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What kind of sneeze do you enjoy most?


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Hey folks, I've recently started uploading sneezing videos to youtube and I'd like to know what i can do to make my videos more enjoyable. I made the channel about 6 months ago but I've been uploading more often recently and I want to upload more frequently without all of my videos being the same. I'd be very grateful to know what kinds of sneezing everybody prefers and just what it is about sneezing that tickles your fancy, so that I can make my channel enjoyable to as many fetishists as possible. Thank you for reading and i would be very grateful to receive some feedback :)

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What do you think? Read my profile name.

*reads profile name* Ah, so I guess the kind he enjoys most is rapid sneezing.

milkandhoney, I'm not into male sneezing myself, but even among people who prefer male there will be tons of more specific preferences. I don't know if you'd be able to cater to them all, so my suggestion is to stick to your normal way of doing things! Better to be true to yourself :)

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^i agree that you should do what you want- because you will be making vids 24-7 if you try to do what everyone likes ;)

But, I do enjoy half- stifles ;p

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