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Co-worker's sneezing fits...amazing


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Hello all, first time poster here, so here it goes.

I work in a store with this girl, who shall be named "B," who is about 5'7 with a tanned complexion (half Chinese), short black hair, and a wonderful body. I luckily have many obs of her sneezing fits as she has amazing summer allergies.

Obs 1: I was standing talking to B while the store was dead when all of a sudden she stops and gets that look, scrunches her forehead and lets out four loud and wet sneezes: HeEEEEEACHOOO... iiiiCHHOOO.... INnnCHOOOO... hehCHOOOO. I quickly say bless you and was about to continue talking when she puts up her finger to signal that she was not finished sneezing yet and then lets out another: heeecHOOOOO. She then asked me to pass her a tissue (I know right), to which she blew her very wet sounding nose into and then wiped off the sneeze spray from both her arms. After this incredible display she then stated how "disgusting" she was being due to her allergies. If only she knew how incredibly hot she was, if only...

Obs 2: This time B was standing beside me while I was filling bags and without warning I hear this inchOOOOOO from right beside me (and even feel the wind from the sneeze against my arm - unfortunately no spray), so I immediately turned my head and was lucky enough to witness 2 more slightly delayed sneezes: heehh-INCHOOO... herchOOOOO.

Obs 3: Myself and B happen to like video games, sooooo naturally I found myself at her house. As I was sitting in a chair with her behind me watching the game she all of a sudden grabs my shoulder, she is quite competitive so was looking for ways to distract me, and lets out 2 uncovered wet sneezes at an arms length away: IRCHOOOO....inRCNHHOo, and I felt a little bit of spray grace my neck and arm. So at this point I thought I was going to explode and felt like I was beginning to perspire. I casually laugh and state that she would have to try better to distract me (good line right?), and went on playing the game praying that more sneezes would come... unfortunately they did not.

I have many more obs of her, but for the sake of time I shall leave it here.

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I know, it is very hard to focus on anything afterwards. And she kind of half covers. She puts out her arm as if she is going to use it to cover the sneeze, but never really brings it fully to her face, so all she is really doing is sneezing in the direction of her arm and usually covers it with spray which she needs to wipe off with a tissue afterwards along with blowing her nose.

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I think I may have done the opposite, and told her she was successfully distracting me... Why discourage it? :D

Anyway, you said you have many obs...? :D Do tell~

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Beautiful work colleague with insane summer allergies? There are not many jobs I would be unable to put up with as long as I was treated to regular sneezes as you describe... :D Oh, and welcome to the forum!

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I think I may have done the opposite, and told her she was successfully distracting me... Why discourage it? biggrin.png

Anyway, you said you have many obs...? biggrin.png Do tell~

Hah, was hoping she would attempt to distract me even more by sneezing since the original distraction had failed haha :P

Will do when I have the time :)

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