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Hey guys! it's about time I uploaded some of my artwork here.

This is a comic in one of the stories a have. So just so you're not confused, I'll explain somethings about this world..

There's 3 types of people. Angels, Wielders and Demons. Angels and demons, well, you get the picture. Wielders are warriors that travel with their Familiars, or creatures that usually have two forms. Wielders have marks on their cheeks that correspond with the Familiar in some way.

It's still a developing story but that's the gist.

Also the comic is pretty sketchy because I haven't cleaned up the lines or colored it in a program yet. I intend to eventually but i start school again next week so I know I won't have time.. And I really wanted to upload it... So I'm sorry. Hopefully you can still understand it. =__=

I'll upload some charachter sheets so you know who's who as well.

Thanks! :)



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aw thanks :)

i wish i had time to color the actual pages but that takes me forever.. and theres about 10 pages that I plan on uploading @_@

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*purr* I love this art-style, and I love these characters~~

Wonderful so far :DD

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Ooh yes! Adorable characters and I love how it's developing so far.

Love the little details, like the "Carnival commin' to town!" poster. :laugh:

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@Akahana- Awh, Thank you! =w= I think it's a cute story too. Thanks for reading it!

@ Loca- Thanks for reading! It's much appreciated.

@ BlackScatter- thanks so much! laugh.png

@AnonyMouse- Thank you! :D

Thanks for reading this you guys :D it's taking a while to edit all the pages and such but it will get done!

For now, pages 4 and 5.. Good feels!



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