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my boss is hot


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last day I was at work just doing some stuff when I heard a feminine sneeze from boss's room it was

like she was trying to stifle it :ahxtchoo....

after 20 min I went to her room to check something with her I knocked on door she said " comb ing"

her voice was completely stuffed up...(you know she is really strong and strict and tall with brown hair and a face that you can never forget )

I went in and saw her being buried under a pile of used up tissues

ME: are you ok miss M?

BOSS: yeah.....ah ..heh..just this damnb ....heeh...cold

she grabbed a tissue from almost empty box and let out three stifled ones ....haxtchoo....ahxtchoo...Ikxtshoo..... then she blew her nose and looked at me at the moment my eyes were widen and mouth hang open in shocksurprise.gif she looked at me and said" I know I look gross dont look at be like that....heh...aheh....heaxtchooo" while she was attending to her nose I was like :

shut the hell up you are the hottest thing that I've ever seen(of course it was an inside protest)biggrinsmiley.gif

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There have been some great obs involving work bosses sneezing recently - must be the sudden explosion of germs that occurs in most offices after the heating gets turned on at the start of winter. Thanks for posting - I would have struggled to maintain my composure too :D

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oh my goodness NOV.... you are just the real deal in writing original fics which involves sexy maids I love youuuuuthumbsupsmileyanim.gif

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Great description! If I had a hot boss who was sneezing like that, I'm pretty sure I'd have the same jaw-dropping reaction :D

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I wish I had a sexy sneezy boss, I only have a co-worker at work that is enough to be my mom , who has allergies , which is far from what I would like

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