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couple's sneeze conversation (no sneezing)


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Today I was at work, and every time I work with a certain girl her boyfriend comes in to visit.

He came in today and was talking to her, sniffling a bit with a congested voice.

Halfway through the conversation, she interrupts him and says "Babe, are you okay? You sound like you're getting sick"

He answers with "nah, I was just sneezing like crazy because of that damn cat."

Thought it was weird that she could casually ask him if he was getting sick (as if i'd be able to even touch that topic) and his response won't leave my head.. too cute :)

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mmmmm yummy. and yeah i totally feel super awkward when i ask someone if their getting sick. because if they say "no"... i'd die inside.... and it's just super awkward. :I

i remember this one time i was talking to a guy in class. Then he suddenly stopped talking and held up his pointer finger... I was confused until he sneezed. And it was just so beautiful that I stood there with this huge smile on my face, laughing. I said "bless you", and he said thank you real quickly and went back to work.. I'm like... you have NO idea how sexy that was...

I always feel i'm gonna be just as awkward if I got into a conversation about sneezing with a guy.

But when I get a boyfriend and he's sick.. it would be nice to ask him if he was okay. especially If we've been going out long enough.

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