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Bed-shaking Sneeze


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So, I have a friend who I've become super close with this year- we'll call him K. About 6 feet, but by no means skinny- actually a pretty big guy, but in the way that he could be a wrestler. Curly, shoulder length hair that he pushes back constantly and consistent bedroom eyes. Pretty intimidating to look at when you first meet him, handsome in a rough way, but he's a total cutiepie, if you can deal with constant crude and sarcastic banter- which is totally my thing in friendships. Super charismatic south asian dude, haven't met a girl yet who isn't drawn to him instantly.

All in all, he's just a big MAN, totally fun to snuggle with- especially with me being a 5'3" small girl.

Anyway, we were hanging out in his room the other day, talking random shit. He's sat up against the wall with his arm over my shoulder and I'm lying with my head on his chest and my arm round his waist.

All of a sudden whilst I was talking, I notice him tense, and feel his chest expand underneath my head. I just awkwardly stop mid sentence and look up to see the most amazingly tortured pre-sneeze expression- he's almost snarling- and like the shameless person I am, I just stared at him.

A moment later, he takes in a huge inhale, eyebrows cinching together; I was half expecting him to sneeze on me (which I definitely wouldn't say no to- again, shameless). But at the last minute, he pulls me in even closer and holds my head down to his chest, leans to the side and sneezes an absolutely massive


I wish I could spell it better because Ho-lee shit. It was gorgeous. Sounded unbelievably wet, drawn out and intensely irritating.

Because he pulled my face down I couldn't see anything, but this was more than made up with by being able to feel the power behind the irritation. His entire body shook, and his arm squeezed me tight. The bed creaked in protest. It was incredible, and it took all I had in me not to moan aloud.

When he was finished, he gave a wet sniffle and a 'fuck'. Naturally my response was to giggle like a moron and hug him super tight. To which I received a painful noogie and a minute's wrestling match.

God, I love sexy older male friends. laughing.gif

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Uh... wow! :o What a great observation... I can picture the scene. I love the thought of lying against someone's chest and feeling a powerful sneeze like that. :)

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Ok, I love the way you described his sneeze! Nothing better than a sneeze that shakes the whole bed. Thanks for sharing! :)

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Mmmmm. There's something about the security of being wrapped up in someone's arms while they sneeze... Especially with the size difference! Sounds amazing! And your description of the presneeze expression... :) Thanks for sharing!

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