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Has anyone ever been through one of those awkward moments when a person's sneeze is not what you were expecting at all? sweatdrop.gif This happened to me the other day...

My social studies teacher sounded like she'd been fighting off a cold for a while; there weren't any sneezes that I heard but there was some coughing and a LOT of sniffling. Like, in between almost every sentence and constantly when she wasn't speaking kind of sniffling. So, because I absolutely adore this teacher, I was hoping for a cold biggrin.png

She was like this for at least two weeks, but I still didn't hear any sneezes. I was kinda disappointed, to be honest. Until one day, I was in the front of the room, right next to her desk, and then: she sneezed!

Now, you have to understand. My social studies teacher is a pretty small woman. She's short enough to stand on the desks and not even brush the ceiling, and so I was expecting a small sneeze. Maybe not exactly quiet, but the kind of kitten sneeze you'd expect from someone of her size.


Her sneeze was loud, and low, and very throaty, which COMPLETELY threw me off. I wasn't anticipating it at the time, and when I heard her, I tried my best not to turn around and just blessed her under my breath. But after all that time of expecting a tiny sneeze, that low, masculine sneeze kind of just... Eheheh...

It's not that I didn't like it (trust me, I did, especially since she was right behind me shifty.gif ), but it was just so confusing that I stopped thinking about her sniffly condition almost immediately. She hasn't sneezed or seemed sick since then, so I haven't felt awkward in her class, but still...!

Has anyone else experienced this or am I just crazy?

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Oh man yeah. There was this one guy with a huge long nose who I was dying to see sneeze and when he finally did it was NOT great like i was expecting, it was kind of more just like a bunch of wet sounding consonants and I didn't dig it. I was surprised.

There was this other guy who I had a HUGE crush on, he was much bigger than me, barrel chested, black hair, perfect straight nose. When I first heard him sneeze it was this tiny little girlish " 'xchiew!! " and it was a huge surprise but also HECKA ADORABLE.

Definitely people can have sneezes that sound surprising vs what they look like.

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I notice this sometimes. If my head is turned and someone sneezes, many times its hard for me to tell who sneezed unless I see nose rubbing or a pink nose or other tell-tale signs.

Honestly, I always thought that maybe how a person's sneeze sounds has more to do with their personality than how they look. I think shy and quieter people stifle more as opposed to loud outgoing people who may have a louder sneeze. I feel like usually people sneeze how I would expect them to before I had heard them sneeze, but when what you were describing happens, it definitely is a big surprise.

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