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Okay. So this obs will probably be fairely long (just a heads up)

Seems like all of my obs are about hot sneezy dudes, and yes, I encounter a shitload so here is another from my ex T. Now despite the fact that T is my ex, i do admit I have developed ANOTHER crush on him, and he knows, so it is slightly awkward. Anyways a lettle refresher on T: He has shortish blonde hair, bright blue eyes and stands about 5'8".

Okay. So this first obs took place at church last week. (This is all last week btw) He had just got done with 8 o clock practice since he was helping out with worship that morning. (He plays guitar) we had met downstairs for Sunday School, walking and talking at the same time. We got down there and emediately he went towards the tissues to blow his nose. T has allergies. Were sitting downstairs while listening to our teacher, when he pitches forward a little, buries his nose in his coat, and desperately sneezes. -he-hetsheewe- I blessed him. Seconds later he sneezed again, but this time more forceful. He sneezed about 6 times throughout the hour.

The next obs was during church. We were sitting together on one of the pews. The Pastor spoke a few words and it wqs time for the worship team to float up there. So were doing worship and i notice T wiggle his nose a few times, as his allergies were starting to act up again. He wiggled his nose for about 5-6 minutes, doing his best to hold any sneezes back, but it was too string for him and he suddenly turned towards tbe wall, almost dropping his guitar, and sneezed. I am not quite sure if he let it out or if it was a stifle because of the music. Either way it was extremely cute and as he returned back, his face was beat red. After worship he came and sat with me again, still blushing. I started to ask him something but he cut me off. He's like "don't look at me. It was embarrasing."

Haha(: he makes my day.

A little while later he started to sniffle often, and he blew his nose like twice. But the tickle of his allergies just would not stop bothering him. He felt one coming on, as i could tell by his face. But his time, he tried his best to stifle it, but i guess it didnt work. He moved a little, bent down, pinching his red nose, and tried to stifle but it ended up being louder than normal.

Then after church he pulled me off the side, he said he needed to talk to me bout something important. This is how our conversation went:

Me: What is it?

T: you have a crush on me right?

Me: *nervous* yea why?

T: Cuz I kind of like you back =)

Me: really?

T: yea.

*T sneezes*

Me: bless you

T: thanks *blushing*

Thats about how it all ended(: what do you guys think? Sbould I ask this sneezy guy out???

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Well, if you can get over what made him your ex in the first place, then yes I would ask him out. Lord knows if I had the chance to ask out a sneezy girl that I liked I would do it in a heart beat.

BTW, not too pull a reddit here but did you really spell immediately "emediately".. hahaa

But yeah I would go for it

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