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How did you get your username?


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Just to get chatting answer da question

I got mine b/c I love superheroes and I like saying Awko andI am awkward haha

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Mine is because I wanted to use something vaguely like my non-fetish online name, but not too close. So I abbreviated "Sneeze Fetish Chick" (a variation on my old Forum name) to "sfc", and added "my own private" because my fetish is just that: mine, and private. So, I am MyOwnPrivateSFC.

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I picked mine because I like the name, and because it doesn't resemble any names I use elsewhere. It's important to me that my identity here not be linked with any of my other online identity, or my real life identity. Natto is a kind of fermented bean paste, and there's nothing about me that's associated with fermented bean paste!

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A wild noob appears.

peacelovehappiness1234, look at the top of the site. Click on the logo. Then click on Stories which should be on the main page. Click on the appropriate category, then press "Start New Topic." Enter your story's title and the story and post it. Voila.

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I actually have two reasons, though I can't recall which one came first :P

I picked mine because as a Freshman in high school, I was apart of a show that my drama class created, a 4-part drama series about different cliques that had to band together to save their school (I will definitely link it up on youtube for anyone that wants it teehee.gif ). In the show, I was an "odd ball" with a lisp and eccentric demeanor called Galaxy. I was always told that I was one of the best actors in the series, and that it was obvious I tried the hardest, and that really made me feel talented for the first time, so I stuck with it. To this day a lot of my classmates still call me Galaxy because of it.


One novel idea that I have, but haven't worked on much, is about a sheltered boy who makes friends with a group of girls when he enrolls in high school. The main character is a girl named Amanda who calls herself Galaxy, and spends most of the book trying to be outlandish and weird because she feels like her real self is born. I've since sort of dropped the book idea, but I always did feel a special connection to Galaxy because she was one of the first characters I ever made that I put so many flaws into.

I really can't remember which one got me attached to the name, but either way, now I'm Galaxy :P I go by GalacticalMadness a lot, too, though not on this site

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I picked mine kinda randomly...I wanted something vaguely fetish related and dust is what I guess I'm most reactive to in terms of sneezing, so I went with Dusty. I added the 15 because my birthday is the 14th but I felt that was 'too close to giving away my identity' so I went a number farther! haha

I like Dusty too because it reminds me of the cool 60s singer Dusty Springfield.

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No one would ever guess, but mine's kind of fetishy in it's own personal way (which is actually unintentional).

I used to have a cat called Puddin, so I used that and put Pop on the end (I always put things on the end of people's names like Pop or Bob or Kins... I just think it's cute :P )

The fetishy side of it is that I'm allergic to cats.

I didn't realise the relevance until a couple of months ago :lol:

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Well for me its due to being an artist and of course im female plus im 22. Also I didnt want to use my pen name that I use for both my deviantart account and fanfiction.net account.

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simple, ever watch the movie 'V for Vendetta'? lol pretty self explanatory

... I love that movie!

I like green, and minerals/crystals/stones/rocks (*waves a Geology Rocks! -sign*) so "malachite" was a logical choice that united those two :3

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I joined the site on February 28th, not during a leap year, but it was on my mind. The "kisses" part was kind of a random addition. Like a lot of others are saying, I wanted something that couldn't be linked to my other screenname. (But I'm not exactly shy about my likes *cough* on that name, including the sneeze fetish, so maybe I needn't have bothered. XD)

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this popular girl at my school always calls me a sassy b****, so why not? and my bestie gave me a bunch of unicorn plushies every year on halloween (also known as my b-day) although this is super obvious who i am if you read this and you know me, but ya know, why not?

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I'm VoOs because of a graffiti tag I designed for art class in sixth grade. The tag in turn was sort of inspired by a nickname I used for one of my old guinea pigs. :laugh:

I've always liked how the letters look together, and now I'm stuck with it. :)

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I have had my username since I was in elementary school, and I literally used it for everything!

The smm part is my three initials, and the oct3 part is my birthday! I also love it because it sounds like a smock, and the word smock is cool, but just add a 't' to the end of it. Smmoct3!

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I have at least semi-interesting stories behind my usernames elsewhere but alas, Garnet is just my birthstone.

/mineral high-five with Malachite

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"Murphy" after the last name of one of my most beloved mary sues fancharacters. And "D" because, well, it's my middle initial.

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I joined six years ago, and at the time I couldn't think of a good screen name because I never needed one before. Like, I was never even on AIM or AOL chat. xD Anyway, my last name begins with a Z, and the word "sneeze" is sort of relevant to my reasons for joining this particular board, and after about two minutes of thinking really hard, I got "zneeze." If I were joining the forum today, I think I still would have come up with zneeze :lol:

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Mine isn't really that much of an interesting story. I've basically always been some variation on "Blah," which I really only chose because I wanted my account here to have as few connections to my real life as possible. Blah was the obvious course of action from there, and while I suppose I never really intended it to be a fully serious username, it just kinda stuck after a while.

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At the time, pretty much every username I had on every site was 'silver [whatever]'. Mercury seemed like a good enough nod to that. Even though I have ones now that have nothing to do with being silver, it's still my favourite name.

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I'm melonbun mainly because I liked how cute it sounded. ^_^

When I first joined, I was very secretive and scared that someone I know in real life might be able to find me so I picked melonbun since the results in popular search engines like google are always flooded with Japanese meron pan (melon bread). I switched out the "pan" for "bun" because bread and bun are more or less the same thing. Oh and I love bunnies... wubsmiley.gif Oddly enough, I've never even tried eating meron pan before (It's on my list of things to do though!). :lol:

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No one will know I am-

*gets tackled before announcing my real name*

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