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2nd date, 1st sneezes (f)


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Last night, I went on a 2nd date with a woman I met last week. She is a little on the taller side, with a slight resemblance to Taylor Swift, but with darker, more coppery-brown hair. The first date was uneventful, but pleasant and I thought she was pretty, so I was glad she agreed to meet me again.

She said she was going to be hanging out for a while with some people at a friend's apartment downtown, which was not far from the salon where I was stopping to get a haircut after work. After the haircut, I picked up a sixpack and went to the address.

We hung out there for a while talking and debating whether or not to go to a bar while waiting for another friend to show up. When the friend finally called, my date went into the other room to take the call, while I sat and talked to her friends. She came back in and said the person was on the way to the apartment, so we would stay there at least for a while. She then came over behind my chair and rested her chin on my head and said that my haircut looked good. I said it might be the shampoo they used before they cut it, but I didn't know what brand it was.

She then said "it kind of smells like VO5, but I'm not sure", and she put her nose in my hair and sniffed a couple of times. I shook my hair a little as she was doing this and after a couple of sniffs she pulled back. I wasn't expecting anything, but when her friend sitting across from me started to laugh and look at her, I turned around and noticed that she was looking up and her breath was hitching for a sneeze, which then came out two long, and two short, like:

"essshhooo, esshhhooo, eshoo, eshoo"

Her friend began to laugh a lot and he said "You must have really tickled her nose with your hair." I blessed her and waited as she sniffed and seemed like she might sneeze again, but it didn't come immediately. About 5 minutes later, though, she sneezed three more short sneezes, then paused and sneezed four more times, similar to the first group. Her friends thought this was pretty funny, but she sounded a bit annoyed when she said to me, "You didn't really do a good job rinsing the hair out after your haircut, did you?" (I didn't have a chance to rinse at all actually.) Her friends asked if she was still sneezing because of my hair, which was pretty obvious.

We just spent a little while longer hanging out before the group dispersed. My date didn't want to accompany those that were going to a bar, so she said it would be cool if I walked with her back to her door. When we got there, she paused and sneezed two more times. I was hoping she'd say to come inside for a little bit, but again she seemed a little annoyed and said "I think it's going to take all night to get all your hair out of my nose." I said I was sorry about that, and she said not to worry, and hugged me goodnight. She said she was afraid she'd sneeze again if we tried to kiss and she had to breathe through her nose, so a hug was all I was getting.

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