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Hot day filled with allergies


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I was woken by the supreme heatwave that overthrew my morning ambience. Haaa ATTchhOO!!..AARR...then stifled some more...EERrrTSHHOO!!.....ugh what a morning :/

I drove to work in a sniffling order and whats worse is that i found out today my crew is working with asphalt and gravel...great i thought in complete sarcasm..

All day I leveraged the shovel filled with dusty gravel up while the heat glistened off my skin..aaahhTTSSHHOO!! Then a near silent aatthhshhh!! into my palms.. This day was haunting my every window of hope to not let my allergies take over..but i knew hope was slim..

The scorching day continued throughout work, and made my sneezes absolute torment.. red sinus....and a red nose perfect :•/ ha

I dragged myself to my car, and opened the door to realise ten hours of pure vehemance cascaded right out of the car, and straight through my core, heating up my allergies even more than before...AAATTshhhh! Caught im my hand, then another AAARTTshhOO!! I drove off dying to reach home so i could have a shower and try contain myself better..

I had my shower, felt slightly better but still remained in a haze off dust and heat spores..

I shortly after left for my girls house and took my time attemting to refrain from showing my true nature haha. Ive wrote this awesome girl in my previous obs...Anyway back to it..I parked my car next to her house and gave myself a few minutes to try and recover...this approach however did not work..if anything it made it worse :/

I knocked on the door to be greeted by the cutest most endearing smile ever to exist. 'Dont laugh at me.' i said. She agrred to the statement. I took off my sunglasses, the tears streaming down my cheeks, with an embarrassed smile i glanced at the ground..She launched at me giving me one of the most loving cuddles ive ever had, she continued by saying 'beautiful boy'. I then said 'your crazy..' She shook her head in a child-like fashion. We then layed down on her bed and watch eachother in complete awe. my nose was now blocked from her rose scented perfume, so it sounded like, i dahh dink your ahhh! realldy AaaahhhTtSHOO!!...preddy..... I let out an omega sneeze and launched it straight into her chest..'O by god, ib so soddy!' I said fearingly. She didnt reply, and instead i heard her breathing intensify..i wont go into what happened next :) anyway later on she asked me with a sly grin if id like to go outside into the garden.....Ugh i thought, but seeing her perfect little smile made me feel invincible..so of course i did beacuse im a sucker for a shy expression. I went for the back door...She led me outside to my pollened doom. I let out a groan of what sounded like pure fear of the colours that surround me..we sat in the garden as my eyes began to tear up as her smile grew..i said to her 'you are my krypdonite'. She smiled and laughed a little.. Ahhh..dahhh ahahhh dahhhh.........ATTCHOOOO!!..ahahh...ahhhahd.....eeerrtchhoo!! Into my hands....AAATTSSHEEW!...i was met by a couple passionate kisses. That lifted my spirits but also my irritation.. Ughhhh..i kept groaning and for some reason this made her bite her lip :) this made me really happy..she then led me back inside while holding eachothers hand as i zombishly dragged my vessel inside..In my oppinion the best and most important thing about my sneezes are that it makes her and only her smile..and no matter how much pain or unscratchable irritation i feel..its all worth it to see her smile atleast one last time.

By the way she has gotten over her fear of sneezing in front of me, i am so proud and impressed of her :)

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Oh so YOU'RE winterweakness' sweetie.... :D

Can there be, like, a fandom for you two? Because you're both ultra adorable and your obs are too! and hghGHGHGHHG oh man. I have a happy relationship but my partners are not fetishists and don't have sneezy allergies. This is the stuff dreams are made of. ^_^

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Oh so YOU'RE winterweakness' sweetie.... :D

The one and only :3

I am not going to lie, I'm actually the luckiest girl on the plant because our obs don't usually do it all justice but if ya'll have seen and heard what I have....I'm seriously living the dream!!! Ps I am in the process of writing my perspective of those couple of days but my obs are kinda more descriptive without much spelling involed. I'm scared I won't do them justice. Because they also sound so perfect too uggggh

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