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NOOOO, MY PASTA! (Italy Veniziano~Hetalia)


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Hi guys, this is my first art post (sorry if it's a bit messy) and i'm so glad i'm finally done with it. It took me about a month, but i'm happy with it. It's my first sneezy drawing and it was pretty hard (I had to imagine what Italy's sneeze would sound like) I don't know if I will continue drawing for the forum because i'm still in school and it's hard to find time when i'm alone to work on this stuff glare.gif . I just thought I should give this a shot since art is my thing. I would have used my computer, but I share it with my whole family and I would have had to draw it in front of everyone (Not to mention I only have Microsoft Paint and I suck at it sweatdrop.gif ). I would like to know what you guys think of it and if you think I should create more smile1.gif

PS: I want to thank everybody who encouraged me to do this (Daisoku, Emily, Kawaii~Kushami, and others)

PSS: I found this and used it for inspiration (Yes, I watched the whole 10 minutes of it and if you scroll down you can see my comment under the same usernamethumbsupsmileyanim.gif ) http://www.youtube.c...y1Z50HY&index=5 God do I love France and Japan!!!!


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and I can't help but think he'll eat it anyway, being silly Italy :heart:

and I couldn't stop seeing the steam as two strands of mustache hair LOL

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