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Jack Frost (Secret Santa for Bongo)


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Am...am I the only one who did art for their Secret Santa? heh.gif

Writing's not really my trade, so when I got my assignment I was trying to think of what I was going to do. After going through the (unfortunately) frustrating process of attempting to illustrate characters from other live-action fandoms that I'm familiar with, namely Psych and Once Upon A Time, I was like "lol screw this, we're drawing Jack instead."

Seems he's caught himself a chill

Enjoy! :heart:^_^


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Cute! I watched that movie finally at 1:00 in the morning today with my bff lol

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xDDD glad someone appreciates my off-beat humor!

And thank you very much, Bongo! ^_^ I'm so happy you like it!

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