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The cute blonde guy


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Yesterday I was at this audition for the "jongNBEwest" which is a group of young musicians (15-19 years old) that perform at big shows. And I was asked to participate, even though I'm only fourteen.

A guy with an oboe and I entered the building at the same time, and I asked him whether he knew where exactly we had to go. "I don't know," he said. "But anyways, are you here for the jongNBEwest too?" I nodded. "My name is Hugo," he said. "Nice to meet you."

I don't know how, but somehow we managed to find the right room.There were around fifteen participants and three judges. We sat in a semicircle, Hugo sat opposite of me. He was around 5.9 ft tall. I have forgotten the colour of his eyes, but he had blonde, fluffy hair. And man, he was actuallty incredibly handsome. The "I know I am hot but let's pretend I don't" kind of handsome. And wow, he was very talented. During the break, we all went to another room for lunch, and we just discussed our ages and how it had gone till so far. Hugo was 16, which was the minimum age of the rest of the participants. They were all pretty impressed by the fact I was only 14 xD.

Around halfway through the break, Hugo's breath started hitching. He cupped his hands over his nose and sneezed "He... hee... Ha'tcho! He'acho! He... He'tcha! He'echo!" quite loud and powerful. "Damn, when was the last time they dusted this room?" he laughed. I was about to bless him, but nobody else did so, so I figured it would be awkward if I did.

Then we went back to the other room, and played some pieces of music. During one particular piece, there was an oboe solo. And in the middle of the solo he just stopped and went: "So-sorry, ne.. neeh.. need to snee.. ehh.. sneeze." He brought his elbow up to his face, his oboe in his other hand. "He... He'eshh! He'tsh! He... hee... He'tcha! H'ncha! H'esh!" He seemed embarassed (as the rest of the ensemble had stopped playing too) and excused himself.

He just kept sniffing, but didn't sneeze till we left the building at the end of the day. When we did, he burst into a fit of around 10 sneezes and said "Ugh, that dust has really been bothering my nose."

Oops this was kind of long sorry

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Awwe yis musician's sneezing in the middle of playing especially cute blonde ones. Dude you're lucky you got to see all that! :)

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