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A rather cute blessing (f)


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I went to college orientation last night, and something happened that I found rather cute... It wasn't a big thing, and I doubt anyone but me noticed...

The first speaker that came up was a young man, maybe 25 or so, I couldn't really tell. I didn't know if he was a student or teacher or what (I came late, so I missed his introduction), but he seemed quite confident and in charge. Anyway, while he was speaking, a girl in the front row (I didn't get a good look at her, but she was about 19-20ish, dirty-blond hair in a ponytail, friendly face with a roundish sort of nose, short and kinda chubby) is sniffling and coughing a bit. At one point he pauses, and she pitches forward with this high-pitched, squeaky little "HEHpstchieww!", and then looks embarrassed. And he gives this little smile and very quietly blesses her.

And there was something about that smile, as if he thought that was the cutest thing but was trying very hard not to show it...

It may have just been my imagination, but I thought it was rather adorable XD

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Aaaw :wub:

I really love if they're blessing the audience! ^_^ There's one teacher at ours, doing it every time in this quiet, genuinely way. Freaking cute, especially at the time, while everyone seems to be sick! :heart:

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