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Ficlet Request if you Please (Repo! A Genetic Opera - The Grave Robber)

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One of my closest friends suggested I watch Repo! A Genetic Opera yesterday afternoon, and (after I got over the shock and dystopia of it all) I've been fantasizing a little about the Grave Robber. I really like the rhythm to his, well, his all of him. I'd love to see it in writing. If anyone out there would pretty please write me a ficlet with him sneezing (from anything, i don't care the cause) in it, I would owe you big time and be very grateful.

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I saw this and almost fell out of my chair.

I. Am. In. LOVE. With Repo! (Graverobber especially~) I have actually been struggling to come up with fanfic ideas regarding this subject, mainly because I don't trust myself to accurately any of the beautiful characters of Repo! OTL

If you could give me a prompt or something to work with, I might) write something, but I haven't written anything in a while so I'm a bit rusty. ^^;

Anyway, it's great to find a fellow Repo! fan. Seriously, you have no idea. :3

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Same! I wanted to write something myself, but the Grave Robber character is so precise I fear I'd only embarrass myself to myself and that's the worst.

(Also I'm afraid I don't have any ideas specifically for the story itself... I just know I'd like to see him sneeze at least once. Gosh I'm no help :lol: )

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I'm just going to put this out here- if you love Repo!, you should definitely check out The Devil's Carnival as well! It was made by the same geniuses behind Repo! and it's just as amazing. I'm sort of angling for a ficlet from that myself, but I'm not going to hijack the enitre thread :lol:

Anyway, I do wish I could help with what little Repo! knowledge I have. I'd say maybe some kind of strange flu-bug coming in and infecting GraveRobber, perhaps. I'm don't really know what you like more between colds and allergies and whatnot, and I'm really not much of a writer (art's more my trade), but I do hoped that l sparked just a little bit of inspiration! ^^"

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Oh The Devil's Carnival is fantastic too~ I'm still more of a Repo! fan though, mostly because Devil's Carnival didn't exactly give you much time with any single character so it's hard to get attached to them the way I am with the characters in Repo! Still a wonderful movie though. :3

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