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I think I'm going through a mythology kick. And not to worry, I'm working on my other 'on-goings,' I just get a little sidetracked doing these spur of the moment stories. So this is a different original. New characters, still in development, but they kind of grow as they go. There is sneezing you just have to read a bit to get down to the 'goods.' Side note: Even though the main character Claudia hates antiques, I don't, so don't judge. Characters are people too ya' know.

A Wishful Antique (male genie or (d)jinn

if you prefer)

I pulled out my handkerchief and held it to my face. The store was beyond dusty. There was dust on dust. Everywhere. "Hey Claudia, isn't antiquing fun," came the keening voice of my best friend. "Oh yeah loads, about to have an asthma attack in here," I mumbled. Her voice raised to a higher pitch, if that was even possible, "What?" With a sigh, "Yes, I wouldn't wish to be doing anything else," my tone dripping sarcasm. "I knew you would enjoy this!" I mentally rolled my eyes, my BF would never understand sarcasm. "Look at this," she squealed. Taking a moment to promise myself some much needed aspirin, I looked at what she had, and I nearly screamed. "Isn't she cute?" With the pitch of her voice I was surprised I hadn't gone deaf. The thing she was holding was the opposite of 'cute.' Evil? Yes. Definitely, evil. It was a clown, just not your typical clown, where there should be normal square human teeth, there was sharp pointy fangs resembling that of a shark. As she walked toward me, I took a few steps back, until I hit a cabinet, making the junk inside it rattle, knocking more dust into the air. "Um..." I stammered. Not being fazed with my hesitation, she twirled around with the doll. "I'm buying her." When she finally stopped her fifth rotation she paused facing me, only to see my face screwed up in question. "It's a lady clown, can't you tell Claud? The pigtails, duh!" Huffing, "I get that, but a clown? C'mon Jill, it looks evil, because it is. Clowns are evil." Hugging the doll to her, "Well I'm done, we can leave once you pick something," she looked at me expectantly. "But I don't want anything," I moaned. Her gaze hardened, the dolls eyes seemed to do the same. I turned to the cabinet and grabbed the first thing I saw, "This, let's go," I said shoving Jill to the register. "But you just picked that up," she argued. "Yup," I smirked.

After paying a ridiculous amount for the antique, we hit the road, grabbing some food to eat on the road. She dropped me off at my loft, as I reached my door Jill honked at me to come back, I'd left my thing in her car. Muttering a 'thanks' I grabbed my item, carefully packaged in a brown bag, and hightailed it back to my abode. Jumping over the couch I sat down and placed my prize on the coffee table. A plume of dust lifted as I took the bottle out. Grabbing my handkerchief I started cleaning the bottle up, realizing it was a perfume bottle. Once I'd cleared away enough dust I could see that there was liquid still inside. I'd have to spray it later to find out what scent it was. I rubbed more at the bottle with my thumb, getting some of the left over dust off. "Geez, this this thing is old, the dirt is really on here," I grumbled. Eroding more of the dirt away, I could see a faint glow coming from the bottle. With a hiss the perfume bottle top popped open. Greenish clouds rolled out leaking to the floor, then began spiraling around in a whirlwind. Then came the resonating voice. "HHHEEEHhhhh.... HHHUUUUHHHHhhh... HHHHUUUHHH!!! AAAASSSSSHHHHEEEEOOOOO!!!" In an instant there stood, ok floated before me a huge guy. Ok he wasn't standing he was hunched over, "HHHEEEHHH... HHHHAAAAASSSSHHHHEEEEOOO!! HHHHAAAAAHHH... HHHHUUUUUURRRRREEEEESSSSOOOOO!!! HIIIHHHIIISSSSSHHHHEEEOOO!!!" Straightening he looked around, stopping when his eyes landed on me. I could feel my eyes bulge, mouth hanging open, I was stunned. I watched him as he raised a finger to rub under his nose. "You know how long I've been holding those sneezes in?" He genuinely asked. At my silence he continued. "Too long," he sniffled, "is that a hankie?" He pointed to my hand still clutching the handkerchief. Mindlessly I held it out to him. Floating over he closed the distance, hovering over the coffee table, towering over me in my seated position, he took the cloth, his hand momentarily brushing mine zapped me with electricity, shocking me out of my stupor. As he cleared his nasal passages, which by the sound of it had accumulated copious amounts of build up, I bolted over the back of the couch. Making it to the front door I yanked it open, only to screech to a halt as the floating guy was now before me blocking my escape into the hallway, still blowing his nose. Slamming the door, I locked it. Spinning back around on my heel I collided with a wall? Knocking myself off balance, the wall suddenly had arms around me, catching me before I hit the floor. Pulling me up, and hugging me close, to a very bare chest. It was him, again. "B-but h-how?" I stammered. "Magic," he winked at me with a wide smile. Looking down at his arms around me I tried to wiggle out of his grip to no avail. Fuming at not being able to break away from his strength, I looked back up at him. His eyes were fluttering, nostrils starting to flare. "HHHEEEHHH.... HHHHIIIIIHHHhh..." Acting quickly I placed my finger under his twitchy nostrils, to keep the oncoming sneeze at bay, until I could get out of the blast-zone. His protruding appendage wiggled at the sudden pressure I was applying to it. "Th-thangks," he whispered, still focused on the tickle in his nose. "I just don't want you sneezing on me," I huffed. I can't be sure if it was from what I said, or just his sneezy expression, but his brows furrowed, and a frown replaced his smile.

As he held me to him, I couldn't help but notice he was hot, like on fire. The silence was awkward as I helped him control his nose, so I decided to ask, "Are you sick? Your burning up."

Nose still wriggling, "N-no... j-just haaahhh... Hot." Rolling my eyes, "Well aren't you modest."

The corners of his mouth went up in a sneezy smile, "El-elemental being, f-fire," his breath hitched, partly due to the sneeze, but also his chest rumbled with laughter, from what I could tell. With his eyes still closed, I couldn't help a smile of my own as I mentally traced his to remember how handsome it made him. "Well that's just insane," I replied. He peeked one eye open at me, nostrils still pulsing against my finger, "HAHhhh... and a-ahhhh guy c-coming out of a bottle isn't?" I stuck my tongue out at him, he laughed. His hold on me loosened, taking the opening I shoved at his chest freeing myself, problem was... "HHHHAAAAHHHHEEEESSSSHHHOOOO!!!" I'd let go of his nose, releasing his sneeze, and with no time to get out of the way I was hit in the face with his slimy discharge.

His head reared back, nostrils flaring wide about to release another sneeze. His hands frozen, stretched out before him still forming the hug I'd pulled out of. Not wanting another face full of mucus, I cupped my hand around his spasming nose, just as he sneezed, "HHHHEEEEESSSSHHHHEEEOOOOO!!!" I caught the blast in my hand, as his eyes opened I pulled my hand away. We were still connected by a long oozing strand of mucus. The strain snapped and flung itself toward me, attaching to my sleeved forearm. I didn't need a mirror to know my face was twisted in disgust. Sniffling, "S-s-hhuuhhh... sorry." I looked back up at him glaring, noticing his cheeks were flushed.

"Get out," I growled.

"I can't," he sniffled, rubbing the handkerchief under his nose.

Flustered, "What do you mean you can't. I'll call the cops!" My voice ended with a shriek.

His face hardened, "Like they'd believe anything you had to say. Anyway, you rubbed the bottle, I'm yours till the end."

He was right on the former, the latter I didn't understand. At my scrunched up face he continued, "I'm a Genie, I grant your every wish, haven't you heard of my kind?"

"In fairy tales, and folklore," I ground out, "fictional stories I was told as child at bedtime."

As he sighed, his massive shoulders rolled with the motion, "They're not hhhaa ahhhh... all stories." Eyes fluttering, nostrils flaring he struggled to continue, "IIIIIHHHHhhh... I-is th-there d-duuuuhhhh...st huhhh... on t-the h-haahhhh... HHHHHAAAAHHH... Hankie?"

Uh oh.

I'd used it to clean off his dust covered bottle. I took a few steps back from him, already knowing how messy his release was going to be. My retreat was answer enough. "HHHHEEEEHHHHEEEEHHH!!!"

Under my breath, "I wish you wouldn't sneeze." It felt like a sudden snap of energy went through the room.

"HHHHHAAAAAHHHhhhh!!!..." Nostrils still flaring, nose turning a brilliant shade of irritated red. "HHHHHIIIIHHHHhhhh!!!! His breath continued to hitch. "P-pleehhhh... p-please l-leeehhhhht me snehehheehhh-ze," voice hitching.

"Not feeding into this," I yelled, "just sneeze already!"

"C-can't... W-wish!" Eyes pleading.

"HHHHIIIIHHHIIIIHHH... T-t-tickles!!!" As he strode toward me, I back peddled, until I ran up against a wall. Reaching me he clutched my shoulders, gripping me firmly, but not painfully. "AAAAHHHHHAAAHHH!!!" Head tilting back, nostrils on display, inner walls rippling, nose red, and running.

I lifted my arms to shield myself, I wincing, "I wish you would sneeze already! There, happy!" Another snap of energy pulsed through the room.

"RRRRREEEHHHHHEEESSSHHHOOOO!!!! HHHHAAAAHHHHHSSSHHHEEEOOO!!! IIIIIIISSSHHHHOOOO!!!" Ducking his head between us he continued his fit. I was already showered by his uncovered releases, point-blank. His massive frame shuddered with each release. I slipped around him, so busy sneezing, he didn't notice. Heaving a mentally sigh, I guided his floating form toward the couch. Noting, for a guy with half his body being vapor, he was difficult to budge. "EEEEEYYYYAAAASSSHHHEEEOOO!!! HHUUHHhh AAASSSSSSCCCCHHHOOO!!!" There were longer intervals between each sneeze, the fit was slowly coming to an end. Even though he was in a seated position now on the couch, he still floated above it. I left him there as I fetched a towel from the kitchen wetting it. Hopping over the back of the couch I landed next to him bouncing, his hunched-over body bounced as well. "IIIIHHHHhhh... HHEEEHhh... HHHRRRAASSSHHEEOOO!!!" Patting his back softly he turned to me, I gently lifted up his chin, so I could see his face. I whistled, "Geez." Everything on him was running. Tears streaming down his face to meet with his overflowing nose. His face flush from exertion, his exhausted nose red, and wriggling. He snorted in a tired laugh at my remark. Moving the hand that had raised his chin to now cup his face, I brought the damp rag to tenderly clean him up. I started with his eyes and moved down his face to then focus on his nose. As I worked the underside of his nose the attention was too much for the raw appendage, I could feel his nostrils flare through the fabric. Pushing his face in to my clothed hand he tiredly released, "AAAAHHHHEEESSSSHHHOOO!!!" I could feel the power of his sneeze through the cloth. With his nose still in my hand he looked up at me, with his silent question. I nodded, without hesitation he blew his nose, releasing the mucus build up that hadn't been blasted out with his sneezes.

Sniffling, he lifted his gases half up on to the throw pillows, his head landing heavily in my lap, eyes fluttering shut. "Thank you," he whispered. And, with that began snoring in sleep. Leaving me holding the sodden towel. Looking down at the peaceful sleeping genie, I muttered, "Great, now what."

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ahhh omg I love it! Your writing style is wonderful, and the entire concept is just lovely smile.png will you continue? If not, that's perfectly fine, as it works so well on it's own as well.

....I wish I could find a handsome, allergic genie (with messy sneezes). heh.gif

Thanks for sharing! biggrin.png

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Ohhhhh Goooood Loooooord. twitchsmile.gifwubsmiley.gif

worshippy.gif I praise your writing and the scenario chosen for this wonderous combo.

Please OH please do continue! This had (has) me on the edge of my chair....

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I am totally loving this!!! In-fact, I have loved everything you have written on here!!! Now, I am not a fan of messy stuff, but you write the sneezes and descriptions so well, I don't even care!! Keep up this FANTASTIC work!!! :)

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Oh man, to think of the wishes any in of us in this group could create. The ultimate scenario and a dream come true. I think I'm drooling, just dreaming up ideas!

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So it's been a long, long time since I've added to this story, so my bad. Overview, we find out the genie has another allergy, and an attitude. ***Giggles*** And, the protagonist is having none of it.

A Wishful Antique pt.2 (male genie or (d)jinn if you prefer)

After failed attempts to dislodge the passed out genie off my lap, I heaved a frustrated sigh. Leaning over him I grabbed the perfume bottle off the coffee table. The remaining liquid sloshed around. I looked at the bottle, and then at the genie, still not fully believing what I'd seen. That this magical guy had been in this bottle for who knows how long. Then again, I ran my hand through his vaporous lower half. That shouldn't even be possible, but it was right before me, how could I deny it.

I couldn't.

The genie gave a slight hiccup before his snoring became louder. Again, I shoved at his shoulder with one hand the other occupied with the bottle.

"Get off," I grunted.

He didn't even budge.

It was futile, with a huff, I stopped. He wasn't heavy on me, but a mountain would have more give. Rolling my eyes I focused back on the bottle. It was pretty, intricate designs flowed across the emerald glass surface. I popped the cap, and smelled the top, too faint, I sprayed a little on my wrist, rubbing my wrists together transferring the soft floral scent. It was lovely.


Oh c'mon!

His once peaceful face was now scrunching up, brows furrowing, reddening nostrils flaring wildly, mouth gasping in air to fuel the coming sneeze.

Acting quickly, I ditched the bottle on the couch to grab a throw pillow, smacking him in the face with it, his arms flailed wildly as I held it down.


The pillow took the blows, rather than my face.

His hands clasped over mine, not painfully, but he was strong. I tried to fight as he lifted the pillow up, "HHHHEEEEHHHEEEHHH!!!" His strength wavered and I smothered his sneeze again into the pillow. "HHHEEEEESSSSSMMMMFFFFF!!!"

Slowly lifting the pillow, I was greeted with a glare. "HHHHEEEEHHHH..."

I clamped down on his twitching nostrils, pinching his nose shut between my fingers, forcing him to breathe through his mouth. It took him a moment to realize and switch to breathing through his mouth. His hitching breath slowly stopped.

His voice took on a nasally pitch with his nose plugged up, "Than'gks."

I couldn't help it, he sounded funny, I giggled.

I watched as his lips curved into a smile at my laughter. He then raised his hand to tuck a piece of hair back behind my ear. I leaned into his touch, somehow this felt right. Then my common sense kicked in, shaking my head to get him off, I glared.

"You really should smile more, it lightens up your eyes, rather than this gargoyle-ish expression you're charming me with now." He stated with a shrug.

I hardened my glare, and tightened my grip on his nose.

"GAH!" He cried out, glaring back at me, hands fumbling to release his pinched appendage from my care.

I smirked.

He stuck his tongue out.

"So what are you allergic to everything?" I grumbled.

His nose strained between my fingers in an attempt to breathe. I shook the bottle before his face. He looked at the bottle, and easily took it from me, observing it.

"I've been trapped it this bottle for ages. Confined to a prison of glass walls, stuffed in with that ticklishly beautiful scent. You have no idea how bad it is, having decades, or centuries go by with the need to sneeze. Being stuck in a vaporous form, having the sneezy feeling trapped in your nose waiting for someone to rub the bottle so you can be freed of its ticklish insanity."

I felt bad for the guy, really, but my hand was cramping. Out of his eyesight I readied the pillow. Timing was everything, I had to be fast. The genie looked at me, meeting my gaze, I briefly saw a smile spread across his face before I blocked him with the pillow. He grunted in displeasure, then his breathing hitched, muffled by the pillow.

"HHUUUHH... HHHUUUUHHHH... HHHHRRRRRUUUUMMMMFFFF!!!" His body jumped forward with his release. Taking the opening I wiggled my legs out from under him, stepping over him, and onto the coffee table, using the pillow as leverage, smashing it into his face.


Once the pressure of my weight was gone, the pillow went flying across the room from his toss. His face was a shade of annoyed red, and his nose was a shade darker than that, from irritation. I was still standing on the coffee table when he sat up to glare at me. With the shift, his nose drained. "HHHEEEEHHH..." His glare faltered as his breath hitched, eyes fluttering, "HHHHEEEEHHH!!!"

Might as well put his word to the test, "I wish you were outside."

With an energy pulse, he was gone.

I felt my jaw drop, leaning over I felt the air, he defiantly wasn't there.

Along ways off I heard a sneeze. I walked to the bank of windows facing my couch, they overlooked our resident park. There he was, bent in half as he sneezed again. Straightening he looked up at me, rubbing his nose with a glare.

I pointed and laughed.

He floated up to my windows, I panicked, even though it was night, all I would need is for the landlord Mrs. Stofflers to come outside with her yippy-yorkie to make 'tinkle-time,' as she called it, and see a guy floating outside my third story loft window.

Shoving a window open, "Get in here," I whispered furiously.

Knuckling his damp nostrils with a finger, "You wished me outside," he motioned around himself, "I'm outside."

Attitude, just what I needed, "Fine! I wish you were back inside," I fumed.

Another energy pulse went through the room, and he was no longer outside floating. Closing the window I turned around and rammed into a bare chest, again.


And was sneezed on, again.

"Bless you," I growled.

"T-tha... Hhhaaahhh..." His face dropped readying for the sneeze.

"Iwishtheperfumewasoffme!" I rushed out.

Energy pulsed, and the floral scent was gone.

"AAAHHhhhh... Thangks," he ended with a congested sigh, "You know, you could have just politely asked me to comeback in as well," with a tilt of his head, he shrugged before turning around.

With his back to me I mouthed mockingly, 'could have politely asked,' rolling my eyes.

"Look, I'm tired, and didn't get any sleep unlike someone. So I'm sorry but I don't want to leave you running about my place while I catch some 'Zzz's' so again sorry, but... I wish you were back in your bottle," I quickly finished.

I heard him grumble about the tickling smell, before the energy pulsed, and he was gone.

Lifting the bottle from its resting place on the couch, careful not to rub its sides I looked it over. All I could see was the liquid sloshing around as I turned it over, no little floating man inside the glass walls. With a shrug of my own I sprayed my wrists, the perfume really was lovely. Carrying the bottle to the hall closet I placed it on a cluttered shelf.

Pausing to look at it, shaking my head, maybe I was sleep deprived, and had just fabricated the whole thing.

Shrugging to myself as I walked to my bedroom, I couldn't help thinking, 'maybe, but maybe not.'


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Great idea for a fic. Love the genie's personality and of course his vast number of cute sneezes, especially the ones that were stuck. Super creative idea, looking forward to see what happens next :D

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Little little Genie, how troubled you are.

Tiny tiny bottle, how confined you are.

Tickle tickle, how torturous thus far.

Lovely lovely, how the ending is far.

My first and failed attempt at poetry. Love this story! :heart: ~

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Dear God, Vintage, everything you make is absolutely amazing <33333

I love these two and their banter so much, and the poor dear, keeps getting sneezed on no matter what she tries :lol: UGH I just adore your descriptions, you're such a brilliant writer :wub:

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Great idea for a fic. Love the genie's personality and of course his vast number of cute sneezes, especially the ones that were stuck. Super creative idea, looking forward to see what happens next biggrin.png

I super happy you like it!!! thumbsupsmileyanim.gif

Little little Genie, how troubled you are.

Tiny tiny bottle, how confined you are.

Tickle tickle, how torturous thus far.

Lovely lovely, how the ending is far.

My first and failed attempt at poetry. Love this story! heart.gif ~

Super Cute poem!!! LOVED IT!!! Thank you!!! zippy.gifw00t.gif

Dear God, Vintage, everything you make is absolutely amazing <33333

I love these two and their banter so much, and the poor dear, keeps getting sneezed on no matter what she tries heh.gif UGH I just adore your descriptions, you're such a brilliant writer wub.png

That means a lot!!! I LOVE YOUR WRITING!!!worshippy.gif Thank you so much!!! wubsmiley.gif

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Thanks everyone!!!

I can't really give an overview, without Spoilers, trust me I tried. So without further rambling, here ya go.

A Wishful Antique pt.3 (male genie or

(d)jinn if you prefer)

I was warm, wrapped up in a fluffy cloud, that was green?

It was mumbling something to me, as it slowly began pulling away.

"Noooo..." I mumbled, twisting trying to wrap myself back inside its embrace.

The cloud grumbled and pulled the rest of itself from my weak grasp.

Moaning, I opened my eyes, and screamed, as I fell out of bed.

"Jill," I screeched, "what are you doing in here?"

"Besides giving you a heart attack, you still owe me another day of antiquing."

"What? But we just did that yesterday!" I screeched, louder.

With a huff, "Claud, you promised me a weekend antiquing-extravaganza!!! And you're already out of bed just throw some pants on, and fix you hair, oh, and makeup, and-"

"Alright! I get it," chucking my pillow at her, "get out, while I get ready," I mumbled my defeat into the cooling blanket. I did promise that, ugh!

Jill let out a high pitched squeal as she closed my bedroom door, leaving me on the floor.

Alone, I moaned.

"I heard that," Jill called from the other side of the door.


Lugging myself to my feet, I quickly got ready, and left my room to go hunting for Jill's whereabouts in my loft.

Living-room was empty, so was the kitchen, and bathroom.

"Marco," I called out.

"Polo," Jill answered.

Following her voice, lead me to the hall closet.


Screwing her face up in a frown, "Why is your new, antique in the closet, and not out for the world to see?"

"I wasn't sure where it should go," I shrugged.

"It's still got dust on it," she rubbed at the unpolished glass.

"Don't rub it!" I shrieked.

Pausing she looked at me, brows raised in question, "Why not," she rubbed the bottle again, "it's not like a genie's going to come out," she chortled.

She was right nothing did happen.

I laughed like a maniac for a moment, it really was all just a dream.

"Oh, look it's a perfume bottle," she shook the contents, "with some still inside!" She squealed in delight.

Before I could say anything she, sprayed some in the air before me, gently misting me.

"Eh," Jill shrugged indifferently, "it has a floral scent, that's more you," shoving the bottle in my hands, "here go wash the dirt off the bottle, then we'll head out."

Rather than arguing with her about doing it later, I sauntered into the bathroom, closing the door.

"Just a dream," I whispered to the bottle, and rubbed it for good measure.

I swallowed my scream when green fog began swirling out of the bottle, and around me.


The genie formed before me.

"No, you can't sneeze, she'll hear you," I whispered hysterically, looking at the door.


I looked at him in horror as he sneezed on me, his nose wiggling as it geared up for another sneeze.

I placed my finger under his nose.

"GEEEHHHhhhh... Thangk y-"

Cupping my other hand over his mouth to stop him.

Jills voiced called through the door, "Are you alright?"

"Uh-huh, yup, the dust just made me sneeze," I lied.

"Bless you. You sound like a guy when you sneeze by the way."

I winced, "Yup, it was me, nobody else, just me."

The genies eyes began to flutter, as his nostrils pulsed on my finger, he wasn't go to last much longer.

The doorknob turned.

Freeing my hands I slammed my body against the opening door, forcefully closing it.

"Hey!" Jill cried.


"Sorry," I called out, "just wait for-"


"Me in the car. I'll-"


"Be right out."

I clamped down on the genies mouth and nose again.

"You sure, Claud?" Jill asked skeptically.

"H-HHHHAAAA've.... T-to s-snee- HHHHEEEHHHEEE-ze!!!" The genie whispered into my hand.

"Yup, I'll be right out," I called, trying to sound convincing.

With a huff I heard fading foot steps, and the front door as it opened, and closed.

I relaxed against the door, as the genie freed himself from my hold.


I quickly raised my arms, shielding myself-


As he sneezed on me, yet again."

"Ew," I moaned, gritting my teeth, "bless you," I grumbled.

Knuckling a nostril, "Thangks," leaning forward he sniffed me.



I shoved the perfume bottle in his hands, yanking the bathroom door open I ran out, grabbing my purse from the kitchen counter. Exiting my loft, I called out, "I wish you wouldn't sneeze," as I slammed the locked door behind me 'take that sneezy genie.'

Running outside I threw on my sunglasses, and hopped into Jills running car.

"Hit it," I gasped.

With a girlie squeal Jill pulled out onto the road.

Looking over my shoulder, I bit my tongue to keep myself from screaming.

The genie was in the backseat, glaring daggers at me as he massaged his running nose.

"I wish you were a necklace," I quietly murmured to myself.

The hairs on my arms raised, as an energy pulse went through the car.

"Huh?" Jill questioned.

"What?" I said looking at her.

Peering over at me, "I thought you said something."

"Nope," I looked back to the seat to find it empty, no genie and no necklace.

Where'd he go, I frantically looked around.

Jill gasped.

"What!" I asked, thinking she'd seen the genie.

"You've got to tell me where you got that necklace!" She cried.

Looking down, there was a beautiful emerald jewel necklace around my neck, that hadn't been there before.

"Oh-uh, I just got it... Uh- at a thrift store," I stammered.

"You went antiquing without me," Jill shrieked.

I winced, "Sorry, it was a fluke, I ran into the store to see if it would be neat to show you, it wasn't. The creepy owner tricked me into the necklace," I lied.

With a huff, she turned her focus back to the road, "And the place wasn't cool, with antiques?"

Internally, I sighed, not having to worry about her driving us into a ditch.

"Yup, I can show you, and we can go, but I don't recommend it. Dude was a mega weirdo."

"No, I trust you, let's just have fun antiquing today!"

"Ow!" I gasped looking at my necklace.

"What's wrong," Jill looked at me.

"Nothing it... It just felt like my necklace zapped me."

"And your calling the store owner a weirdo," she laughed.

"Hmmm..." I glared at the genie necklace.

I pinched myself. Yup not a dream.

Downtown came up quickly, the streets blocked by concession tents.

Of course there'd be a street-fair today.

We parked, a little ways before it, so we wouldn't get trapped in. Walking up, all of the tents contained more antiques, and refurbished things.

Jill let out a girlie squeal, "This is going to be the best antiquing extravaganza ever!"

I rolled my eyes, and bit back a moan.

As we entered a store I broke away from Jill, sliding down an aisle made of bookcases, full of forgotten stories, with enough dust to create an army of dust-bunnies.

Keeping my voice low, I whispered to the genie, "What are you doing here?"


I huffed, "I wish you could talk."

That familiar energy pulse, again.

"Oh, so now I suddenly exist," the genies voice spoke from the necklace.

I didn't even want to contemplate how that was possible.

Rolling my eyes, "Again. What are you doing here?"

"Wherever you go, I go," came his irritated reply.

"Claud!" Jill cried, "Where are you?"

"Stay quiet, we're not through here," I whispered to the genie. "Over by the books Jill," I called.

"Why do you surround yourself with old dusty stories, when there's pretty vases, and trinkets, like this one," Jill held up a ceramic donkey dressed like a clown.

"She calls that pretty. Even the donkey looks terrified to be dressed like that," the genie whispered.

I couldn't help bursting into laughter.

"It's not funny Claud. And, how'd you speak, in a deep voice, when your mouth was shut?" She stepped closer to me.


"Uh, I'm, uh..." I desperately looked around, and spotted a 'Hail-Mary,' grabbing the book from its shelf, "Ventriloquism, wanted to see if I could do it."

Jill took the book from me, looking it over, "Hmmm. Well you're very good at it, but it's creepy."

I placed my hand over the necklace, incase the genie had another retort for Jill.

"Like I said, just wanted to see if I could, and I can, so I'm done."

"Well alright, speaking of, the owner says that there's more antiques in the back. I'm going to look at them all, then we'll be done here, and can go to the next shop."

Sighing, I mumbled under my breath, "I wish you were done here, now."

A pulse of energy went through the room.

"You know what Claud, I'm done now, let's go."

"Really. Or are you just messing with me, and in two seconds going to say 'psych' and go checkout the back of the store."

She placed the traumatized donkey on a bookshelf, "No, let's go," and turned heading for the exit.

I was dumbstruck, Jill never left before seeing everything.

Then came a familiar congested voice, "I need to blow my nose."

I pinched myself. Yup, still not a dream.

"Once we're alone, but not while we're in public, and how do you even have a nose let alone a voice when you're an inanimate object?" I whispered to the genie, feeling eyes on me I turned around.

At the end of the aisle the owner stood, and raised her grey eyebrows at me.


"Uh... Heh," I stroked my necklace, and in my very best impression of Smeagol, "PRECIOUS!" I awkwardly shrugged, "I'm a big fan of 'The Lord of the Rings,' you know, Smeagol."


Cringing, and muttering more to myself then to the owner, "Exit, stage left," and took off after Jill.


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AHH omg I can never get enough of our sneezy genie here-- and how he is totally incapable of keeping those sneezes to himself. I'm on mobile so I can't quote it, but the bit about his nostril pulsating against her hand-- UM okay I died. He is just suuuuch a sneezy mess and I love himmmmm

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Man, I love this story. Although, frankly, I really don't see why she can't just tell Jill. What's she gonna do? If she told someone else, they wouldn't believe her, and if she fainted or screamed or something like that she'd probably get over it eventually and it would make things a lot easier for Claudia and Genie. (Does he have an actual name or is like in Aladdin?)

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I LOVE these new parts!! There is soooo many places this can go! I can just imagine Claudia wishing that she can make genie sneeze whenever she wants, just to anoy him! lol And genie would maybe even find a way to make Claudia sneeze whenever HE wants, to get back at her! Just sooo many ideas where this story could go it's impossible to list them all, but whatever direction you send it in I will LOVE IT!!!!!!

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I love the banter between these two, but they're casually getting better at tolerating each other as they get more aquatinted.

Key: the genies name is pronounced like this *Jaa-fur*... I mean that's how I do it *the v is silent* But, by all means interpret it as you will.

A Wishful Antique pt.4 (male genie or

(d)jinn if you prefer)

The genie was grumbling as I scanned the crowd for Jill, "Can-it, I whispered to him."

"You didn't wish for-"

"I Wish you would Can-it!" I fumed.

Silence. But, I could feel him glaring at me...

"Jill!" I screeched when I saw her enter another store, I groaned.

The boutique was filled with... Stuff.

"Jill?" I called.

She popped out from behind a vintage dresser.

"Claud! Smell this!"

Before waiting for my consent Jill sprayed perfume on me. Again.

I choked at the potent smell of flowers and death.

Grabbing the bottle from Jill, "You gotta stop doing that!" I slammed the bottle down on a nearby table.

Leaning in she sniffed me.


"What'd you say Claud?"


I clutched at the necklace.


"Nothing," I tried for nonchalance, "why?"

Pulling away, she glared, "Stop it with that ventriloquism, it's creepy! It's no wonder that you're still single." Shoving me away, "Go clean that scent off you smell like my Granny's Rest-home."


I glared at her, ignoring the genies muffled hitching breaths.

"Well I wouldn't smell like a Nursing-home if somebody would just spray the air and not the closest victim! And for your information I've met someone!"

Jill immediately stopped shoving me, "You have? What's his name," she purred darkly.

"..." Crud, I quickly shrugged her off, making a 'B' line toward the shops back, where I could see a bathroom sign. "Wouldn't you like to know," I called over my shoulder.

"I would Claudia, when you get back from washing up, I want a name for this Imaginary man of yours," she chortled, "and I wanna meet him." Snickering now, "Or maybe I already have, is he standing next to you? Are you learning ventriloquism so he can talk to you!?"


I mentally groan and the genies bad timing, throwing Jill one last glare, I sprinted to the restrooms.

I locked the door behind me, and walked over to the bathroom sink, grumbling, scrubbing at my skin to get rid of the foul odor, when a desperate disembodied hitching breath caught my attention.


Turning away from the sink, "Sorry, I wish you were... Uh... Back to being yourself... In uh, person form?"

With the snap of energy I was getting used too, the genie popped up in front of me floating, with his nostrils flaring, mouth open, readying to sneeze. I quickly shielded myself, another thing I was getting used too.

When nothing happened, I peeked around my arm.


I ducked back behind my arm.


I dropped my arms, "Dude just sneeze already!"

"C-can't... Yo-UUHHHH-r w-wish!"

Oops. I'd forgotten.

"I wish you could snee-... Wait a minute."

The genie let out a pained moan, "N-neEEHHH-d t-to snehehhh-ze..."

"Yeah, yeah, I know. But first, I wish you had a handkerchief.

A little energy snap and a handkerchief appeared in the genie's hand.

"Cool," I breathed. "Now, I wish you could sneeze."


"Sneeze in the handkerchief!" I shrieked! As he sneezed on me, again. I took his 'kerchiefed hand and shoved it to his face.


I grumbled for a minute as he continued to sneeze, before I got an idea.

"I wish you NEVER had to sneeze."

Rather than the energy snap, I felt a zap.

"Ouch! What was that for," I glared at him.

The genie massaged his nostrils with a look of bliss, before his eyes narrowed to me.

"Can't change, or alter my being permanently," he huffed.

Well that would have been nice too know.

"Ok... Then I wish all the perfume was off me."

Familiar snap, and that hideous odor was gone, I inhaled happily again.

The genie was still watching me, "Oh-uh, bless you."

His mouth quirked up in a smile.

This earned me a bow, and a "Thank you Master."

"Nope," I hummed, "my name's Claudia, or as you've heard from Jill, Claud. What's yours, I can't just keep calling you genie," I smirked.

"Claudia," he singed.

Never had I heard my name sound so good.

He smiled, his eyes lighting up, "I'm Javjur."

"Javjur," I hummed, "Nice to meet you."


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"I wish you could snee-... Wait a minute."

The genie let out a pained moan, "N-neEEHHH-d t-to snehehhh-ze..."

"Yeah, yeah, I know. But first, I wish you had a handkerchief.

A little energy snap and a handkerchief appeared in the genie's hand.

"Cool," I breathed. "Now, I wish you could sneeze."


"Sneeze in the handkerchief!" I shrieked! As he sneezed on me, again. I took his 'kerchiefed hand and shoved it to his face.


This right here :rofl: Oh my, my sides hurt from this story!
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Oh my god is he gonna be her fake boyfriend??? I am gonna cry this is just too flipping cute! And e can just plain NOT control his sneezing, it makes for suuuuch a lovely read :wub:

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Oh, how I wish I could have my own sneezy genie. I like his name, even if I'm all that sure how to pronounce it.

I saw this story was finally updated and in my head, I was literally like 'Oh my god YEEEEES!!!' I just love this story so much. Can't wait for more.

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