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Some random fan art (M, anime fandoms Death Note & DGM)


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Dumping a couple of pictures here. Good old favourite fetish victims too. tonguesmiley.gif

First - Death Note:

some time ago I entertained myself with the thought of a cold-ridden Light, tied up for good, and someone evil having a hold of a feather...

Light 1

Light 2

For the lulz

Aaaand, a recent one of Kanda (DGM). I wanted to draw someone sick - someone real pretty blushing.gif

Sick sick sick...

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Okay, okay, okay...

They are all so great. o3o

Our usual pig quality~ So great, so great, so great~:heart:

But... Kanda. OMG. He's so hgasjdsjkas... luv dat picture. o3o~:heart:

His mouth, that thermometer, that tea cup and all the rest of the picture too...

Pig, you are amazing. :heart:

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Oh wow! I haven't seen Death Note around here in a long time. That's lovely! And I know it's not the focus of the piece, but I really love the curve of the feather. A beautiful torture device is half the fun~

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Kaaaaanda........... You might as well just dig a grave for me right here. ;___; Your art is so very lovely, Pig!

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Ooh, wow, that last one especially. :wub: LOVELY. Truly, truly beautiful. His hair, all shiny and his nose so very raw, and those grumpy abused eyes... And with all the classic trimming. Excellently worked out and beautifully rendered!

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First of all: I want your evil feather-wielding piggy printed on a T-shirt. I would wear it too. Proudly. And then snicker naughtily if anyone asked what it symbolized.

Secondly: oh, you know I ADORE these. :heart: A bit of hard Light torture is never wrong, and Kanda's just sitting there like a perfect image of (grumpy) Japanese beauty. Shiny, blue-black hair... :wub: *happy sigh*

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Thanks for the comments, reading them feels just so gooooood! :D:group:

And I'm so glad folks are liking Kanda, I had so much fun with that one. :yay: I really enjoy drawing/painting the detail. It's the best part.

And yes I have a bit of a thing for drawing those chunky teacups, yes, I do... :blushing:

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