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Rhett and Link


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Here’s few videos that I haven’t seen posted here!

Rhett at 2:24

Rhett at 10:41, 11:04, 14:54

Link x2 at 11:21

Link x3 at 3:58

Rhett x2 at 24:16

Rhett at 54:24

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14 hours ago, LimeyBlimey said:

Link at 7:08, towards the end and it takes him a few seconds 😄

17:08, not 7:08 :)

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On 2/2/2021 at 8:41 PM, LifeOfTheMarauders said:

Rhett at 54:24

Rewatching this podcast I just realized that there’s another sneeze at 38:52! Just thought I’d let you guys know :)

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Link at 1:03

Link x3 at 2:39

Rhett at 11:15 during the end card

Rhett at 9:03

Link x4 at 11:05

Rhett at 2:20

Rhett at 15:57

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Link x3 at 6:01

Link x2 at 3:57

Link x2 at 21:21

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Sorry y’all, I’m on a Rhett & Link binge, so ignore how often I’m bumping this thread

Rhett sneezes at 38:19 and talks about allergies briefly at 49:16 

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1 minute ago, SpookyScarySkeleton said:

Link has a fit at 9:39 

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