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Sneaky Cinnamon (F self)


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I was making Christmas biscuits (or cookies if you prefer) early one morning last week, using a recipe that called for a number of spices, including cinnamon. As I tapped the powder into the measuring spoon, I could see a faint cloud of airborne cinnamon around the jar. I suddenly smelt the fragrance very strongly and my nose felt what I can only describe as a ‘sharp tickle’.

“Uh oh,” I thought,”that’s going to make me sneeze.” But no sneeze came.

As I finished the recipe I was aware that the tickle hadn’t gone away completely, but it was not bothering me. It stayed there inoffensively while I put the cookies in the oven and set the timer.

“Just enough time to have a shower,” I thought, and quickly headed for the bathroom. I stripped off and turned on the water. Maybe it was because I was slightly colder from underessing, maybe it was the steam, but something triggered this feeling at the back of my nose to become a sudden and overwhelming urge to sneeze.

“AAACHOOO!” I clasped my hand over my mouth in surprise.

“ACHOOO!” I sneezeed again, my hand still in place, with the result but that the spray went all over my naked breasts. The sneezes had hit so unexpectedly that I was momentarily at a loss what to do.

“aahh....CHOOO!” A third burst from me. Snapping out of my confusion, I lunged at the box of tissues near the mirror and grabbed one, just in thime to inelegantly catch the fourth sneeze, “AAHCHOOOmf”.

I wiped my nose and started to dab at my breasts, when the next sneeze welled up inside,”Haaa...CHOOO!”

Then came three poweful sneezes in rapid succession, “ACHOOOO! ACHOOOO! AH...CHOOO!” I doubled over with the force.

A pause, then a maddening tickle that wouldn’t turn into a sneeze, “Ahh...ah....ah...”

(Yes, here it comes)


(Come on!)




The feeling was gone, my nose settled down and I got into the shower.

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.....That was amazing, bless you!

Do you usually sneeze that hard, or was it just because of the cinnamon/shower circumstances?

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Oh my goodness!

...well, please find enclosed some cinnamon-scented soap.

In all seriousness, do keep us informed of any more mishaps, this was a thrilling report!

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The cinnamon was like a sleeper agent -- attacking when you no longer expected. But it did its job well. :) Thank you for telling about it.

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