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Does others sneezing make you sneeze?


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This has probably been discussed before, but if so I can't find it...

Does reading about/hearing/watching (etc) sneezes make you sneeze?

I find that if I spend more than ten minutes or so looking at fetishy art, reading fanfics, etc, I end up sneezing myself. Thing is, I'm not normally a sneezy person, so it's kind of odd.

I've seen quite a few people on some sneeze pictures on deviantART (most of them seem like non-fetishists that stumbled there by accident) saying things like "omg, I sneezed right after I saw this!".

So I'm curious... Is there a connection?

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I am like that too, I'm not a sneezy person, but being on this forum definitely makes me sneeze more frequently than I would otherwise.

I once witnessed in a grade school class like three guys and two girls that were sitting right next to each other in a row all sneeze literally in a row going down the row in order from one person to the next. I would think that would be close to impossible if there wasn't some kind of connection.

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Reading on this forum almost always makes me sneeze, as well as listening to sneezes. Maybe it's coincidental, but it never fails! Haha

Same for me.

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Supposedly, sneezing can be induced by sexual thought due to the presence of erectile tissue in the nose. "Honeymoon Rhinitis" -- it even has a stupid nickname! It's fairly rare, but if your version of "sexual ideation" is already sneeze-related... well...? Maybe that link is more common.

Contagious yawning engages the precuneus and posterior temporal gyrus-- the same parts of the brain responsible for social empathy. As with most brain-stuff, this is still being studied, but it has been suggested that contagious yawning evolved partially as an outward gauge for individual humans' ability to connect with each other socially/emotionally. I don't think that the same is true of sneezing, but I'd assume that if you are an exceptionally empathetic person, then witnessing a sneeze could definitely trigger the same response. The same neurons fire in your brain whether you are performing or observing an action.

It's possible that since fetishists are more inclined to, y'know... pay a lot more attention to sneezing than the average person does, that you've developed some sort of psychogenic response to it.

... or those times when you happen to sneeze after witnessing someone else sneezing are just more memorable than any casual, solo-sneezing you've done, and there's no correlation whatsoever. :lol:

Delicious brains.

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That... That is cool. I have now had my science lesson for the day, and it was both informative and intriguing o.o

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Interesting! This doesn't happen to me, but if a yawn can make others yawn, I guess a sneeze could do the same. :) When I hear others sneeze, I get inspired for fanfics though.

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It doesn't do that to me. It makes me turned on and sometimes I get so turned on that I get sick, if that even makes sense, it just happens. Sorry if that sounded kinda gross XD

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I have definitely noticed that I am more likely to sneeze while browsing the forum - and for someone who is not particularly sneezy, this is certainly something out of the ordinary. The power of suggestion could be in play here... as is the explanation from Rex about inflammation of the nasal tissues. When aroused, blood pumps around the body at an increased rate which can cause irritation to the delicate capillaries in the nose. A reason why a lot of people have reported sneezing after exercising :)

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Ughh! When I sense something sneeze related, this phantom itch appears! It's not there, but I feel it. SO HARD TO DESCRIBE!!!!

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Some people sneeze when aroused. It's possible (although I have no idea how likely) that we have a sneeze fetish due to a similar cause, so maybe there is also a slight tendency for us to sneeze when aroused.

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