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You know how sometimes you hear someone say something that sounds like it could be a piece of dialogue that one of us writers would be using in a fic? I was in a study period today at school with a few friends. The friend in question is pretty cute; a bit over six foot, curly brown hair, very light blue eyes. (Plus he was playing guitar at the time, and I don't know about anyone else, but isn't it kinda cute when someone sneezes whilst playing an instrument? wub.png ) We were just talking, when he suddenly gives these two sneezes that sounded a little like 'hh-tsshhh! hih-tssshuu!'. They were a lot softer than I would have expected, on the quiet side, and barely any vocal at all. He groaned afterwards, very dramatically I might add(!), which I thought was pretty cute. heh.gif And then another friend said to him: "You're acting like those were really big sneezes, and they really weren't." To which he responded: "But they huuuuurt." He just sounded so adorable!

Short obs, but I wanted to share anyway, just because I thought it was really sweet! happy.png

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