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We're back! (All 4 of us)


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Hey guys!

I apologize that it's been awhile since I brought a Luca update to you, but he's been back to his normal healthy self as usual until this week. I had some exciting stuff I wanted to share because we are keeping it a little bit hushed, but I feel like you're all my anonymous friends! We are so extremely shocked of course, having a 9 month old son already, but we had found out at 3 weeks, and now know that I am just over 7 weeks pregnant. Yay! Like I said we are absolutely shocked and I think the excitement and sudden rush to prepare for what’s to come has overwhelmed Luca cause he’s been down with a nasty cold since the beginning of the week.

Monday afternoon when Luc got home from work he said he had been coughing all day but he didn’t seem to be at all that evening so I didn’t think anything of it until the next morning when I had planned for Duncan to stay with him while I went to the bank because it's much easier to get appointments done without him there (any other parents out there will know what bringing your child to “quick appointments” can turn into hour long events). Long story short, his cough had returned and he was complaining that his sinuses were aching so I decided to give him a bit of a break and bring Duncan with me. I finished my appointment and decided to stop off at Target to get some groceries and what not and came home around 2pm. Luca was passed right out on the couch and I put Duncan down for a late sleep (or early) depending on how you look at it. I threw my purse onto his feet waking him up and he asked how the appointment went. He sounded extra tired but he claimed he felt much better. Later that night he had a headache and skipped dinner, I got Duncan to sleep so he could rest and once I got to bed he was already fast asleep in his clothes, so I decided just to get to bed too. Around 2am I woke up and Luca had gone into the washroom and I could hear a disgusting nose blowing session. (Not my thing.) He apologized when he came out for waking me but sniffed and carried on for the next half hour before the fit began. The first 2 were stifled and mostly silent with a emphasized “choo” at the end (as usual, so cute) before he broke into an entire “Harushoo! Harushoo!” dry sneeze session of 5 over the side of the bed. I rolled over and ignored him (as I usually do haha) and he was silent for about 45 seconds before sneezing twice more into his elbow. We were both quiet for a minute before he rolled over to face my back and said “I’m done now.” knowing I must have been awake. I had said okay and he in the most sad tone ever said “No bless you? That’s okay. Sorry.” before rolling back over. I knew he was only kidding around so I blessed him as I elbowed him in the back gently before going back to sleep.

Yesterday the coughing was definitely present although it was not harsh just annoyingly consistent. It took him until around lunchtime to begin complaining and it was at that time that the clear congestion in his voice had came through. In the evening he had gone out with some old friends while my cousin came over to have a movie night with our sons so I missed out on any obs. during that time. When he got back it was right around Duncan’s bedtime and that os when they usually get their real bonding time so I was heartbroken when he patted him on the head and said “Sorry buddy, can’t cuddle you tonight, daddy is sick as a dog”. Once Duncan was settled in he told me that he had “sneezed so many times he thought they were going to kick him out of the restaurant”. Last night was painful and neither of us got much sleep with his coughing and snffling until around 5am when he decided to switch to the couch and let me rest but Duncan had other ideas and has been up since 5:30 this morning. Luc went back to work this morning and won’t be home until this evening but when we last spoke on the phone he was sounding miserable so I am sure I will have some obs for you guys again shortly!

Sorry again for the lack of updates on here but I have been busy trying to figure out exactly what the room situation is going to be for when the baby comes. I will try my best to update on Luca’s cold tomorrow if I get any good updates!

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