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H/C-ish Concert Obs - Kellin Quinn (Sleeping with Sirens), Kamron Bradbury (Beartooth)


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So I saw Pierce the Veil, Sleeping with Sirens, Beartooth, and This Wild Life last night, and the whole show was incredible. Especially PTV. I was so tempted to drive to CT to see them again tonight, haha... it's probably a good thing for my schoolwork that that show's already sold out. Anyway! I wanted to share a couple of moments with an audience who would appreciate them, so:

Kellin Quinn, the lead singer for Sleeping with Sirens, made several comments last night about how he was losing his voice. I can't remember which song was coming up, possibly "Congratulations," but he definitely said, "If I'm going to blow my voice out tonight, it's going to be on this song." I didn't think much about it at the time, but then about halfway through the set he was talking to the crowd and saying how grateful he was to be able to do what he loves full-time, and that even when he's losing his voice, it's all good. Before the last song, which if I remember right was "If You Can't Hang," he said something like, "Well, I don't know if I'm going to have a voice for the show tomorrow, but for tonight it's been incredible" and then afterward, "You guys sounded amazing; I think you were louder than me." His voice sounded fine to me; his speaking voice wasn't scratchy or anything, but clearly something's going on. I'll just let my imagination run wild.

The other notable moment was one I enjoyed even more because I got to see it, not just hear about it. I'd never heard of Beartooth, the second openers, before, and they're a little bit harder than what I usually like to listen to, but I had fun during their set. I also spent a good part of the set watching their guitarist, Kamron Bradbury, in part because he was right in front of me and in part because, well, he was cute. I liked his floppy hair. When they started, their lead singer kept talking about how cold it was (it was something like 25F outside and the doors were open right up until the start of Beartooth's set because it took so long to get everybody in), and how we all needed to jump so that we could warm up the room. Well, we succeeded, and pretty soon the whole band was a sweaty mess, including Kamron and his floppy hair. (I'm so into sweaty musicians. It's a problem.) So I'm watching him, and he's getting progressively sweatier and more and more out of it until he's kind of wandering around his corner of the stage in a daze, finally playing a chorus or so with his forehead pressed into their bass player's back. What does it mean? Probably absolutely nothing. Those guys work hard up there; you don't have to be ill to be exhausted by the middle of the set. But again - plenty of fuel for my imagination. And hopefully for yours. Enjoy. :-)

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