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The heat finally got turned on at my office this week, and some of us have been especially sneezy as a result. I think the filters need to be changed after what I heard this afternoon!

Three customer service reps are in offices behind a glass door from me. R (mid 50s, Cuban descent, long salt and pepper hair, curvy figure, cute button nose) begins with a loud "hai- ISH SHOO!".

Moments later, P (late 30s, full figured, New Jersey Italian, long auburn hair, long nose), unleashes an even louder double "ETCH-ngx-CHEW! HATCH-ngx- CHEW" with R's chiming back in "hai ISH-SHOO" right on top of it.

They laugh about it and further down the hall over their laughter I hear B l( late 40s, heavyset, brown bobbed hair, average nose) let out a trademark screaming sneeze "HUH-RESCH-AAH!"

J sits behind me about ten feet, she comes out of her office and walks around the offices and I hear her say "what in the world is going on over here? Y'all could wake the dead! Bless you!"

So they crowd around talking about the heater and not the sneezing. Which would have been my topic of choice :)

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