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Boy friend's cute sneezing(updated)


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guys I've done itteehee.gif I've ask about the brand and bought one.....

last night when we both were lying on the bed I've waited for him to go to sleep so I could try my plot loooool....

when he was sound sleep I've sprayed a little in air...(evil laugh....4.gif ) then I watched him closely

his nostrils started to twitch ohhhh then he moaned and tried to move himself a little bit ..... scrunched up his nose and tried to rub it against pillow...but no not this time he was not going to get away with this...........his breath start to hitch wildly nostril flares then he let out ...ahtchoooo....istchoo...ahptshooo... it felt sooooo good to see him so helpless like this

I pretended to be waken up.... and said" baby wow are you ok?" he said" I don't know my nose is tickles too much...heh..ahh... ahptchooo..hetchoo...ish..." directly in to his lap his eyes red and puffy that I almost felt bad for himblushsmiley.gif he kept on sneezing for at least 20 more times....man that was harsh .... then I've asked him to blow his nose and take some antihistamine when he asked why? I said maybe you are allergic to something(and I have no idea what it is..loooolbiggrinsmiley.gif ) his reaction faded away after a while but he said he will start to investigate to finds out what it was that made him sneeze his head off guys cross your fingers for meee I dont wanna get caught sweat.gif

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Honestly, I would not continue to trigger an allergic reaction in somebody without them knowing about it and being okay with it, just in case they end up being hurt by it. Sorry to be a buzzkill but when someone's health is possibly at stake (especially because it was irritating his eyes) I feel like this kind of needs to be said.

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I agree...you dont want him to have breathing issues or something. The perfume can be really strong or something and his immune system can come in to play...when it comes to health you dont want to put him in harms way.

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thank you guys for cautions ..... I knowww I should not do it ( and feel kinda bad for doing itsad2.gif ) but just could not resist it .... I'm guilty I know...... and I cross my heart to not do it again at least while he is sleepwink2.gif but thanks for make me remember that I should not mess with someone's health specially my loved oneworshippy.gif love you allllll

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Hmmm... This may be bad to say, but I can't pretend that I wouldn't do the same thing. Maybe do it more when he's awake tho :)

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Hmmm... This may be bad to say, but I can't pretend that I wouldn't do the same thing. Maybe do it more when he's awake tho smile.png

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I don't think anyone here didn't understand why you did it, we all have the same fetish. They were only trying to advise you on what to do on the idea of safety. A lot of allergies can lead to other problems (more serious ones) as well as just sneezing. I'd be utterly mortified if I hurt my boyfriend like this (accidentally or purposely... I don't think I'd do it without his explicit permission first however) Just thought I'd say :)

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bless him a lilharsh to wakehim up like that and agreed on what has been said however it was rather delicious to read and hear about xxx

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