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Sneezing in games?


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oh gosh yes i play neopets too! :P (My previous profile picture was one of a snot meerca)

I saw that already this morning and it totally made my day *happy dance* By the way, blue spray looks kinda fake to me, they should've made it greenish... :D (And it would have been even better if the gift box contained some nice hankies instead haha)

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I play a text based mmorpg called Discworld and that game contains some sneezing. They even have an achievement for inhaling a special kind of pepper to make yourself sneeze. There's another achievement or two that has sneezing related things in the achievement title even though sneezing isn't involved at all to get the achievement. Characters can also catch colds in this game and there are a couple of other random things that will make your character sneeze.

The game also has an extensive social command system so you can make your character sneeze any time you want just by typing "sneeze".

There's also this one NPC in the game who is a priestess of the god of fluff and she's allergic to fluff so she's frequently sneezing.

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Thanks for warning me about the advent calendar, now I'll keep my volume turned down low. :P

Poor little Nimmo!

I think Blah told me that in Guild Wars there's a town there you hear people sneezing in the background, as part of the background noise, but I haven't made it there yet.

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There's this game called Logical Journey of the Zoombinis, yeah, its really old i've had it since i was about 5, but there are these puzzles you have to solve and stuff and the first two involve working your way around the NPCs allergies and they sneeze when you set off their allergies.

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