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So things are going pretty well with T. Here's my explanation.

So I have recently caught a slight cold, and have been sneezing a shitload, which is very unusual for me. Besides the fact my nose is all stuffy and i always have a slight headache. Im pretty sure T gave this to me, because he has been sniffling and things so yeah. anyway, i was at a church jam and we ended up sitting next to each other in the pews. He obviously saw that i was miserable, since i was sniffling so much. He had asked me what was wrong and if i felt okay a few times but i never admit he gave me his cold. I felt this tickle in my nose, and it wouldnt go away. Finally it became too mucj for me amd i cupped my hands over my nose and mouth and sneezed wetly. T glanced over at me and smiled a little.

"Bless you!" He said chuckling.

"Thanks" I said back, feeling my face turn red.

I sneezed a couple of times and he blessed me, giggling a different way each time. (Cutee!!)

Later on we were talking and he was getting nervous. Everytime I sneezed he would say bless you and smile. But eqch time he got redder and redder. All of the sudden, since we were alone, he blurted out:

"I have a sneezing fetish! Oh damn why did I say that? Crap. Im sorry too much? Im... uhh.. bye."

He started to walk away when i grabbed his arm, feeling a sneeze coming on at the same time. He turned back towards me and i gasped for air and the huge sneeze exploded everywhere. I was like serioisly!!?

"Oh my goodness did i get you!?(spray since i didnt cover my mouth) im so sorry!" I said anxiously.

"Oh man totally fine .." he kind of said nervously

"Okay and, you have a sneezing fetish?"

"Yeah. Weird?"

"No. Cuz i have one too...."

Theres alot more including adorable sneezes from T! so do you guys want me to continue?? :)

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Wow! I really would love to have some sort of super power were I could read peoples minds and find out how many people actually do have a sneezing fetish. I bet I have met people who have the fetish, yet I unfortunately never knew. You are lucky.

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