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Sleepy best friend (m)


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Hello! This is my first post! I thought it might as well be about the jaw dropping obs I had the privilege to witness a few hours ago.

So, my best friend, he's around 5'11/6ft, (A foot taller than me), slim nose, strong bone structure all round, beautiful silky blonde hair, blue eyes. He's absolutely gorgeous, model material. For this observation(and for many more to come?) we shall call him J.

So J has been a tad sniffly lately, a few stifles when hit with the cold wind, (Covered with both hands, a hmp-chew!) but recently I found out something that makes my heart flutter even thinking about it. Sleepy, Snuggly, Relaxed J equals lots of loose, uncontrollable fits of hitchy buildups and wet sneezes. He's been at my house since about 6am (its 10pm now) and we've been watching movies, cooking, we went to see some friends and we got back around 7pm. I noticed throughout the day that J had been rubbing his nose, and wiping it at any chance. tongue_ss.gif. We both crash on the couch, and he yawns and throws his body onto mine, so his chest is against mine, our legs tangled together and I manage to reach over and grab a blanket, as the night goes on, I'm playing with his hair and I start to hear a hitch in his breath, his chest rises against mine and he lets out 4 little sneezes like "tss, tsch, atsch, ah-tsh" and immediatly sits up, taking in a large breath and exploding with sneezes. Take ProfessorS1's video "Eleven" to know what he really sounds like, it sounds a lot like his. Especially the "uh" between sneezes, and after he's finished, his nose twitches a little bit and he screws it up and closes his eyes really tight, before crashing back town on top of me. A sniffling mess.

w00t.gifw00t.gifw00t.gif Pretty darn happy. Sitting here with a massive grin, hopefully I can coax some more out of this boy!

Here's the video:

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