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I had a great obs from "S". at work today. First, it turns out that she does where quite a few sweaters herself. Not as often as "D", it's gotta get a bit chilly outside for her to wear one, but she does have several! For those who missed my previous obs of her, "S", is a tall and thin hispanic woman with long curly black hair. She has a prominent nose, not huge, but above average. Her sneezes are incredibly intense. She sneezes and blows nowhere near as often as "D" did, but when she does, look the hell out!

This morning there was a little breakfast setup for employees right by her office and several of us were standing around talking, including "S". She was dressed in a very thick but tight pink turtleneck sweater and a grey skirt. He hair was pulled up which helped to show off her long and sexy neck and shoulders. She really is a very beautiful woman although not my usual type. She sat her coffee down and covered her nose with both hands. I knew that she was going to sneeze instantly. She reared her head back and turned to the side while taking in a huge breath, then let out a violent sneeze into her hands, bending her at the waist. "RAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWSHHHHHOO!" Her sneezes are very deep in tone, almost masculine. Several people, who weren't paying attention, were startled and responded with shocked "bless yous". "S" bolted for the tissues on the counter, sneezing a double along the way. "RUH-AWWWWWWSHOO-AWSHOO!". She finally pulled out 3 tissues and got them over her nose and reared her head back for a final massive sneeze. "RUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAARRRRRRRRSHOO! The sneeze sounded like a roaring animal or something. She began to blow her nose while walking down a hallway. I positioned myself so I could watch. She shook her head from side to side quickly each time she blew, which produced a loud series of short honks. She blew 3 times like this and returned to the tissue box, where she sniffed a few times and must have determined that she needed to blow some more. She grabbed 3 more tissues and blew two massive honks from each nostril and then did the head shaking honks again before exclaiming "Well excuse ME, Whew! I don't know what brought that on!" Several of us blessed her again and she grabbed a tissue that she kept in her hand just in case I suppose. Like I said, she doesn't sneeze or blow very often, but when she does... Whoah!

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