guess?

I had to stop writing it where I did because I was dying while writing it. x3


"Short Stuff?" Fonz moved closer to me, holding something behind his back.

"Hm?"I raised an eyebrow as he pulled out a large bottle of perfume and sprayed me a couple times. Almost as soon as it was in the air, his nostrils began to flare. I knew imediately what he was doing, and my face had to have been as red as my hair, if not more so. "F-Fonz--"

I started, but was quickly stopped by an uncovered sneeze from the man I loved. It was loud, and harsh, and wet. I had been sprayed in the release, and squeaked as my heart pounded. "B-bless you." I stammered, hardly able to breathe.

"H-hhuh..." Was his response as his head tilted back, and he let out another wet sneeze, this time more directed at me. I wanted to scream; He was doing this on purpose! "I-ahh... hha... I'm d-doin' this f-hhh... h-hhhh... For you, Mehh.... M-Mehh.. HAAcHtoO!!"

He sneezed openly once more, this time moving closer to me before the sneeze. I squeaked and with his next outburst, I had my hands around his shoulders, practically clinging to him. He leaned down and I could feel his chest expand and contract with each tickling breath... He lifted his head, then buried his nose in the crook of my neck, burying the sneeze there. I felt a surge of pleasure go through me, and I whimpered, holding him tighter as he began to sneeze more and more against me. My whimperes eventually turned into moans, and his buildups soon did the same. Each sneeze sounded more desperate, more tickly....

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