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I can't blow my nose!

Ali Marie

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Why? I wish I knew...but I have no idea. It's REALLY painful!!! On top of that...nothing comes out!!! It's gross, I know. Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but know that I do shows outdoors a couple times a week, it's bad. I've never felt physically ill because of my allergies, so Thursday was a first.

I'm getting ready for my show & my nose is running like a faucet. You can't be a very menacing Vampire with a stuffy nose.

(Cry Little Sister is a Magic act based of of the 80's Cult Classic The Lost Boys.) So, I'm freaking out & I turn to my friend & say "What the hell am I gonna do?! I can't go out there like this!!!" Then she states the obvious. "Why don't you just blow your nose?" Gee, I never would've thought of that. glare.gif "I tried!" I told her. "It hurts!"

She was genuinely confused. She'd never hurt of such a thing. "It hurts your nose?" She asked. "No, it hurts my throat & makes me light headed!" Sincerely. How odd...

She didn't believe it. She took my handkerchief & held it to my nose. "Blow." She commanded & I did. Nothing but rough, burning throat pain & dizzy spell. I fell back against the car door. Ouch. sadsmiley.gif "You're right." My friend examined the handkerchief. "Nothing came out."

I felt that crap & stuck to easy stuff that night. No hanging upside down or stuff that required relaxing & steady breathing. (Like Sword Swallowing)

Does anyone else have this issue? What is wrong with me???

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