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why so sneezy (self obs)


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I have no idea why i've been so sneezy today! I don't have allergies, perfume doesn't bother me either, yet I sneezed WAY more than usual.

I got home from school, went up to my room, and was just sitting on my bed, when my nose got REALLY REALLY itchy. My eyes didn't water, but then, I just..."nxxt! Nxxt! YAxhooo! Nxxt! Nxxt! Nxxt! at'CHtx! at'Chtx! Nxxt! Nxxt! nxxt" It was rapid fire with no breaths! My nose was so itchy! then it slowed down, but the sneezes got, itchier...They even sounded itchy...In a way I don't know how to type...and they had a few pauses..."ah..ahh...AHHHH...ncchtt! nchhht! Nccht! Ahh ahh ahhh, ncchht! nnnchhhtt!"

It was crazy...Then I felt a really big one and I was like "OH NO!" ahhhhh....AHHHHHHHH......AHHHHHH..........YACHHHHOOOOO!" It got some of the itch out.. luckily, the other sneezes were quiet, so my parents only heard the last one....But I seriously was NOT done.

"Nxxt! Nxxt! nxxt! ahhh...Nxxt. O-oh....Godd. Nxxtnxxctnxxtnxxt! Nxxt! N'xht!"

Seriously! what is wrong with me! I've had some more sneezes if you would like to hear but.....HELP! Why am I so sneezy!

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As far as helping you; out of luck, but when it comes to enjoying it: 100% ;) Thanks for sharing! :D

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ha ha ha lol

I don't know if I enjoyed it or not....It just felt.......I dunno...weird! Don'ty have allergies so I've never sneezed so much. Plus, my sneezes usually sound like "ya-achoo! itashew! They don't sound all itchy and stiffled like "nxxt! n'ttchh!" some of them I was stiffling, but the others just came out that way! lol

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