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Secret Santa for LovelyLinda (SPN one-shot)


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This story is dedicated to my sweety, LovelyLinda! :wub: The story was inspired by a picture but unfortunately I don´t have it anymore :(. I hope you like it!


The forest was covered in fresh fallen snow from the last night. John and his boys were on “holidays” somewhere in cottage, somewhere in Switzerland. Sam was looking forward to this trip with joy but Dean instead was kind of pissed. He didn´t feel well the morning when they started from Frankfurt. And the fact that they interrupted their usual demon hunt didn´t even raised his mood. Sure they sometimes need a time out but for Dean two days or maybe three would be enough. But John insisted on two damn weeks, somewhere in nowhere with no civilization. It sucks.

Dean opened his eyes from a noise which Sam made at the window. Dean sat up rubbing at his tired eyes. Somehow his nose was stuffed up. He sniffed but it was no use. Sam turned around with a really big grin on his face.

“Yo, good morning sunshine! Did you sleep well?”

“Yeah, yeah. I´mb fide…ugh!”

“Woah, what´s wrong with your voice? You sound awful! Here!” Sam threw a box of tissues to Dean.

“Thanks!” Dean tried to clear his sinuses. With a bit of success.

“Why are you awake so early?” A slight tickle started again in the back of his nose. Dean rubbed at it absently.

“I just got a feeling that there would be more snow in this night. And now look outside! Isn´t it wonderful?”

Sam pressed his nose against the cold window. His breathing clouded up the glass. With his sleeve he brushed it away and his eyes sparkled. Dean got up and a shiver ran through his entire body as he realized how cold it was. The tickle was now in full bloom not preventable anymore. He stood at the end of his bed. He lifted his right hand up to his face, breathe hitching.

“Hh…Heehh…Hehh…?” Sam watched him amused.

“Sneeze already, dude!” Sam giggled.

“Uhh…t-teasing…hehh…it´s teasing mehh…hah…” Sam walked over to Dean´s bed and grabbed the tissue box and plucked some out. He took Dean´s left hand and placed them there.

“T-haah thanks…HuuRashuUUh…HeeDzshooO!” Dean´s whole body jerked forward with the force of the sneezes.

“Wow, bless you! Now I really think you´re coming down with something.” Dean blew his now red glowing nose loudly.

“Mmbh, mbaybe…”

“Come on let´s get downstairs to male some breakfast.”

“Yeah, ok.”

Sam walked on first and Dean put on his warmest pullover he could find and followed Sam. John was already in the kitchen. The table was full with food. Bacon, waffles, pancakes, eggs and much more. When Sam and Dean entered their eyes widened in great surprise.

“Oh, holy crab! Dad this is amazing!” said Sam. Dean instead was struggling again with an oncoming sneeze.

“Ah…Aah-amazing…haah…HuuhEshoo!” he sneezed uncovered to his left side.

“Morning boys! Bless you, Dean!” John offered him some paper towels. Dean nodded.

“Thanks!” They sat down and started to eat. Thirty minutes later they were finished. Sam and Dean helped his dad to put away the used dishes.

“We will be outside, dad!” said Sam.

He put on his jacket and boots. Dean didn´t want to go out into the ice cold world. But he couldn´t leave Sam alone. So he took also a scarf and gloves to his jacket and boots. He walked out the front door and stopped immediately as the really cold air welcomed his already irritated nose. His eyes closed slowly and his delicious lips parted a bit. Meanwhile Sam had started to build a snow man. Dean´s breath hitched uncontrollable now. His head tilted back a bit and then his body been thrown forward by the forceful uncovered sneezes.

“Heh…HeehDzchuhh…HaaIshooO…hih…HiihTchaa…ugh…HuuhRashuuH…dambit! Fugck!” Sam was startled and dropped the middle size snow ball.

“Hell, Dean! Don´t scare me like that. My heart just skipped a beat. Bless you by the way!”

“Uhh…m´sorry, wasnd´t mby intendsion!”

Dean retrieved some tissues out of his jacket pocket and blew his nose for what felt the thousands time this morning. He walked through the puffy snow towards the trees, watching Sam who started to form a new snow ball. Dean stopped at the tree and leaned his heavy head against it. He massaged his temples and moaned frustrated. ´This will be a bad cold´ he thought to himself.

The cold tree eased his headache a bit. Some minutes later and the door of the cottage opened. John came out. He smiled when he saw Sam with the snowman. John knew his boys had a tough time and it was a good idea to come here for some rest. He started to walk over to Dean who still stood at the tree. He patted his shoulder.

“You ok, Dean?” Dean looks up with his glassy eyes. His gaze said: Do I really look like I´m fine? But he answered.

“Yeah, yeah…m´finde.” He sniffed wetly and took out a tissue to blow his nose again.

“Doesn´t sound like it!” John laid his hand on Dean´s forehead. Dean was startled, all his muscles tensed by this touch.

“Hm, you have a fever. It would be better if you go back inside to rest in your bed. I´ll be here when you need anything!” Dean simply nodded and walked back to the house. Hands deep in his pockets. He stopped at the nearly finished snowman.

“Hey Sabby, I´ll be inside, dodn´t feel so good.”

“Sure, see you later then.”

When Dean closed the door behind him a wave of dizziness overwhelmed him. He slid down the door, panting.

“Uhh dnot good…hih…!” His breath hitched. The temperature difference affected his sinuses pretty good.

“HeehShoo…hh…heh…HaaDchsh…hah…HuuhRashuuU…ugh!” He took another tissue and blew his nose.

“This is ridiculous!”

When his vision cleared again he tried to stand up slowly. Dean walked upstairs to his room. He stretched out on the warm bed not even strong enough to change his clothes and drifted off into a feverish sleep.


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I really didnt expect this!! Thanks so much ciuty, you really are lovely :)

I love that they are in Germany and Switzerland xD It can really get freezing cold there!

And oh lord I love hiw sammeeehh builds a snowman and drops one of he balls when dean sneezes xD

I love you sweetie!!

Have a good start in 2013!!!

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