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So stuffy..


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I believe I caught a cold. My nose is so stuffed up that every time I sneeze, my ears pop. very annoying, as that lessens my hearing until I yawn. Oh, and I have been sneezing so much more than I am used to. Yesterday I wasn't feeling so bad, so I decided to do some exercise. While I was doing some squats, I sneezed, "hehCHIEW!" and was knocked on my booty. Well, later that night my hubby was downstairs watching tv while I was upstairs in bed playing with his iPod,when I sneezed again. It was a messy one so I got up to blow my nose. As I returned, I found I had accidently sneezed on his iPod. I wiped it off, but didnt sanitize it.. hmm.. Atleast so far, this cold hasn't been TOO bad.

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Aww...thanks for the obs and feel better soon :)

BTW, an iPod covered in sneeze spray = iPod Snuffle? wink.png

This comment is made of win!!

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