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Okay, so before I start, I have to note that the tags are varying for a reason; this is a continuing story that will hopefully have a little bit of everything.

This is about (though I know the concept is a bit overdone) an intern at a doctor's office, whose main duty is to take a list of symptoms from patients before the doctor sees them. This will contain illness and allergy, messy and stifled, tissue/handkerchief and uncovered... Everything. So, I hope you enjoy! Cheers!


"Nurse Williams to checkup room #7. Nurse Ada Williams, please report to checkup room #7."

Ada sighed and got up once the smooth, crisp voice of the seceratary of Dr. Stevenson's clinic had finished requesting her presence. The day had, so far, been both extremely tiring and extremely boring. Two hours into her shift, and Ada was already ready to go home.

To be fair, as all she was doing all day was reporting to checkup rooms, getting detailed reports of the patients' symptoms, and giving them to Dr. Stevenson or one of the senior nurses, and repeating the whole process over again, there was never much of anything to truly motivate Ada to work.

"Come on, Ada, college credits." She told herself as she grabbed her clipboard and started off down the hall. "Med school! Remember; 'Williams Clinic'."

Ad was a 22 year old intern at from a nearby college, gaining credits to earn herself a spot at a prestigious medical school. The fact that Dr. Stevenson was a well-proclaimed doctor of some influence who could greatly increase Ada's chances by writing a favorable letter of recomendation was just one more step up the ladder.

Ada had long black hair and a surprisingly lingering tan, for winter. Her eyes were blue, and she had a fairly well-developed figure; not supermodel well-developed, but not bad. She stood at about 5'5" and had always been a bit self-concious about her height.

As Ada was about to open the door to checkup room #7, a sound caught her ear; a sneeze.

A very loud, very messy sneeze.

Ada smiled.

She opened the door and was delighted by what she saw; a pretty woman of about 27, with long, messy, dirty-blond hair and tired green eyes, catching another loud, messy "HurATCHOO!" in one of the clinic's complimentary tissues. With a huge, productive sniffle, the woman lowered her tissue to reveal a well-sized, bright red nose. Liquid threatened to drip down almost to her lip, but with another sniffle the drop disappeared.

"Good morning, Ms....?" Ada began, readying her clipboard and pen.

"Miller. Wendy Mellisa Miller." The woman replied, congestion thickening her voice.

"So, Ms. Miller. Allergies or cold?" Ada asked, falling into a rhythm whilst keeping the majority of her attention on Wendy.

"I thigk I habe a... Habe a... A... A co--hurACHOO! HurACHOO!" Wendy was interrupted by two more sneezes. The first was too quick for her to cover, and sent snot and spray flying, but she managed to bring a tissue up for the second one, which she held to her nose as she finished her sentence; "Ub, a cold."

"Mmm-hmm." Ada said as she checked the "Virus" box and filled in "cold". "And could you describe your symptoms for me?"

"Ah, sure. Ub, sneezig, ruddy nose, uh, fatigue, and... And, ha... And--hurATCHOO! HurATCHOO!" Two more messy, enormous sneezes, both caught by the now-sodden tissue. Wendy quickly grabbed another one. "And the occasiodal headache. I'b been sick for aboud a week ndow." She concluded, and proceeded to blow her nose; long, loud, and very productive.

"Alrighty, then." Ada said, checking the appropriate boxes. She hid a smile. Though her job was technically over, why not go a little off-script...? "When, where, and from whom do you believe you contracted this cold?"

Wendy blinked, seeming mildly surprised, but was interrupted by another set of sneezes. "Hah-hurATCHOO! HurATCHOO! Hah... Ah... HURATCHOO!" The first was, again, uncovered, spraying the air in front of her and causing snot to shoot out onto her lip, but she quickly covered the last two, and blew again when finished, another long, wet, productive blow. Perhaps mollified by her performance, she answered the question without protest.

"Well... I thidk it was whed I was od the... Od... The train--hurATCHOO!" She finished in a rush, just barely catching the sneeze in her rapidly-soakening tissue. "A mand with sat across fromb mbe. His nose was really red and he was snee... Sneezig--hurATCHOO! Huh... Ha... Ha...? Ha-ah-hurATCHOO!" Another double, the second one sticking for a moment before finally coming out. "He didn't bother coverig theb. I guess he god mbe sick. Hah... HurATCHOO!" Wendy sneezed once more, the tissue now completely soaked. She threw it away and quickly grabbed a new one, blowing fiercely several times into it.

"Thank you, Ms. Miller. Dr. Stevenson will be with you shortly. He should be able to perscribe something to help." Ada said with a smile. Wendy just nodded, her face slackening and her breath hitching. Ada left the room and lingered outside the door just as Wendy began another fit of huge, messy, spraying sneezes.

"Maybe work here isn't so bad, after all." Ada murmured as she went to deliver the clipboard detailing Ms. Wendy Mellisa Miller's cold.


Well, I hope you like it! Let me know if you'd like to see this continue. Thanks!

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This is really great! I like that you're planning on including all sorts of different sneezes throughout the course of this story. I'm looking forward to more!

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Thanks for all the replies! I'm glad the idea is popular!

Very cool.

If you continue, perhaps you could make clear at the top whether the patient/sneezer will be male or female?

No prob! That's a pretty good idea, actually... I probable should have thought of it before :-/

Aaaaanyway, on with the fic! This one is completely different; male, allergy, stifle (attempt), and not quite so messy. Here goes!


"Nurse Williams to checkup room #13. Nurse Ada Williams, please report to checkup room #13." Ada rolled her eyes as the seceratary finished her pre-rehearsed summons and closed the game on her phone. She had been this close to beating level 68 on Candy Crush!

Her annoyance soon faded as she walked in on a young hispanic man in the middle of a sneezing fit. His slightly-too-long, black hair fell into his eyes with each sneeze, and his body jerked with the effort of stifling each minor explosion. "Heh-inx! Inxch! Inch! Hah-INXCH! Inxch! Heh... Hah-ah... Heh-INXCHiewww..." He shook his head and rubbed his nose, raising his face to reveal beautiful brown eyes, a cute, reddened nose, and a slightly embarrassed smile. "Oh, ah... *sniff* Hi there."

Ada forced herself to respond. "Uh, hi."

They stood there for a while until the man filled the awkward silence with another stifled "Heh-inxch!"

"Sorry! Um, could I get your name? First, middle, last?" Ada said, regaining her senses.

"Oh, ah, Manuel Victoria Diaz." He answered. He sniffled again. "Might I ask yours?"

Ada blushed slightly. Was he... Flirting with her? "Ada. Ada Williams."

Manuel grinned mincheivously. "Ada. A pretty name for a pretty girl. You, my dear, can ca... Call me... Ma--heh-INXCH! Hah-inxch! Inxch! Inxch! Heh-inx-chiew!" He was cut off by another sneezing fit, but couldn't quite stifle the last one. He shook his head and rubbed his nose again, looking sheepish.

"And how do you spell that?" Ada asked with a sardonic grin. Manuel grimaced.

"Manny. Call me Manny." He finished, sniffling again.

"Alright, Manny, and what might be the problem today?" Ada asked, forcing herself not to laugh.

"Ah, eh, allergies. Just seasonal allergies. But they seem to be worse tha... Than us...ual--hehINXCH! Inxchiew! Inxchiew! Heh.... Ha... Hah-INXCH!" He did that same head-shake, nose-rub combo and sniffled.

"I see." Ada said absently, checking the "Allergen" box and filling in "seasonal". "Not unusual for spring. Any specifics?"

"Ah... Birch, Alder, most evergreens, just about every flower you could name..." Manny trailed off and shrugged. "You name it, if it pollenates, then it makes me-ah... Me--hah-INXCH! Heh-INXCH! Inxch! Inxch! INXCH! INXCH! Heh-INXCHiew!" He finally gave up on sniffling and blew his nose, quick and sharp. "Well, if that answers your question..." He finished with a laugh.

"It certainly does. Any specific symptoms? Other than sneezes, I mean?" Ada asked with a smirk.

"Eh, runny nose, itchy eyes... INXCH!" A sneeze caught him off-guard.

"Any respiratory problems? Trouble breathing?" Ada continued, checking the appropriate boxes.

"No, not that I've no-ho-ticed--HEH-INXCH! Inxch! Inxch! Inxch! Inxchiew! Inxchiew! Hah-ah-INCHIEW!" The sneezes seemed to be getting progressively stronger, the fits longer, and the time between them shorter. "I swear, it just seems to get worse and worse, not just as the day goes on, either!" He exclaimed. "It never used to be this-hah... This bad--hehINXCH! Inxch! Inxcheh! INXCHeh!" He launched into another fit, while Ada watched on, feeling sorry for him. But not too sorry.

"Well, hopefully Dr. Stevenson can think of something to help." Ada said, smiling slightly. "Before I go, do you need anything else?"

Manuel managed to get his sneezing under control, and glanced up at her slyly. "Is it too much to ask for your... You-heh-INXCH!" He forced down another sneeze. "Your number?"

Normally, Ada would have said no, but... Hell, he was cute. And sneezing like hell. "Why not?" She said out loud, ripping off a scrap of paper and scribbling down her number. "Call me. Maybe we can work something out. Coffee?"

Manny grinned. "It's a date. Er, I hope. Heh.., ho-old on--heh-INXCH! Inxch! Heh-INXCH! Heh-ah-INXCHiew!" He shook his head and rubbed his nose again. "But, eh, can it wait until after I get this new--heh-INXCH! *sniffle* Medicine?"

"If it must." Ada said with a mock-sigh, then, winking, walked briskly off to deliver Manny's clipboard to Dr. Stevenson.


"If it must" indeed. I think we all agree with Ada, there.

To be continued!

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I'm glad everyone likes it! Here's a change of pace: not a patient, but perhaps we could learn more about Ms. "Nurse Williams to checkup room number whatever"

(FYI, female and cold and messy. Verrrrrry messy. You have been warned.)

I'm going to try for an almost comic view: a tragic mixture of over-the-top sexy and over-the-top messy. We'll see if I succeed in either right.

On with the fic!


"Nurse Williabs to checkub roomb #3. Nurse Ada Williabs, please repord to checkub roomb #3."

Ada cocked her head slightly as the announcement ended. Maybe it was just the sound system, which was badly in need of an update, but the secretary had sounded decidedly stuffed up...

Shrugging, Ada grabbed her clipboard and made her way to the aforementioned checkup room. After dealing with the patient (stomach flu--just ew) Ada was making her way back to the nurses' room when she was stopped by none other than Dr. Stevenson himself. In other words, Ada'a boss.

"Ah, Ms.... Williams, isn't it? Ada Williams, the intern from that med school just outside of town?" Dr. Stevenson confirmed.

"Yes, sir. What can I do for you, Dr. Stevenson?" Ada asked. Dr. Stevenson cleared his throat slightly, glancing away.

"Well, I'm sure you're familiar with our secretary, Ms. Stephanie May?" He asked. Ada nodded. Stephanie was the... Voluptuous blonde secretary who ran the front desk and gave announcements over the intercom. "She's ah, well, feeling a bit... Under the weather. Caught a, er... Slight... Cold, it seems. Or perhaps bad allergies. I'm not sure. It's just, well..." He trailed off, biting his lip. "You're a pre-med, aren't you?"

"Yes, sir. That's why I'm here." Ada replied.

"Yes, of course, ah... I was wondering if you might be able to take a look at Ms. May, figure out what's wrong with her." Dr. Stevenson asked. Ada opened her mouth to reply, but Dr. Stevenson rushed on, "I'd do it myself, of course, but I'm, ah... Completely swamped with patients, yes."

On a Monday. During work hours. Where Mr. Can't-Hold-Down-a-Piece-of-Bread was their first patient in the last hour. Right.

Out loud, Ada said, "I'd be happy to, sir. Just tell me where she is and I'll get right to it."

Dr. Stevenson was enormously relieved. "Oh! Good. She's in checkup room #15. And... Good luck!" With that he walked away as fast as he could without seeming impolite. Ada glanced after him. Something was up. Even at 50, no man would ever turn down the chance to get even remotely up close and person with Stephanie May. Particularly her... Shall we say... Largest assets.

Maybe the good doctor was just trying to keep it professional, Ada thought, as she made her way dwn the hall to checkup room #15. She paused outside the room and listened.

"Hah... Ah-ah... Heeeh-HAAAH!" A high, breathy voice built up loudly, before finally exploding into very femnine, yet powerful, sneezes. "Hatchuh! Hetchuh! Hatcheh! Hatcheh! Hatchoo! Hetchoo! Hah..." Ada smiled slightly, and opened the door to see...

Ms. Stephanie May, in all her blonde, voluptuous glory. With her hands held out in front of her face like she had just sneezed into them.

With a long string of snot hanging down past her chin from one nostril.

Ada stared a moment, blinked, then cleared her throat.

"O-oh!" Stephanie jumped, glancing over. Her voice was very girlish, but extremely congested, even in that one syllable. She quickly wiped her nose with a clearly overused handkerchief. "Uh, hi. D-did Mr. Stevensod send you?"

"Uh, yeah." Ada replied, trying not to stare as Stephanie took the sodden tissue from her nose, only for it to start streaming. Only constant sniffles kept the flow from going down onto her lip. "I understand you're not feeling good?"

"Yeah, I thidk I habe a cold or sombethig." She replied with extreme congestion. "Mby nose is really, reaaaaally ruddy and I-hah..." She exhaled, then inhaled shakily. "I can'd stop-heeeeeh..." Another exhale, more audible this time, and a shuddering breath. "I can'd stop sdee-hah..." Her voice was sounding more and more breathy and high-pitched. Talking kept her from sniffling, so the stream of snot was now beginning to threaten her chin. "S-stop-hah... Sdeee-hah-hah-HAH-HA-hatchoo! Hetcheh! Hetchuh! Hatchuh! Hatchoo-ee! Hatchee! Hatchuh! Hetchee! Hetchuh! Hetchoo! Hatchoo! Hah... Hah... HAH... hah-ah-hatchooeeey!" Her sneezes were desperate and girlish, her chest bouncing with each one. Yet tears streamed down her face, and snot sprayed out copiously, drips falling from her nostrils every time her nose seized with a tickle. Ada couldn't help but stare. Every rapid-fire sneeze sent snot and spray across the room with record distance. Ada was amazed. She had never seen such a messy cold.

After a few more spraying, imossibly messy sneezes, Stephanie looked up. "S-sdeezig." She finished sheepishly, then wiped her nose with the soaked, overused handkerchief. "They rad out of tissues id here." She stated, gesturing to the overflowing trash can full of utterly soaked and spent tissues, with three boxes stacked neatly next to it.

"I see." Ada said, still slightly dumbstruck. "Well, have you had any other symptoms? Uh, fever or coughing or...?"

"Hetcheh!" Without warning, Stephanie gave off a single that sent a long, dangling string of snot out of her nose and onto her breast. With a huge sniffle, she snuffed it back in. Ada didn't know whether to laugh, enjoy it, cringe, or run screaming from the room from the sheer contagion of it all.

"Uh, ndo." She said. "Just ruddy ndose and sneezig. And sduffydess." Clearly, Ada thought. "Uh... So whad do I do ndow?" Stelhanie asked, her chest jerking as she sniffled pathetically.

"Uh..." Ada gulped nervously. She had just noticed Stephanies rather.... Revealing shirt. "Well, head to the drug store, get some medicine, and stay home until you stop sneezing. All you can do, I guess."

"Oh, okay, thed." Stephanie said, perking up. "So, I'll jusd call in-haaaah..." A shaky exhale. Here it comes, Ada thought. "Jusd-heeeh... Jusd call id si-aaaaah... C-call id-he... Sick!" She squeeked the last word out before exploding, "Hetcheh! Hatcheh! Hutchuh! Hutchoo! Hutchah! Hetchah! Hatchah!" Though this fit continued on almost exactly like her previous ones--with snot spraying and streaming, chest bouncing against a strained blouse, eyes tearing, blond tresses shaking--this time, she couldn't seem to stop.

"Hah-HAH-hetchuh! Hatcheh! Hitchioo! Hitchuh! Hetchoo! Hatchoo! Hah... Hah-AH-hitchii! Hitchoo! Hutchii! Hatchuh! Hatcheh! Hatchioo!" Snot managed to flow down her face in rivers, hang from her quivering, seizing nostrils in dangling, jiggling strings, and spray far and wide in front of her all at the same time. As the sneezes became, if possible, more desperate and forceful, one of the buttons on her already revealing blouse burst, releasing some of the restriction on Stephanie's breasts and allowing them to dance and bounce more freely with each powerful, soaking release.

"Hah-atchuh! Atchih! Hetchuh! Hetchih! Hah-ah-ah-AH-ATCHIH! Atchuh! Hatchuh! Hitchii! Hah-ah-hatchoo! Atchooi! Hetchioo! Hatchioo! Hetchuh! Atchuh! Hah...Ah-AH-etchuh! Hetchah!" Tears streamed from Stephanies tightly clenched eyes, snot flooded from her now bright-red nose, which visibly twitched and flared enormously with tingling, tickling, itching, germy torture. Ada watched on in a strange mixture of horror, disgust, arousal, and facination. How could one cute, tine, perfectly sized nose produce so much discharge? All due to a simple rhinovirus that hadn't even warrented a fever?

"Ha... Ah.... Htchuh! Ah... Hah-ah... Atchuh? Oooh..." At long last, the sneezes slowed down. Stephanie was a mess; snot hung in strings and sheets about her nose and coated her chest and shirt. Her hands, with which she had tried to cover her face until she realized it was pointless, were also soaked. Her handkerchief was useless, so sodden that it left behind more liquid than it soaked up. Ada searched her pockets and found a few napkins from yesterday's lunch. Stephanie greatfully accepted them, just managing to wipe off her face and body enough to make it to her car without attracting the attention of the local biohazard laboratory.

"Sorry aboud thad... Mby ndose just kinda freaked oud..." Stephanie muttered, sniffling miserably. Even after all the discharge from her monstrous fit, her "ruddy node" still threatened her upper lip.

"Yeah..." Ada said, then went into her bag, which she had forgotten to drop off in the nurses' room before coming here. "Look, just take this spare medicine of mine. Go home. You need some rest."

"Th-thags, uh..." Stephanie paused, looking at the box of cold medicine Ada had given her.

"Ada. Ada Williams." Ada said. "I'd shake your hand, but..."

"Yeah, I'b kinda disgustig, aren'd I?" Stephanie said, laughing slightly. "And, uh, you can call mbe Steph."

"Okay, Steph." Ada said, smiling. "Go home, and feel better soon!"

"Alright, but-haaah... First I ndeed to-aaaaah... Do sdeeze!" She squeaked before erupting into yet another ridiculously messy, chest-bouncing, snot-spraying fit of girlish, high-pitched, adorable sneezes.


Nightmare prevention not included. Apologies.

Sorry about that. I just kinda had to indulge myself a little. Hope you like... And not throw up...

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"'Hetcheh!' Without warning, Stephanie gave off a single that sent a long, dangling string of snot out of her nose and onto her breast. With a huge sniffle, she snuffed it back in. Ada didn't know whether to laugh, enjoy it, cringe, or run screaming from the room from the sheer contagion of it all."

I'm not sure whether to smile, laugh, cry (of happiness), or faint. THIS WAS JUST TOO AMAZING. ;v;

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I'm glad everyone likes this! Sorry for the slight wait, I've been *coughlazycough* busy! Anyway, this one is female and allergies, with sligt mess and lots of wonderous buildups! Yay!


"Nurse Williams to checkup room #5. Nurse Ada Williams, please report to checkup room #5."

Ada sighed and stood, grabbing her clipboard and setting off towards the indicated checkup room.

She walked into the room and was slightly confused; the young, professional-looking woman sitting on the table seemed to be yawning.

That is, that was what Ada thought until she heard her gasp. "Hah... Ah-haah... Haaaaah... Eh... Hah-AH... AH... HA-ITCHOO!"

The woman sniffed and moaned slightly, rubbing her finger under her nose with her mouth slack, almost as if anticipating another. Her wavy, luscious dark hair was slightly out-of-place from her powerful sneeze. Her hazel eyes looked extremely red and watery. Her feminine nose was bright red. Tears streamed down her face, and her nose was very runny.

Ada cleared her throat, and the woman jumped, composing herself. "Ah. *sniff* Hello." Her voice was very formal, despite its slight stuffiness. "Are you the *sniff* nurse?"

"Yes." Ada answered, snapping out of her reverie. "I'm Nurse Williams. May I have your name?"

"*sniff* Amanda. Amanda Miriam Armstrong. *sniff*" Despite her obvious effort to keep her voice professional, each sniffle and snort was sounding more and more liquid and loud.

"And what seems to be the problem today?" Ada asked, readying her clipboard.

Ada glanced up when Amanda didn't answer, but the reason why made itself clear; she was caught in the throes of an intense build-up. Her eyes were half-closed and fluttering, her chest rising and falling erratically, her hand waving in front of her open mouth in either a "Hurry up!" or "No!" gesture. Her bright red nostrils flared as, unable to sniff, liquid dripped slowly out of them. Her frantic breaths soon became audible, rising in pitch and frequency with each inhalation.

"Huh... Hah... Ah... Ah... Ha... Ah...AH-ITCHOO!" At last, Amanda sneezed, wet and forceful, but still feminine, and moaned slightly. "*sniff* Sorry. Where--*sniff*--where were we?*sniff*"

Her nose had, if anything, become even runnier after that last sneeze, forcing Amanda to sniffle every couple of seconds to keep the flow within her nose. Ada had to force herself not to smile.

"What seems to be the problem, Ms. Armstrong?" Ada repeated patiently.

"Oh! Ah, *sniff* seasonal allergies. *sniff*" She ended the sentence with a particularly liquid snort.

"Alrighty then." Ada said, checking off "allergies". "Can you provide me with a list of your known allergens?"

"*sniff* Most flowers, especially *sniff* lilies and orchids, and *sniff* redwood, birch, *sniff* alder, cherry, *sniff* ragweed, *sniff* almost every *sniff* kind of *sniff* eh-hah...." Amanda paused, inhaled shakily, then continued. "Every kind of ever-hah-evergreen..."

Her voice was rising in pitch and desperation as she frantically tried to finish her list, rubbing her finger under her nose even as her eyes fluttered shut, tears streamed down her face, snot overflowed her nose, and her nostrils flared. "I am ah-hal-so all- hah! Allergi-hic to cah... Cats ah-and ho...horses and... Hah-ah! AH! A-and d... Du... Dust--HAH-ITCHOO!" The sneeze finally escaped just as she rushed to finish the sentence, spraying out in front of her impressively. Amanda sat there a moment, face slack and finger rubbing beneath her nose as if it was still bothering her, seeming to forget her audience.

"Is that all?" Ada asked. Amanda jumped, then sniffled mightily.

"Yes, it is. Although *sniff* I'm not sure *sniff* what's setting me off in *sniff* in here." She mused, sniffling even more than before.

"If I'm correct, the janitor is cleaning out the ventilation shafts today. Must be the dust from that. My nose has been a bit tickly too, and I'm not even allergic." Ada explained with what she hoped sounded like sympathy.

"Ah, yes, well *sniff* that would certainly *sniff* explain it." Amanda said, a wry smile on her face. She continued talking, her speech frequently punctuated by sniffles and snorts, but Ada's attention was directed on the ceiling.

The ventilation shaft, the opening of which was located directly above where Amanda sat, spluttered and spewed out a large cloud of dust, while shuffling sounds indicated the janitor's passing. Ada watched in horrific excitement as the cloud of dust drifted down upon Amanda just as she gave an enormous sniffle.

Feeling she had to say something, Ada raised a finger. "Ah... Ms. Armstrong?"

"What is it, Nurse-hah... Nurse Willia-hams...?" Amanda asked, sudden realization and sneeziness dawning on her face as it began to slacken. Amanda frantically began rubbing at her nose, her breath hitching, nostrils streaming and flaring with renewed vigor, her eyes fluttering and streaming down her cheeks as her nose seized with a torturous, tickling itch.

"Hah... Ah... AH-ITCHOO!" She sneezed ferociously, but still it itched. "Hah-ah... Heh... Eh-ah-AH-ETCHOO!" Even as she sneezed it out, more of the tickly, irritating, torturous dust flooded her nose with each sniffle and breath, intensifying the horrible tickle. "Hah-ah... Ah... EH... AH... HAH-ITCHOO!" It wasn't enough that it itched and twinged; oh, no, it had to make her wait, make her hitch and heave and sniffle for what felt like ages beforehand, before it would finally allow her the fractional satisfaction a sneeze brought.

"Hah.... Ahh... I-hit hah... It ih-hitch-es... So... Muh... Muh... AH-ATCHOO!" Tears poured down Amanda's face, her nose streamed, her eyes itched almost as much as her nose, and yet each time her nose seized with a sneeze, it brought only the tiniest relief, mocking her, keeping her from the peace she so craved. Ada watched on, amazed.

"Heh... Ah... Hah-AH... AH... AH-ITCHOO! Heh-eh... Need... Ne-heed to... Ge-het-AH-ETCHOO! Ou-hout of.... Here--ATCHOO!" Amanda cried between sneezes and sniffles. Startled, Ada quickly rushed over and helped the sneezing, seizing, spraying, horribly allergic Amanda out of the dust-filled checkup room.

To Ada's great dismay, Dr. Stevenson arrived just at that moment, and took charge of poor Amanda, taking her to a clean checkup room. Ada watched them go, Amanda sneezing, hitching, sniffling, and sneezing some more the whole way, and sighed. She would have to remember to thank the janitor later.

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Ohhhhhh mannnn. I think I must have not commented before because I was speechless, The latest part is my favorite yet and I can't wait for more. =)

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Ohhhhhh mannnn. I think I must have not commented before because I was speechless, The latest part is my favorite yet and I can't wait for more. =)

^^^ THIS!!! ^^^ What a fabulous scenario and so well described! This has to be in my top ten of experiences I wish I could have…

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Wow! I'm glad everyone's still with me on this! So, here's where it gets fun for everyone else; I'm mostly out of ideas, so if anyone wants to make requests for this story--or even for me to start a new one--I'm taking. Just so it's out there.

So, this one is... Howsabouts... Cold, messy, male for a change, very desperate, and... Embarrassed to be sneezing. Yeah, that'll do it.


"Nurse Williams to Checkup Room #4. Nurse Ada Williams, please report to Checkup Room #4."

Ada got up, smiling and humming slightly as she set about her work, earning a few odd glanced from her fellow nurses. The truth was, Ada was in a great mood. With cold season in full swing, Ada had seen more colds in the past week than any week previous. And she was glad to find that she was not to be disappointed this time.

As per usual, she paused for a moment before entering the room, and heard a loud, desperate, messy "Huuuu-ATCHOO! Huh-ETCHUH-huh!"

Ada smiled and walked in, hoping to get a glimpse of him sneezing. Sure enough, a young man of about 22, possibly from the college nearby, with longish, sandy-blond hair, brown eyes, and a cute, boy-band face, was caught in the throes of a strong build-up, liquid dripping down his face and a crumpled tissue held in his hand, held out in front of his face.

Just as he was about to sneeze, he spotted Ada. HIs fluttering eyes widened, and he quickly covered his flaring, quivering nostrils with the tissue, and tried in vain to stifle the strong, wet sneeze. "Het-UT-choo!! Ugh..." He stayed like that, looking at Ada, all the while a blush creeping up his cheeks, although that may have been the fever.

"Good afternoon, Mr....?" Ada said after a few moments of silence.

"Oh, ah..." He sniffled deeply, cringing at the gurgling this action produced, yet seemingly unwilling to blow his nose in front of Ada. "I'b Darred." He snorted, his nose clearing slightly this time. "Ah, Darren Miles McKenther."

"And what seems to be the problem today, Mr. McKenther?" Ada asked. Like I don't already know, she added silently.

"Ub, I seemb to havbe a bid of a cold." He said, sniffling hard to try and clear his nose. All this managed to do was dislodge the congestion, making his nose stream. He hurriedly pressed his soaked tissue to his flooded nostrils. His face started turning red again. Ada didn't bother writing it off as fever this time.

"Seems so." Ada said jokingly, trying to relieve his obvious tension. Darren laughed nervously.

"Wait a mbinute." He said suddenly. "Aren'd you Ada? Ada Williabs, fromb school?"

Ada blinked, then suddenly recognized him. "Oh, right! You're in a few of my classes, aren't you?"

"Umb, yeah..." Darren said weakly. Ada raised an eyebrow. She remembered something one of her friends had said the other day.

"You know, Ads, I sometimes catch guys looking at you in class... Seriously! You could totally have your pick if you just tried!"

Ada suddenly wondered if Darren was one of the guys eyeing her. Darren had always been considered cute, but too nerdy to be boyfriend material in Ada's old group of friends. But once she realized she wanted to be a nurse and got serious about getting in to med school, her old friends had drifted away, and Ada was joined by her fellow premeds. In fact, she had looked at Darren a few times when bored in class... Well, apparently he'd been looking too, seeing as his blush was now beginning to make his bright red nose look pale.

"You're in my bio class, right?" Ada asked.

"Er, yeah, I amb. You do premed, right?" Darren asked, seeming nervous at suddenly having to make small talk. Ada realized ruefully that wearing a shirt that hugged her relatively shapely figure so much probably didn't help his situation, even if it was mostly covered up by a long white nurse's coat.

"Which is why I'm here." Ada said with a smile. "Now, what symptoms are you... You okay?"

Darren's face had gone slack, his eyes fluttering shut, his nose quivering. He quickly tried to cover up his nose with the tissue, but it was too late.

"Huh--ETCHUH-uh! Hah--hah--ATCHOO-uh! Heh--ah--AH-ETCHUH!" The sneezes were extremely desperate and messy, the already spent tissue barely covering the spray. His expression turned panicked as he pressed the used tissue to his face. Ada quickly handed him a fresh one from the tissue box on the nearby counter.

"Thags." He muttered, accepting the tissue. Once he cleaned himself up slightly, he smiled embarrassedly. "Guess the meds are startig to wear off."

"If this is how you are without meds, then how sick are you?" Ada asked, concerned.

"Uh--HETCHOO-uh..." He barely managed to catch the sudden sneeze. "I'b been, well, sneezig, obvious--obviously--ATHCUH! Ugh. And a runndy nose, occasiondal coughig, f-fever, ah--ATCHUH-huh!" Darren sniffed deeply, his blush growing, if possible, even redder. "S-sombetimbes I ged a headache, and theres the usual fadigue. I'b beend sick for aboud a.. ah-ETCHUH-huh! A week." Darren's nose was running so much that he stopped sniffling and snorting, instead just holding a tissue to his leaking nose.

Ada's heart throbbed. Yeah, he was sick and totally sexy, but Darren was even sicker than he was embarrassed, and his face was only just receding from tomato red. He had a fever, he was sneezing every thirty seconds, and he had been that way for a week.

Plus, he was cute as hell and smart, too. I mean, anyone who can double-major in biology and psychology, maintain A's in both, and look good doing it was a catch. Ada knew her type when she saw it, and Darren was her type. She watched as he let out another wet, desperate "Hur-ATCHOO-huh!" Yep. He was definitely her type.

"Listen, I'm off in five minutes. You're in no state to drive. How about I take you home?" Ada asked, smiling her best, sweetest smile.

Darren blinked. "B-bud I'mb--hur-ATCHOO-uh! I'mb disgustig." He winced at his own words, his blush coming back with a vengeance. Ada smirked.

"Darren, if I were worried about people sneezing, then I wouldn't be a nurse." She said wryly. "Listen, after the three cases of stomach flu I've documented already today, you are nothing. Seriously, Darren. It's cool." He looked at her hesitantly, already planning his rejection.

Maybe it was the fever, but suddenly Ada was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. Long, lush, wavy dark hair. Skin finally paled by winter, only just loosing its summer tan. Her sparkling blue eyes like sapphires. Her beautiful shapely figure.

And before he knew what happened, he heard the word "Okay." leave his lips.


Wow. I was not expecting that to happen when I set out to write this. I may actually start a new story for caretaking and contagion. Yep. That may happen.

Aaaaaaanyway, request away! As specific as you like! And if you like what you see in AmyxDarren, then say so, and I'll start up a new story! Thanks for all the support!

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Love the possible new romance, please continue it!!! And when will Ada finally get sick lol?

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