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Cute Cashier Sneeze (M)


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I went to the grocery store this morning because I'm out of everything at my house. This really nice guy was ringing up my stuff and we were talking about the holidays and just making small talk. He's probably late-20's, solid/muscular build, short sandy hair. Suddenly he stops and in one uninterrupted motion, turned to the side, cupped his hands over his nose and mouth, and doubled over with a huge sneeze. It was strong but not terribly loud and was almost a classic AhhhSSSCHHHHHHooo.

"Bless you!" I said with genuine surprise.

"Wow. Thanks." (I found that particularly adorable--like he was surprised by how big his sneeze was). Then he grabbed one of those wet wipes they use to clean the checkout area and wiped his hands before he finished ringing up my food.

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Way cute!!! I love how he seemed surprised by it, too!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

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