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At around 2:00 Link wipes his nose with a paper towel and says that his nose is running :)

Link actually wiped his nose or blew his nose in a kinda recent episode of GMM or GMmore, I was trying to go back and find it, but so far no luck :( SORRY GUYS!!

But if you feel dedicated enough, in the episodes of the past few weeks, sometimes Link will do a random deep sniff...it's pretty cute :)

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I've noticed a pattern...Link ALWAYS sniffles in Good Mythical More O_O


0:05 nose scratch

4:36 sniffle

5:53 sniffle

Predictive Text:

0:37 sniffle


0:19 sniffle

5:28 sniffle

Hiccup Cures:

0:57 sniffle, off-screen nose blow


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At about 7:40 in this video, Link announces he has to sneeze... but then doesn't quite manage it. Still cute, though.

Also they talk about sneezing in two Facebook videos (you'll probably have to like them to be able to see these):



We reeeeally need more Link sneezes! If anyone finds any more, please let us know!

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I stumbled upon some really old videos from 2008 where Link is sick!


In the video on the bottom, Link is sick and he coughs and sniffles a lot. Rhett also sneezes at about 8:25 and says that Link made him sick. Link also leaves to blow his nose at 14:55


No sneezing in this one, but Rhett and Link both cough regularly and talk about how sick Link was near the beginning. It's an hour long, so it might not be worth it to watch unless you're super obsessed with them, like me =)


This video is also an hour long and I didn't watch the whole thing yet, but Link talks about how he got sick at the Sundance festival and he coughs a bit.

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pkmnfan!!!!!! you are amazing!! :DDD

just started watching the first link.... oh my gosh Link's cough and sniffle in the beginning is adorable!!!

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Rhett and Link are eating different things with sriracha on them and at 4:29 Link grabs a paper towel roll and asks Rhett if he needs to blow his nose then Link wipes his own nose with a paper towel.

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Rhett and Link are eating different things with sriracha on them and at 4:29 Link grabs a paper towel roll and asks Rhett if he needs to blow his nose then Link wipes his own nose with a paper towel.

* 5:29 :D it confused me at first, I replayed it at 4:29 but it wasnt makin any sense.

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In the latest GMMore episode, they're analysing their DNA and they talk about photic sneezing - apparently Link has higher odds. Video here:

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Sorry, I don't think I can edit previous posts - start at 8:10.

Also they talk about testing it, so if people reading this commented on their video about doing a 'Can we make ourselves sneeze?' video (casually, without mentioning the fetish of course!), maybe they'd think about it. ;)

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Someone (I couldn't tell who) sneezed off-camera and then Link blessed them :D

It's in the GMMore (Do We Think The Truth is Our [sic] There?) to the "believable alien abduction story" GMM episode.

Here's the link: https://www.vessel.com/videos/SNX_ZL6zO It's a Vessel 24 hr exclusive video, so you can also see it on Youtube tomorrow :)

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Nice, thanks! What part of the video does that happen in?

Link's blessed someone off camera before, but I have no clue which video it was in, sadly.

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Whoops! I forgot to put the time :P It happens just after 8 minutes in :)

Yeah, I seem to recall this happening in another video, but I also have no idea which episode it was. I have a feeling someone already posted it, but I could be wrong...

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Thanks Snufaleeze!

Also at around 28:30 Link kind of sounds like he sneezes, but I think it's probably a cough, so maybe he's sick? He sounds a little congested at times, but maybe I'm just being hopeful :biggrinsmiley:

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