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Hey guys! I'm sorry I haven't been on in a while. Recently me and D broke up :( so that has been extrememly hard. Anways to the this point, One of my best friends came oelver thr other day.

We will call my friend C. He is about 6' brown eyes, and very short black hair. So we were stting in the living room and he was helping my dad put strings on his new guitar. I was sitting there watching then. C was holding the strings and all of the sudden his breath started to hitch. He brought his hand up to his mouth and pinched his nose titely. Hetook a big breath and violently pitched forward letting out this completely stifled sneeze, with little sound. (Its kinda hard to explain) well C, once he sneezes once, he usually sneezes a second. And of course, about 6-7 seconds later, he got thtlat presneeze face. Then be did the same procedure, pinching his nose, and pitching forward even more this time, letting out a similar stifle. After, he let a huge sigh of relief, like he had been holding it in for s while..

Later that day, we were sitting in my room. He was on my bed eeaning up agaisnt the wall. Soon enough he took thebsame deep breath and leaned forward, pinching his nose.. hebsneezed a mute stifle. . Seconds later he sneezed again!. I looked back down, being sure he was done but nope. He sneezed once again. After he sighed hugely and kind of growled, as he was getring irritated.

Thats what happened(:

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