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Secret Santa for Galaxy (Percy Jackson: Grover)


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Merry Christmas! :D The only character/fandom on your favourites list that I'm really familiar with is Grover from the Percy Jackson series so here you go :) You mentioned liking Grover a lot but there was no information on other characters in the series so I made this set before the series while he's travelling with Luke, Thalia, and Annabeth 'cause I thought it might work better as a story and I would be able to write it better than something with Percy and Grover but if you don't like this then just say and I can do one with Percy instead!

Hope you like it!

“Grover… Olympus to Grover.”

“Hmm? Oh sorry, what?”

Thalia rolled her eyes at the Satyr. “Just pass my bag will you?”

He quickly handed over the pack and looked around, silently cursing himself for zoning out. They couldn’t afford for him to be paying less than complete attention to his friends. Thankfully they seemed to be relatively safe for the time being, they had set up a safe house in a clump of trees and hadn’t seen any sign of monsters for miles. As Thalia searched through her pack for something, Grover stared through the trees, looking for Luke and Annabeth.

“They’re over in the clearing, Luke’s giving Anna a lesson with his knife.” Thalia said softly, as if she could hear his thoughts.

“Oh, o-ihngxxt! Okay.”

“Bless you, what, you allergic to something?” She laughed at his surprised expression.

“No, I’m a Satyr. We don’t get allergies. It was just a sneeze.”

“M’kay.” Thalia dropped her bag on the ground and headed over to watch as Luke showed Annabeth how to attack with the knife while still protecting herself. Although he was insistent that as long as he was around she wouldn’t have to actually fight they had all agreed that the child needed to learn, just in case.

“Hip’ngxchh! Ip’tshh!”

“Bless you. Are you sure you’re okay?” Thalia looked up at the sound of stifled sneezes from the low branches of the tree where Grover was sitting.

“Yehh ingxt! Yeah I’m fine.” The Satyr frowned. He didn’t get allergies, Satyrs didn’t. But then what was making him feel so weird? His throat felt strange, almost painful and his nose and sinuses were prickling though the immediate need to sneeze had passed.

“What’s up?” Luke asked as he led Annabeth towards them, holding out a sandwich to each of his friends. Annabeth was already eating, sticking close to Luke like a puppy. Since they’d joined up she seemed to have adopted him and it was unusual for her to let him out of her sight willingly, something he seemed to be perfectly comfortable with saying that it made it easier to keep her safe.

“Nothing. Grover’s just a bit sneezy.” Thalia took her dinner and sat down on the roots of a large tree.

“Do Satyrs get sick?” Luke asked with a curious glance at their protector who flushed at the question.

“It’s possible…” Grover admitted reluctantly. “But I’m not.” He added quickly on seeing a flash of concern cross his friends faces.

“Hope not, we can’t really afford the delay if we want to get to your camp.” Luke turned and began fiddling with Thalia’s little portable radio until music was playing softly through the speakers.


Grover was woken up early the next morning by Thalia shaking his shoulder to get him up for his watch.

“You take forever to get up.” She complained with a yawn as he sat up.

“Sorry.” Okay something was up with his voice. It was all hoarse and squeaky and weak, something that didn’t escape the daughter of Zeus’ notice.

“Grover are you sure-”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Get some rest.” He gave a tired smile and rubbed at his eyes. After a slight pause she nodded and curled up in her sleeping bag next to Luke and Annabeth who were both sound asleep. Within minutes she too was out.

“Hep’tschh!” Grover sniffed softly, trying to keep quiet to avoid waking the others. While he slept his throat had gotten dryer and more irritated and his nose significantly stuffier. He was starting to think maybe Luke was onto something with the sick idea, but it was irrelevant. His job was to get Thalia safely to camp and he had to do that with or without a cold.

He passed the rest of the night quietly with minimal sneezing and sniffling. It was well past dawn, probably around 7 am, before anything interrupted his thoughts.

“Hey Grover?” The Satyr turned at the sound of Luke’s voice.


“You look exhausted.” The fourteen year old was carefully trying to move without disturbing Annabeth who had curled up against him at some point during the night. “Go back to bed for a while. I’m up and we’ll wake you when it’s time to get going again.”

“I’mb finde.” The Satyr frowned at how stuffy his voice was starting to sound.

“We need all of us ready in case something attacks. Get some more sleep, you’ll be putting Thalia and Anna in danger if something attacks and you’re half-asleep.” The teenagers’ words sounded harsh but Grover could see the sense in them. They all needed to be on their game if they wanted to make it safely to camp which was why he nodded slowly.

“Wake mbe when it’s timbe to go.”


“No Thalia.”

“You know it makes sense.”

“No! It doesn't!”

Grover woke to the sound of Luke and Thalia arguing.

“Guys, what’s the problem?” He asked quickly.

“Luke won’t accept that it makes more sense for us to split up. He and Annabeth’ll be safer without me, the monsters are after me aren’t they?”

“It won’t be safer and I’m not letting you go off alone, you’d be dead in days. We’re staying together and Grover will show us to his camp and we’ll all be safe there.” Luke’s voice was hard and tense but he kept glancing nervously at the Satyr, almost as if he was afraid that Grover would agree with Thalia.

“Luke’s right. With mbore of us we cand bett… nih’shh! Ingxxt! We cand better protect each other.”

“But-” She began to protest.

“You heard.” Luke’s voice softened as he looked at his friend. “We’ll keep each other safe Tha.”

“We’ll finish this later.” Thalia quickly looked around as she heard Annabeth approaching them.

“Morning! What’s going on?”

“Just figuring out where to go from here.” Thalia answered the question and looked sharply at Grover as if to tell him that Annabeth wasn’t to know they had been arguing.


“Why does Grover keep sneezing?” Annabeth was looking curiously at the satyr as he scrubbed at his nose.

“Are you sick Grover?” Thalia’s stormy eyes and matching expression warned him that should he be caught out in a lie he would sorely regret it.

“Um… might have a little cold.” He mumbled, looking away with embarrassment.


There you go :) Hope you liked it! I can do a second part if you like?

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Hey! So I have actually done a second part to kind of finish it and I was waiting until Galaxy read this before putting it up but i'm going away for two weeks like tomorrow so here you go before I leave! :) Hope you like it!

Part 2

“Can you still travel?” Luke asked immediately, focussed, as usual, on the pressing issue of getting his little family to safety.

“Of course, it’s ndothing.”

“Doesn’t sound like nothing.” Thalia objected.

“Satyr colds are pretty fast guys, I’ll be finde againd by tomborrow. Ihngxt!” Grover managed to smother the sneeze into his arm but didn’t miss his friends looking at each other dubiously. “Combe ond. We should get goi’g.”

“Okay.” Luke nodded and grabbed his backpack, handing Thalia’s over to her and looking at Grover. “So where to from here?” Thalia looked about to argue but evidently she also accepted that they had to get moving in order to avoid the monsters that were definitely catching up.

“Umb, we wandt to get to Ndew York a’d I thi’k we have-”

“Blow your nose Grover.” Luke sighed, passing over a handkerchief to the Satyr who took it gratefully, sneezing twice into it and giving his nose a loud blow.

“Thanks, now, as I was saying. I think we probably have enough money to get a train to Maryland so we should prohh… eh… ihshoo! Hgnxt! We should probably start with that.”

“Okay let’s get… what’s that?” Thalia frowned, her hand instinctively hovering over her charm bracelet and reaching for her Mace. The others looked around, listening to the rustling in the trees from somewhere to their right.

“Get to the clearing.” Luke ordered, pushing Annabeth behind him. “Now! If it’s a monster it could ambush from the trees.” He backed away, making sure to keep himself between his friends and the rustling which was getting closer and was now accompanied by a low growling. It didn’t take very long before the four of them were gathered in the clearing.

“I can-”

“Anna stay behind me.”

“Listen to Luke.” Thalia said, unsealing her spear and shield and moving to stand next to her friend. “Grover be careful, we can handle this.”

“I’m your prohh ihnishh! Ehxxt! I’mb your protector!” He protested.

“So protect Anna!” Luke snapped, brain trying to desperately work through what could be coming towards them and how to fight it with only Thalia's spear and shield. Another second passed without being able to think of anything before a small hand was tugging on his shirt. “Anna stay back, you’ll get hurt.”

“Your knife.” She looked up at him anxiously, pressing the blade into his hand.

“Thanks, now keep back and keep Grover safe.” He smiled and jerked his head back up as the growls got even louder. “Hellhound.”

“Ready?” Thalia asked as the massive black dog burst through the trees.

“Let’s go.”

The hellhound dashed forward, growling and baring its teeth. Thalia stepped forward, raising the fear-inducing Gorgon face on her shield to the monster which hesitated at the sight. It continued to growl as Thalia stepped slightly to one side and Luke crept forward on the other. Luke raised his knife, lunging forward and narrowly avoiding the plate sized paw that came swiping at him. Thalia struck from the other side, trying to stab the monster’s side as it attacked her friend.

Ishoo!” Grover sniffed and yelped as the dog sprang towards him. Annabeth screamed but curled her little hands into fists. “Ndoh get back.” Grover pulled her out of range of the claws just in time for Thalia to stab her spear at it again. As the hellhound whirled round Luke moved in, slicing with his knife and trying to draw its attention to him.

“Over here. Keep at it, ugly.” He growled back at it as it swiped and bit at him.

“Luke, watch it!” Thalia screamed as the hound nearly batted his head off. The hound snapped at her and the three continued to fight with none able to get the advantage. Eventually Thalia managed to stun the thing with a direct view of Aegis just for long enough for Luke to begin cutting into it. While it howled and tried to swipe at him Thalia managed to stab her spear through its side and the monster began to disintegrate.

“Are you guys okay?” As soon as the monster was gone Grover let go of the seven year old and rushed over to see to his friends. Thalia was bleeding from a cut on her arm and Luke had a scratch on his forehead from the monsters claws but for the most part they were fine. “Hetshhch!”

“I’m good, Tha, let’s get that cleaned up.” Luke wiped the blood off his face and grabbed his backpack, digging through it to find antiseptic and a bandage.

“Leave off Luke, it’s nothing.” She tried to wave him away but even with that it didn’t take long for him to get the cut cleaned up and bandaged. “Okay, now you.” She reached up and wiped away the trickle of blood that was beginning to run down his forehead.

“It’s fine, it’ll heal on its own.” He bent down to look at Annabeth. “You’re okay? Thanks for letting me borrow your knife.” He handed it back to her with a smile.

“You’re bleeding.” Annabeth pointed out, looking at his forehead. Thalia and Grover laughed as he scowled but allowed them to clean the scratch.

Grover looked around nervously. “Is everyonde ready? If the hellhound found us here thehh hikshoo! Eshoo! Thend we should get mbovi’g.”

“Bless you, yeah, let’s go.” Thalia glanced around, making sure that they had everything and slowly making their way out of the trees towards the nearest road to find a train.

By the time they got off the next day Grover’s cold was pretty much cleared up and all but forgotten after Annabeth swore she saw a Kindly One out the window and they were forced to get off and switch trains in an attempt to throw it off their trail.

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