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So basically, I got bored and decided to make my first drabble thingy. Comment, tell me what you think, give me suggestions and I always love roleplaying BTW <3

1. Introduction

2. Complicated

3. Making History

4. Rivalry

5. Unbreakable

6. Obsession

7. Eternity

8. Gateway

9. Death

10. Opportunities

11. 33%

12. Dead Wrong

13. Running Away

14. Judgment

15. Seeking Solace

16. Excuses

17. Vengeance

18. Love

19. Tears

20. My Inspiration

21. Never Again

22. Online

23. Failure

24. Rebirth

25. Breaking Away

26. Forever and a day

27. Lost and Found

28. Light

29. Dark

30. Faith

31. Colors

32. Exploration

33. Seeing Red

34. Shades of Grey

35. Forgotten

36. Dreamer

37. Mist

38. Burning

39. Out of Time

40. Knowing How

41. Fork in the road

42. Start

43. Nature’s Fury

44. At Peace

45. Heart Song

46. Reflection

47. Perfection

48. Everyday Magic

49. Umbrella

50. Party

51. Troubling Thoughts

52. Stirring of the Wind

53. Future

54. Health and Healing

55. Separation

56. Everything For You

57. Slow Down

58. Heartfelt Apology

59. Challenged

60. Exhaustion

61. Accuracy

62. Irregular Orbit

63. Cold Embrace

64. Frost

65. A Moment in Time

66. Dangerous Territory

67. Boundaries

68. Unsettling Revelations

69. Shattered

70. Bitter Silence

71. The True You

72. Pretense

73. Patience

74. Midnight

75. Shadows

76. Summer Haze

77. Memories

78. Change in the Weather

79. Illogical

80. Only Human

81. A Place to Belong

82. Advantage

83. Breakfast

84. Echoes

85. Falling

86. Picking up the Pieces

87. Gunshot

88. Possession

89. Twilight

90. Nowhere and Nothing

91. Answers

92. Innocence

93. Simplicity

94. Reality

95. Acceptance

96. Lesson

97. Enthusiasm

98. Game

99. Friendship

100. Endings

  • Introduction

It was seven thirty in the morning and Theo regretted getting out of bed. He was cold and achy, and he hated the world at this point. I bet you're wondering, Well if he felt this bad, why did he even get up? Well, smartass, Theo had been writing to his pen pal for over a year, but they had never met in real life. Today, was the day they were going to meet. As he waited in Starbucks, he heard the pleasant little ding! come from behind him and he turned around. Immediately, his turquoise eyes met grey and they broke into wide smiles. Time for some action. Meeting the boy half way, he sniffled a bit. “You, must be Theo.” He said, his Australian accent thicker than the congestion in Theo’s head. Grinning like a mad man, Theo nodded enthusiastically which didn't help his headache at all, but he was so excited he ignored it. “Yes, you must be Dawson.” He observed. “Indeed.” Dawson replied and escorted him to the table. “So tell me about yourself.” Dawson said excitedly. “Well, I’m...Ihhh ...I’m ….hhh… Hikkshht! Hep’ksshew! K’isshew!” Theo sniffed shyly and pawed at his nose. Dawson’s smile faded and he pressed his hand to Theo’s head. “I know we just met and all, but I think I have the perfect cure to that nasty little cold of yours.” Dawsons said. Theo coughed,”God, where have you been this past week? He’ksehtt!”

  • Making History

Xander and Troy ducked down behind the tree in the middle of the forest, quickly turning off the light of the flashlights. Ok, this wasn't exactly the smartest hiding place. “Ya damn skippy, this was the worse hiding place.” Troy snapped at Xander. “Get out of my head man!” Xander snapped back. He wasn't in the best of moods, considering they were hunting a werewolf and he was horribly allergic to fur. “It’s not my fault I can read minds, and you’re broadcasting your thoughts like a frickin’ radio-- Hey! It isn't my fault you're allergic to fur.” He said and shrugged. Xander glared at him, but it quickly faded into a distant look. A look Troy had adapted to quickly. The parted lips, distant look, heaving chest, twitching nose, the whole lot. “He’s close.” Troy guessed. “S-she’s. Its a...ahhh...ahhhh...a she.” He managed, pinching his wildly flaring nostrils. “How do you know whether it’s a girl or not?” Troy asked. Females shed more fur. Just...trust my nose. Xander shot his thoughts toward Troy, not trusting himself to speak anymore. Troy shook his head. “You’re really pathetic, really man.” He said. Xander hit him with his free hand. Troy cocked his gun and popped out, firing at the she-wolf. The wolf simply looked at him, as they bullets bounced harmlessly off its pelt. After a second of silence, it charged straight at him. Xander, lifted his sword, his hands cupped over his mouth and nose. “Hehh….Ettishioo! Haetshew! Hah’TCHew! AITCHOO!” His violent sneezes bent him at the waist. When he straightened, the wolf laid beheaded at his feet. “You just...killed the monster we’ve been hunting for two months by….sneezing. Dude, you just made history!” Troy exclaimed. “Shut up and get me a ti...tihhh...tissue. HEHtcheww!”

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Oh do PLEASE continue! These were just marvelous! :D

Thank you so much! I plan on continuing! Don't be afraid to give me suggestions! xx.
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Ahhh!!! I love it. Suggestions?

Well how about a fight scenario where one is really sick and the other is picking or blames the sick person for something they didnt do. The sickie hides that he's sick and miserable because he doesnt want to upset the other. Then after a day or so the person that started the fight notes that his lover is not well and......

BAM!! Instant guilt, cuddles and corny but lovable apologies.

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Ahhh!!! I love it. Suggestions?

Well how about a fight scenario where one is really sick and the other is picking or blames the sick person for something they didnt do. The sickie hides that he's sick and miserable because he doesnt want to upset the other. Then after a day or so the person that started the fight notes that his lover is not well and......

BAM!! Instant guilt, cuddles and corny but lovable apologies.

AAAH yes! That is amazing! Thank you so much. I'm going to start writing <3
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OOOOOHHHH! I likey! Please continue, I really like this, especially the second one. This is really good! J


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Thanks Pinkie Pie! :D <3


Here you go ArtyGirl22 :D Thanks for the request

“No, Boston, that wasn’t a pleasant get together!” Daemon snapped. Boston flinched and took a precautious step back. “W-Why? Ashton was nice.” He said softly, looking at his feet. “Boston,” Daemon began, his voice holding warning. “You don’t take your boyfriend to meet your ex. That’s so stupid. Ugh, Boss, why are you such an imbecile?” He yelled, clenching his jaw, seething with jealousy. Boston squeaked and turned away from him, stomping upstairs and closing himself in the room and sat on the bed as he began to cry. Okay, Daemon had a point. No one takes their boyfriend to lunch to meet their ex. That was pretty stupid. And the only reason he was being oh-so-emotional was because he was sick. If he weren’t, he would’ve had his head on straight and would’ve realized his surprise get-together wasn't the smartest thing to do. If he weren't sick, wouldn't be curled up on the bed in two shirts and a sweater, blubbering like a baby. But no, he was sick, crying and stupid. Or an imbecile as Daemon put it.

Boston hadn't realized he had dozed off until the door swung open. He immediately sat up and wiped his hoodie sleeves over his eyes. His cheeks were still wet and red from all the crying he did. “What do you want?” Boston asked softly, trying to sound tough but it was hard to when he felt like shit and looked like a puppy left out in the rain. Daemon slowly walked toward the bed, his features pinched. Boston wondered if he had to pee or something, because, he looked like he needed to. “You’re sick...aren’t you?” Daemon asked. Boston’s nose scrunched up as the tickle in his sinuses that he had been fighting all day flared. “Hehh...N-no.” He said and pressed his hoodie sleeve to his wet, red rimmed, flaring nostrils. The tickle retreated enough for him to finish talking. “Why would you think that?” He asked. Daemon slid down onto the bed, still looking like he had to take a wizz. The dude should just pee already. Boston watched his stiff movements and realized that it wasn’t that his boyfriend needed to use the bathroom but that Daemon was feeling guilty. Boston also realized that Daemon wasn’t sure if he was still upset, so he was playing it safe by not bringing up their fight which made it awkward. Guilt and awkward, a deadly combo that made you look like you had to pee. “Well, you’re emotional, you were coughing all night, your nose is red and-” “Hih’knxt!” Boston pitched forward with the unexpected sneeze. He usually sneezed four times, so there he sat struggling to hold in the last three. “See, and that!” Daemon said, pointing at him. “Ihhh...it was one sneeze.” He replied. One sneeze too many. “Knt! Hitsh’eh! Kntx!” He managed to half stifle the last three and flopped back. “Okay, it’s just a cold.” Boston said softly. Daemon sighed and crawled next to him, pulling him into his chest. Boston was running a fever, as Daemon could tell when their skin collided. “Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked softly, kissing him. Boston pulled away. “I didn't want you to worry. Stop, you’ll get sick too.” Daemon rolled his eyes. “Why does everyone say that? I worry more, when you don’t tell me that you’re sick.” He arched a brow, at Boston fussing over him. He didn’t care if he got sick because of Boston. “Look, this is me not caring.” He said and kissed him again. “Look, Boss, I’m sorry I yelled at you. I didn’t know you were sick.” He said and cuddled into his boyfriend. Boston laughed,”I’m sorry for pissing you off.” He said and rubbed his nose. “Hehh...Hes’ksh! N’gxt! He’gxt!....” His breath hitched. “Oh c’mon. I know you have one more lingering in there.” Daemon teased. Boston shook his head, unable to speak, his mouth hanging open. “Hehh...ihh…” Daemon poked his nose. “Hep’ksntiew!” Daemon chuckled and nodded, satisfied. “There we go.” He said and stroked Boston’s hair. “We’re so lame.” He said. Daemon chuckled. “Shut up and take a nap.”

84. Echoes

“I can’t believe Mr. Hamilton took my phone. Who does he think he is? My mother?” Samantha spat as she snuck through the unlocked door, thanks to the old forgetful janitor. He was always leaving one door unlocked. Silly old man. “No, but he is your teacher. You were on your phone while he was teaching. I can see why he took it. You’re failing his class.” Jackson whispered following close behind her. The hall floors shimmered with the wax that the janitor has used. As Sam and Jack crept across the floor, the strong smell of clorox starting to bother his nose. “Shut up, I wouldn’t be failing it if he was a better teacher.” She said and pushed his shoulder. Jack slipped on the freshly clean and slick floor and fell back on his butt. Sam snorted and laughed and clapped in amusement. Jack would've laughed but he was froze. His lips were parted and his hands were up, almost to his mouth but frozen midway. His nose was scrunched and his nostrils flared. His chest rose and fell with his odd pattern of breathing. Sam’s laughter died down and she watched him in curiosity. “Hehhh...hhh...Hehg’ksheh! Ngksh’ieu!” He trembled with each forceful, wet, allergic sneeze. They echoed off the empty hall and the vacuum from the hall turned off. The janitor had heard them. “Hehh...h-hh-hehh- Aih’gxnshew! Huh’isskuh!” Sam drug the constantly sneezing boy to his feet and rolled her eyes. “Only you would be allergic to the floor. Abort mission.” She said and drug him back out the door. “This iiih...is your fault! Hun’gxshuew!” Sam drug him outside before the janitor exited the classroom. “Just shut up sneezy.” “Hep’shiew!”

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