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Loki from Avengers: Sneaky sneaky...


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So this is quite a weird drawing I drew on impulse today. It is my first, so please be nice.

The girl in the bed is supposed to be an OC of mine from a Loki story I wrote recently (she's supposed to look like me, can't imagine why blush.png so yeah. Um...yeah.) I figured that Loki would have tried to teleport himself and Thor from Asgard into her house, but ended up in her bedroom (whaaaat?), and because it was Loki's powers that screwed up he landed under her bed and Thor landed on the floor (ha ha unintentional rhyme there!). Since that particular OC is influenced a LOT by me, I drew her in my bed because it is dusty as HELL under my real bed (the bedskirt was actually a Hawaiian skirt thing when I was about 14, which is how old the OC is) and in this picture, I tortured Loki by making him allergic to dust; poor, dear little Trickster... heart.gif And Thor is so kind, offering him that nice hanky. The hanky's supposed to be Jotun blue, ha ha ha, but I was too scared to leave the drawing ANYWHERE in my room to go search for my colored pencils.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy my first drawing on the site!

Love, hails

P.S. I had a real great time uploading this (NOT) so I'm really sorry if you can't see the writing. If you can't, comment about it and I'll type it for you. Sorry sorry sorry.........

P.P.S. I uploaded it on the dA page I share with my friend (one of the now two, possibly three, who know about my fetish) and we're both barely ever on the site, so apologies to those who might actually think my drawings are good (and much worshiping as well..)


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